Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sadly, it's true. I am an addict. Ever since Thanksgiving, my student and I have been hardcore working out. There are a few gyms on the Island, but we're so busy that I don't have time to commute to and from the gym. I have been doing Slim in 6 and Turbo Jam on and off for the past few years. They're excellent workouts, but I needed something new. I had received Yoga Booty Ballet and Hip Hop Abs with my Turbo Jam order, but never even thought of opening them. Here are some promotional photos of Yoga Booty Ballet and Hip Hop Abs. It's not as easy as it looks, people!

For some reason, I had the urge to see what it was all about. I think I was turned off because I am by no means a ballet dancer. I'm not graceful enough and I am in serious lack of poise. My mother enrolled me in jazz ballet when I was a kid. I took one lesson and then decided it wasn't for me. I'm not a girlie girl by any means. I'm also not very coordinated. I've got two left feet and can't seem to follow steps. I took a Hip Hop class when I lived in Toronto a few years ago. I swear, I looked like a chicken on crack. I'm embarrassed to say that I just don't have any sense of coordination.

I do love music and I do love dancing though. I love dancing to music where I can "feel" the music and follow the rhythm. That's why I used to love going to clubs that play reggae, calypso, soca, etc. Just let your body go with the flow!

There, in its original plastic wrap, lay my Yoga Booty Ballet/Hip Hop Abs DVD. It was time to check this baby out. We popped in the DVD and oh my goodness! It was like instant love! I wanted more and more and more! The workout was hard, but so much fun! I am officially addicted! I ask myself if I'm addicted to the workout or if I'm addicted to the feeling I get after the workout.

Oh, I don't have to worry about looking like a chicken on crack
with all of the fancy footwork and gyrating body parts, because I'm in my own house! I keep my student and my husband entertained. That's for sure!


Uncivil said...

I've been craving hotcakes smothered in strawberries ever since I checked my PO Box this morning? Thank you my Dear and Hubby too! It sits on my bathroom counter top staring at me as I brush my teeth! Not gonna take it in the shower! Wouldn't be prudent!

Uncivil said...

I've been exercising a little too! Lost around 14 pounds in the past month just walking 3 miles a day.
I'm interested in the Russian Kettlebell workout now. I haven't bought my own kettlebell yet and have been trying to do some of the exercises with a dumbbell so far! I can't believe how out of breath some of the exercises get me?
Google it and YouTube it! Just grab a 20 or 30 pound dumbbell and try the basic swing movement for one minute! I'm also doing Hindu push-ups!
I do have a Bayou Fitness Total Trainer Power Pro, and I just love it! It's a lot nicer than the Chuck Norris "Total-Gym". I had a "Total-Gym" years ago and the Bayou Fitness Trainer is so much smoother, and sturdier!

hotmommy said...

like a chicken on crack! christine you are too funny! you crack me up!

C said...

LOL! Awww! I'm glad you received your surprise in the post today.

Kettlebell? I'm going to have to Google that! Sounds interesting. Okay, you are way more hardcore than I am! LOL!

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Yes...a chicken on crack, indeed! That would be me! ;)

Karen MEG said...

You go girl!!! I've heard amazing things about hip hop abs.
If I weren't so addicted to BJ's I'd have to pick that DVD up too LOL!

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