Monday, November 26, 2007

One Hour Photo

A few years ago, I watched One Hour Photo with my brother and his wife. The movie was on TV last night and I just had to watch it again. I was really surprised by Robin Williams' performance in a such a serious role. Prior to this movie, all the roles I had seen Williams play were all funny (ex: Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, Mork & Mindy). After seeing One Hour Photo, I saw another movie where Williams played a serious/dark character. This movie was Insomnia.

In One Hour Photo, Sy Parrish (Robin Williams) is a long time photo developer at a department store. He is a sad and lonely person and he becomes obsessed with a young family, whose pictures he has been developing for years. He has copies of their family photos and he spies on them. Sy wants what the Yorkin family has. He wants their perfect life.

When Sy gets fired from his job at the store's photo lab, he snaps. He finds out that Mr. Yorkin is having an affair with a co-worker and he becomes enraged that someone who has everything in life could just throw it away. Having discovered that the Yorkins aren't as perfect as they seem, he goes on a mission to expose their imperfections and get revenge. It's a creepy psychological drama/thriller. I was impressed by Robin Williams' ability to portray a character like Sy's. It just goes to show how versatile Williams is as an actor.


Cherry said...

Creepy Creepy Movie, but an excellent example of the talent of dear Mr. Williams.

Uncivil said...

Robin Williams is a great actor, but I couldn't imagine having to spend more than 15 minutes with him in person. I think he would get on your every last nerve!

I've watched him being interviewed on several talk shows, and he just hogs the whole scene. Other actors couldn't get in a word edge wise!

J at said...

I get tired out by Robin Williams. I liked him a lot in The World According to Garp. An oldie but a goodie.

caninecologne said...

yes, that was a verrrry creepy and disturbing movie. especially when he's in the family's house and looking at everything. looks like mork has some acting chops after all.

Karen MEG said...

I used to be such a big fan of his (The Fisher King, Awakenings, ) but then I wondered about his choice of films in the last few years. I should check this out, but the premise did creep me out a little.

japanmanpete said...

This movie was just messed up. The part where he was in the loo at that family's house while they were out was very odd.

I don't really like Robin Williams. I have enjoyed some of his older, funnier movies but as a person he seems like a nightmare. Too much energy.


C said...

Cherry & Canine:
Creepy and disturbing indeed! I was just thinking that back when I used to get my film developed, someone actually had to process the film and could see what I was taking photos of!!! OMG...Thank goodness for the birth of digital cameras!!! LOL!

Uncivil & J:
I used to like Robin Williams when I was younger. I liked him in Mrs. Doubtfire and Jack (and some other family movies he did). However, there was a period where I just couldn't take all his comedy (stand up comedy and just about everything else he did) because I felt he was just way over the top and downright exhausting sometimes. You know...just a bit tooooo much to handle.

I did like him in One Hour Photo, because he wasn't that crazy, over the top, type-casted character that he normally plays. Instead, he was just plain crazy. He was convincing as a creepy loner/stalker.

C said...

Yes, it is a creepy movie. Really strange and twisted. I wouldn't say that it's an excellent film, but it is 'different'...that's for sure! I watched it twice. I wouldn't say that I 'enjoyed' the film. You'd have to be pretty twisted yourself to ENJOY a film like this! I'd say that it was an okay movie though. I liked it because Robin Williams played a character that is totally different from the characters he normally plays.

He kind of reminded me of Will Smith. I used to think he could only play goofy, funny, totally non-serious roles. I used to think of him as only being able to play roles like the one he played on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He surprised me by playing a variety of different characters.

"when he was in the loo"! I love that!

Curiosity.Killer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Robin Williams. I'm glad that he takes risks as an actor and not just go by the safe route as a comedian/comedic actor and entertain the audience. He's awesome.

Sure, he's made some questionable films in the late... but he's undeniably an original character... and what looks interesting in script doesn't necessarily translate on the screen. Afterall, look what's out there.

Besides, he's not working with other newcomers, instead he's working mostly on his own demands, with his own set of rules. That in my book, is pretty darn cool.

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