Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A New Restaurant in Town

Just kidding! The new 'restaurant' is none other than our home. The cook? Yours truly. What else is new? ;)

When our ESL students come to Canada, it's not unlikely for them to go through the stages of homesickness and culture shock. One of the ways to help them through this is for us to offer them a little bit of home far away from home. The student we have now hasn't gone through culture shock or homesickness yet, but I wanted her to be aware of the possibility of experiencing it.

When we have Japanese or Mexican students, it's fun to cook food from those countries. I decided to give my student something a little Korean by cooking my version of Bibimbap. She calls it Canadian Bibimbap.

Bibimbap is a rice dish with lots of vegetables and some meat (if you wish) and some spicy red pepper paste. Yum!
You will need:
-a carrot (or two), shredded (but not finely shredded)
-cucumber, julienned
-an onion, chopped
-a Tbsp of garlic, minced
-2 Tbsp sesame oil
-steamed rice (amount depends on how much you want and how many people you are serving)
-sliced beef (or whatever you want. I've used tofu cubes before when I didn't want meat in my dish)
-1 fried egg per person
-Gochujang (Korean red pepper paste)

Shred carrots, julienne cucumber, chop onion, mince garlic. In a wok, with a bit of cooking oil, sautee onion and garlic. Cook meat. In a separate pan, fry eggs. My student likes her eggs a little runny, so I don't cook the egg all the way through.

In a bowl, put a cup of steamed rice. Around the side of the bowl, arrange cucumber and carrots. Add meat over top of the rice. Place fried egg on top. You can add the sesame oil to the meat while cooking, but my student likes the sesame oil mixed with the rice. Each person can put their own Gochujang, since the amount of spice depends on each person. I love spicy food, so I am pretty liberal with the amount of pepper paste I use. Surprisingly, Hubby likes his dishes spicier than I do!! Finally, mix it all up and enjoy!
Oh! Notice anything a little unusual about this last photo? One of Hubby's cattle beasts decided to help herself to some apples...in our front yard!! Naughty girl! Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window to see that this lone cow was standing right beside my vehicle on our laneway!! She had separated from the rest of the cattle...who were in a field, where they were supposed to be! Hubby was at a meeting when all this was happening. What fun!


japanmanpete said...

Is it hot like wasabi?


Uncivil said...

That's making me hungry. The poor cow just wanted a little something sweet!

t said...

Your such a nice teacher

AnnieM said...

Yum! You can cook for me anytime!

hotmommy said...

You've been making a lot of Korean dishes lately. Good thing Hubby enjoys spicy food! We thought it was cute that he is now eating dishes from all over the world. Imagine a farm boy eating Korean, Mexican, Chinese, Caribean, Philipino, Japanese food? COOL!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

What time is dinner? That looks totally yummy.

Cherry said...

I loves me some yummy BimBimBap! And it's gotta have the egg!

But I'm a sucker for KimChee soup and JapChe and KimChee Bokum and Daeji Bulgogi...

On my goodness, I clearly need a Korean food fix!

C said...

Hahaha! Hot like wasabi! Can you bust rhymes? LOL! Okay, in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, those were lyrics from a Barenaked Ladies' song! I wasn't sure if you were being serious or if you were being funny! :)

In case you were being serious, it's not hot like wasabi. Gochujang is a different kind of 'spicy'. You can feel the sting of wasabi in your nose, but gochujang burns your mouth. It's soooooooo good! LOL!

Come on over for supper! LOL! Oh, and that cow...She was out again yesterday! This time in my garden! Grrr!

Awww! Shucks!

C said...

Sure! I'll cook for you...if you bake me some of those cookies of yours! ;)

Yes, Hubby is definitely testing out a lot of international cuisine these days!

This dish is ridiculously easy to make...and so quick to make too!

C said...

OMG! You are making me hungry! I love me a good Korean food fix! Last week, my student made bulgogi and buchimgae! YUM!!!

caninecologne said...

wow, that looks yummy and we DO have gojuchang! i will make your recipe this weekend!

Karen MEG said...

Yummy!!!! That cow is tres cute too - your front lawn. Awesome!

ZJ said...

Hi C.
I came back to borrow your bibimbap recipe. I've never been to Korea but had dined in a Korean restaurant here several times, including a North Korean restaurant. And I have to admit, I developed a taste for Korean food. Now, I'd like to do Korean dishes myself and I think bibimbap is an easy one to start with. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Also, may I include your blog in my list? :)

C said...

Sure! Go ahead! I'll link you too! :)

The bibimbap recipe is really easy and so yummy. In fact, it's ridiculously easy to make! My Korean students say it's really good for "North Americanized" bibimbap! :)

ZJ said...

Hahaha. Yup, it's very easy to make, indeed. I'll head to this Korean store this weekend to get me some Korean ingredients. Recently, we noticed a growing number of Korean residents in Phnom Penh.
Thanks again :)

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