Friday, November 09, 2007

We've Created a Monster!

A very cute monster, that is!

I always find it interesting to see the expressions on the faces of our ESL students when they discover new things and see cultural differences between their country and ours. A few weeks ago, we had some Japanese girls here and one of them was talking about S'mores. When I told them that the word "S'more" meant "some more" and that if you eat one, you always want "some more", all the students laughed and thought it was really neat. Our Korean student was so fascinated by S'mores, so I decided to teach her how to make the classic campfire treat. Now she's addicted! Oh boy!

On our recent trip to Montreal, my student had "the best coffee ever" at my aunt's house. That's what she said! She just had to find that coffee and buy it. She did find it on the Island and she did buy it. When she got to our house, she was surprised to see that it wasn't "instant" coffee. I thought she knew that it was a blend of finely ground coffee beans and that she needed to use the coffee maker. She was so surprised!

Hubby taught her how to use the coffee maker a few days ago. Now she's hooked!

I think it's so cute to see the look in her face when she learns how to do something. I know it may sound trivial to some people, but the look of accomplishment she had after making her first pot of coffee was amazing.

Oh, we conducted a little experiment with my student's coffee. Remember how I was saying that I experience a weird adverse effect from coffee? Well, I just love the smell and taste of coffee and I really wish I could drink it without this happening to me. We thought that it may have been from the caffeine, but I tried decaf and the exact same thing happened! If it's not the caffeine in the coffee, maybe it's something in the coffee bean? Bah!


Uncivil said...

I've never heard of a "S'more" until I read this post? Wow! You learn something new everyday!

Now I see how you stay so vibrant! You get to relive your own childhood through your student's eyes as they are experiencing life's simple pleasures!

Thanks for showing me a simple pleasure today!

hotmommy said...

Our kids just LOVVVVVVVVVE S'mores! "Mommy! S'more S'mores please!" or "S'more!! NOW!" {{{{{{{{LOL}}}}}}}}}}}

Karen MEG said...

That is one weird allergy you have C, how torturous! I love coffee, can't go a day without it.
Your student is such a cutie pie! I love s'mores too. Not that I was huge on camping, but they're great around the fire at a cottage too.
Sounds like your student is having a lot of fun being immersed in Canadiana. You rock as a teacher!

BeachMama said...

I love watching people experience something for the first time. Being from Montreal do you like Spruce Beer or Nectar Mousseau? My Dad still keeps cases on hand just to offer a taste to his guests from out of town. The Spruce Beer is always a riot. I of course love it. Even better when you get the real thing in Montreal.

caninecologne said...

i like how coffee smells too but i don't drink it. if i do, it's either iced and totally sweetened with sugar and/or mocha. my hardcore coffee drinking friends think it's a travesty that way i dump stuff in my coffee to make it palatable.

sorry to be gross but the only times that i will drink coffee straight is if i need some "help" (ahemmm) moving things along. if you're constipated, coffee will speed things up for you. thankfully, i've only used this method a few times but it does work!

C said...

You've never heard of S'mores before? For some reason, I thought all North Americans knew what they were! :) You know...roasting marshmallows on a campfire and then sandwiching them between graham crackers with a square of chocolate?

I just had my student put it in the microwave for a few seconds (until the marshmallow puffs up and the chocolate starts to melt a little).

Hot Mommy:
Your kids are too cute!!!

C said...

I know! It is probably one of the greatest travesties EVER! I just LOVE the smell and taste of coffee, but it puts me to sleep within minutes! I can drink tea or hot chocolate milk and I'm fine. It's just coffee that knocks me out. So sad! :( I still drink it though...Only when I know I won't need to be driving anywhere! LOL! I had a cup of coffee the other day and almost fell asleep in the chair. Hubby thinks it's rather amusing.

The good news is that Tim Horton's Iced Caps have absolutely no side effects on me! HOORAY for THAT! LOL! Wait...Does this mean there's not much coffee in their iced caps then??

OMG! I remember gagging at the first taste of Spruce Beer. Oh dear...I feel the gagging coming on right now. (Seriously!)

C said...

Hahahahhahahaha!!! OMG! You totally crack me up! You had me laughing so hard, I almost had an asthma attack! Okay, not quite! It's so true how coffee can do that! Hahaha! In keeping with the gross topic...So, THAT'S why I have to go to the bathroom right after drinking coffee! LOL! It's all making sense now....

Curiosity.Killer said...

Oh, I would LOVE to see her face when she has her first Smore! Try giving her a banana smore!!! Even BETTER!!

I think the coffee adverse has to do with it being warm milky drink. The caffeine may not have any effect on you (God knows why), and the warm milk makes everyone wanna sleep like a baby.

It's funny how some people couldn't understand the concept of 'fresh ground coffee'. LOL

caninecologne said...

isn't coffee a diuretic? same with tea...that's another reason why i don't like drinking those...frequent bathroom trips.

C said...

Banana S'mores??? Wow! I never even thought of that!

I was thinking the same thing about the warm milk in coffee. Iced Caps don't put me to sleep, so maybe it is the warm milk. We'll have to conduct a few more experiments! LOL!

C said...

Yes! It is a diuretic, but I always thought it made you go #1...not #2! Coffee seems to always have the #2 effect on me. Ewwww...I know, that's a really gross topic! LOL! You won't believe the conversations we have with our two little nieces though! It must be a McBlahBlah family thing, as our conversations always end up being about "you know what"! LOL! Kids and poop. Who would have thought! ;)

caninecologne said...

you're right that diuretics increase the frequency of #1'S (not the 2nd choice).

i never really had s'mores until college. my mom never bought the ingredients and we honesly never knew what it was. i guess we were deprived!

C said...

I've always known what S'mores were, because a lot of my friends were in Girl Guides and they had them at their campfires sometimes...and I saw them on TV shows and movies sometimes. My Mom, being Filipina, never made S'mores nor did she buy the ingredients. We had stuff like halo halo, cassava cake, ube ice cream, filipino fruit salad, etc. Those were only for special occasions though. We normally had fruit for dessert or no dessert at all. It wasn't until just recently that I had my first S'more.
Weird! LOL!

C said...

Do you know how to make Brazo de Mercedes? I tried to make it once, but failed miserably! I'm not really a Brazo de Mercedes fan, but I figure that if I can make it, it would be pretty impressive!

One thing that I loved making with my mom when I was little was Turon! The plantain, jackfruit...yum! Certainly not something I can eat now that I'm trying to lose weight! LOL!

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