Sunday, November 04, 2007


I am spoiled
Well, I'm not really spoiled. I'm occasionally spoiled!
A) Hubby cooked supper last night. He is the king of the grill! He does this really nice potato/onion/mushroom with spices thing on the BBQ. Very nice! I cook 99% of our meals, so it's nice to get a break every once in a blue moon.

B) My student told me, "Spend some time with your husband", and off she went to my mother-in-law's house to give our youngest niece a piano lesson. She's so sweet. Hubby ended up on the phone doing business stuff for a while, and I ended up correcting journals and homework. Then we watched CSI Las Vegas. Exciting? Not really. At least we got to spend some time together though!

I've been really horrible at keeping house this week
A) I still haven't taken down our Halloween decorations and the stores are already putting up the Christmas stuff!

B) I always separate our laundry into whites/lights, darks, coloured, delicate and handwash. Don't tell anyone, but this morning I was so tired that I just lumped everything together and threw it all in! Shhhhh!!!

I totally suck at quite a few things
A) To this day, I still cannot parallel park or reverse park. If I had to parallel park in Old Montreal, I'd gladly find a parking lot and pay an insane amount of money to park there first before I even attempt to park between two cars. Okay, I'm being silly. I know.

B) I really hate all those skill testing questions you get when you have to claim a prize for a contest. I get performance anxiety and can't deal with BEMDAS (brackets, exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) on the spot!
Just gimme my prize already.

I love (some) challenges
I don't know if I'm a glutton for punishment or if I just like to push myself and see what I can accomplish (that is non-parallel parking or math quiz related).

A) I decided to take part in NaBloPoMo this month just to see if I could post every day without fail.

B) I am taking the Activia 14 Day Challenge to see what all the hype is about. I'm on Day 10 and I can surely say that I've noticed a difference. Haha! "
Eat ACTIVIA® every day for two weeks. If it doesn’t help naturally regulate your digestive system and taste great, we’ll refund your purchase price up to $12.00."

My final confession for the day is...

I really like Activia's prune flavoured yogurt!
Believe me, I was as shocked as you probably are! I love the vanilla flavoured yogurt, but the prune flavoured yogurt is surpringly delicious! (Ahhhh...the things one posts for NaBloPoMo!!)


curiositykiller said...

First - you deserve to get a little treat now and then - you're too sweet to be spoiled.

Second - I still remember your hubby's BBQ.... I'm so hungry just thinking about it.

Third - your student is so SWEET. Giving piano lessons to your niece... awwww - what a great way to make up for previous unmentionables.

Fourth - If I have a christmas tree, I wouldn't bother removing it till March or something. Now that's lazy.

Fifth - I'm so lazy with laundry, my family kept thinking that I just mix the laundry by accident always... all the time. I may as well claim that I'm black/white colorblind. LOL

Sixth - you and me on NaBloPoMo baby.

Seventh - I LOVE Activia, just haven't tried the prune one yet. I'm sure the prune ones would give that extra "push" on your digestive system... LOL

Have your tried the activia strawberry? Oooooo... I love it. It's practically candy for me.

C said...

This is why I love ya! ;) I wish we didn't live so far from each other because I really, really enjoy your visits!

I have had the Activia strawberry yogurt. It's really tasty! I was laughing at your comment about the prune flavoured yogurt. Hahaha! YES! It does give your digestive system that extra "push"! Hahaha! You crack me up, amiga! xoxo

hotmommy said...

Heh heh heh! Chris you are hillarious!

mrinz said...

Hehe, one thing about keeping house and housework - if you don't do any - don't worry - it will wait for you.

And when you do the housework, well, joy of joys, you get to do it all again a few days later!

japanmanpete said...

Wait! Are you telling me that my washing is supposed to be separated?!?!?

Fortunately for me, I don't drive in Japan. It's very easy and convenient for me to park here. I've got a bicycle!


caninecologne said...

i 'm not good at parallel parking either! especially if it's between two cars. i'm always afraid of hitting or scraping someone's car (my car too!). i'll only parallel park if i'm in front of someone and there's no one in front of me (or behind me)because there's a driveway.

Karen MEG said...

C, you are are so sweet. Bet your hubby feels spoiled too.
And the things that you "suck" at- who the hell can parallel park ANYWHERE in Montreal? And yeah, I wish they'd just give me the prize too, but I have yet to get anywhere near one of those awesome winnings!
NaBloMoPo - stressful. What the hell are we doing ?!!!!!

C said...

Hot Mommy:
LOL! Thanks...I think!

That is so true! I never thought of that! Isn't it annoying how you can spend so much time cleaning your house and then you have to do it again the next day anyway? Argh! That's my ongoing battle--Keeping our house clean! Frustrating.

C said...

Yes! You're supposed to separate your laundry! LOL! (Wait! Were you being sarcastic?)

Ohhh! I'm glad I'm not alone here! LOL! A few of my girlfriends are amazing at parallel parking. We were in Montreal in the summer and one of them just sandwiched herself between two cars right in Old Montreal. I was impressed. She did it in one shot too! That is talent!

True to everything you said! LOL! ;)

Cara said...

I see you're doing NaBloPoMo! That's quite the commitment! I'll be checking back to see what you're up to. Happy NaBloPoMo-ing!

And yes, parallel parking sucks! So do skills testing questions!

Cherry said...

I love the honesty that comes from your blog!

My favorite Activa -- Peach! But that's mainly because I was getting the Strawberry/Peach pack at Costco. I stopped eating Activa though, but keep up with the regular yogurt and have added a snack of raw veggies or whole fruit somewhere in the day. It's done about the same thing. :-)

And about the laundry... I am an avid laundry sorter as well. Even when I'm asking Eric to throw the loads in, I'll sort it all out first and have been known to put notes on each pile (Warm, Cold, what kind of detergent, is there's something that shouldn't go into the dryer in this pile, etc.)

C said...

I have a feeling that I'll still be eating yogurt after the Activia Challenge, but I'm not sure if I'll still be buying Activia. I'll probably do the same thing as you.

J at said...

Wow...I was wondering about that activa! :)

Dina said...

prune flavour rocks!!
i love it too!

and about the laundry...yikes! I do 10+ loads a week now, i sort into lights, darks, jeans, underwear and socks! then baby clothes seperately...

C said...

Yes, I've noticed a difference :) I hope it's not all in the mind! LOL! In all seriousness, you should try it. If it doesn't taste great and you don't notice a difference, the ad says that they'll reimburse you.

Hee hee! Another prune lover...YES!!
As for laundry, I'm normally very anal about separating. I was just soooooooo exhausted the other day. It was really bad of me! LOL! I like to wash undies and other unmentionables by hand or on gentle cycle because I don't like the threads unraveling and the elastics losing their elasticity when they go through the machine.

OMG...I sound like Ross Geller from "Friends"! Dorky! LOL!

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