Friday, November 30, 2007

Just under the wire

I almost missed NaBloPoMo again (and so close to the end of November)! I have a legit excuse though! Our Internet has been down for two days, so I've had to rush over to my parents' house just so I can post! It's almost December and almost my birthday! Soon I won't have to worry about posting every day for NaBloBlahBlah! :) Just kidding! It's been fun. It's been a challenge, but it's been fun!

Well, I'm off to be an angel for Journey to Bethlehem tonight! Those of you on the Island who aren't going to see Journey to Bethlehem tonight can see it tomorrow night! The Snowflake Fair is also tomorrow in Mindemoya. Don't miss it :)


Uncivil said...

Congrat's! You did it, and was all great!

Cherry said...

Yay! you did it!

Have a great weekend C and I hope your Internet is back up and running soon!

AnnieM said...

We did it!!!!!

Curiosity Killer said...

now that's a dedicated noblopomo gal!

Actually, I had a bit of a rush myself trying to post before midnight couple of times.

I'm sure you'll be a very suitable angel. ;)

mrinz said...

I love some of the placenames on your island eg Mindemoya. They roll off the tongue smoothly!

Karen MEG said...

You made it --- we're done!!! WHoo hoo!
Crazy time of year isn't it? I'm just happy NaBlo is over, but I'm still addicted to blogging.
Sorry haven't stopped by lately, but should be better now at a more "leisurely" pace LOL!

Diesel said...

Hi Chrissy! I don't really have anything to say, but I wanted to say hi at least, since I've been so out of touch for a while. :)

C said...

Thanks! I didn't realize how hard it would be to post every day! It wasn't so much the finding things to post about that was difficult though. It was the finding the time to post that was the challenge! LOL!

Yay! We did it! LOL! Did you have fun doing NaBloPoMo? Are you doing it again next year?
Our Internet is working now...Thank goodness! LOL!

C said...

We did it! I had fun reading your NaBloPoMo posts! You are too funny! PS. I sent something to Ms.Mamma and there's a little something for Mason in the package. I didn't get a chance to find anything for Harper though :(

Hey, girlie! I'm actually going to send you an e-mail so we can do some serious catching up. Did you keep the same phone # or has it changed? Let me know. xoxo

C said...

The names of places here are really interesting. There are some names that are incredibly difficult to pronounce though! I've been living on the island for four years and I still can't pronounce some of the names! :)

You did really well with the NaBloPoMo!!! You totally got right into it! :) I've enjoyed reading your posts. I was impressed to see how much your readership has grown too! WOWZAS!!!

C said...

Thanks for popping by :) I was leafing through your book again the other day. I read through it when I first received it, but was re-reading some of it. Too funny! Hope you guys are well. Don't work the kidlets too hard! LOL! I imagine with this being the Holiday Season, your kids are busy sticking labels on envelopes, sealing envelopes, and licking stamps! *sigh* Poor kids! ;)

Anonymous said...

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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