Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 Random Things

It's been a busy week, so I'll leave you with a few thoughts.

1) This is our cute, unique, little Christmas tree. Our nieces call it my "Charlie Brown Tree" because they think it looks so pitiful. I think it looks cute.

2) I have no idea why, but this week I have just been craving carbs...and lots of them! I'm usually very good in feeding Hubby and myself a healthy, balanced diet with lots of veggies and nothing fried. We don't even drink have pop or junk food in the house unless we're entertaining friends. This week, however, I have had the incredible urge to have some latkes! I loooooove latkes like you wouldn't believe! They're just so delicious! My friend, Gavie's Gal's Dad makes the best latkes I have ever had. I've been craving them! Luckily for me, gal pal, Fancy Pantsy posted a latke recipe a few days ago! Thank you, Fancy Pantsy! Your recipe was excellent! The latkes were perfect! Whenever I think of the golden, crispy, perfect yummy goodness, I get hungry again! Hubby really enjoyed them as well!

This is what they looked like:
3) On the weekend, in my free time (Free time? What's that?!?), I had Mom and my friend, Amazing Girl over for a baking session. We tried to get all our Christmas baking done so we could give our goodies away in the next few days. Although I don't like eating any of the sweets I make, I do love making them for other people who enjoy them.

Here's Mama making snowflake shaped shortbread cookies. We had an assembly line going. I made the batter, Amazing Girl rolled the dough and did the prep work, and Mama cut the cookies. Later on, we all iced and decorated them.

Mama and Amazing Girl, hard at work. Mom says I'm a slave driver. I beg to differ! Just because I said, "Hey! A little less talking and more working!" doesn't mean I'm a baking tyrant, does it?

Our list of delectables included:
Snowflake Shortbread Cookies (Get the holiday sprinkles from Watkins Online!)
C's Festive Chocolate Brownies
Amazing Girl's Fun Fudge

Chocolate fudge
Maple fudge
Chocolate Chip Cookies

4) Hubby took me off-Island yesterday for a birthday meal and to do some shopping. What a nice treat it was! Speaking of Hubby, he is just so funny! We invited some friends over for supper tonight. Hubby spoke with them on the phone yesterday and we agreed on 5:30 f
or supper. I'm used to having supper at 6 PM, but 5:30 worked well for all of us. This morning (as I was about to get the house cleaned up so that all I had to do after my pottery lesson was to concentrate on cooking our supper), our conversation went like this:

Oh! By the way, they're coming a little earlier than the time we agreed on.
Oh, really? What time are they coming?
Are you serious? (laughing) And you didn't tell me this yesterday???
Well, I didn't want you to stress out about it.
We both laugh.

Nice! Very nice!

5 o'clock for me is really early for supper. I have friends who eat their supper at 4PM and some who eat at 9 or 10 PM. I don't like to eat anything after 7PM, so if I eat too early, I get hungry. 6 o'clock seems like a good time to eat. You have enough time to digest your food before going to bed and it's not too early so you don't get hungry again later at night. I guess it's just funny when
you get into a routine, it's so hard to do things differently.

5) I think the kittens are mad at me. I got them matching collars with bells on. They really, really hate them! I thought it would be a good idea to get them collars with bells and a reflective strip on them so I don't step on them when I'm walking to the bathroom at night. They are definitely not impressed.

Here's Trouble: "Please! Pleeeeeeease take this stupid thing off me!!!"
Here's Spike...and she looks even less impressed! This is her "We are not amused" look.


Curiosity.Killer said...

Your cats look pretty damn mad at ya... LOL I love their expressions!!

I love those cookies recipes. I might have to make a batch despite my quest for a diet this holiday. Will keep you posted. ;)

p.s. those latkes look delish!!

Ms. Mamma said...

Funny! Love your holiday posts! Looks like you've become The Fudgemaster with all of the different varieties on your list! Hee Hee

A Watkins Man! said...

Nice looking Watkins "sprinkles" and "cookie cutters" in your photos! I have some sprinkles left so if anyone still needs some I will be making at least one more delivery run around Manitoulin in the next week and could drop them off. Also, if you order directly from Watkins Online then please use my ID#369469 and this will let me keep track of your orders for future reference. Thanks!

C said...

Hey, girlfriend! I know...The kittens do look pretty darn ticked off, don't they? LOL!

The latkes were DELICIOUS! I ate three of them! LOL! OMG!

Thank you :) You, the funny thing is that I don't even like fudge! LOL! I have no idea why I was in the mood for making fudge. Weird. Just thinking of fudge makes my teeth hurt.

C said...

Did you notice I've been putting little Watkins plugs here and there all over the blog? ;) I swear by these products. Everything in the catalogue is amazing. I can attest, as I've tried so many of their products. Come on, people! You need to try the "lemon creme"!

Uncivil said...

I'm with CK on the cats and the latkes! We have something similar down here in the south called hash browns and the shredded hash browns look a lot like your latkes!
I love them and have had them several times this week with breakfast.
You see breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the greasier the better!LOL

My fav......Liver pudding and scrambled eggs with shredded hash browns and toast!mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

hellomelissa said...

that picture of the cat is classic!

i, too, am in love with latkes. yum!

louann said...

Oh gosh, those Christmas goodies look sooooo good.

C said...

Hmmmm...You're right. They do look and taste sort of like hash browns. I love hash browns too! If only they weren't so bad for one's health, I'd eat them all the time! LOL! During the week, we have cereal for breakfast. On weekends, I go all out and do the big breakfast thing. I love me some hash browns with my eggs! LOL!

The photos of the cats crack me up. They were even funnier in person!

C said...

Wish I could send you some! :) I try never to send anything to the Philippines around Christmas. I sent my grandmother's Christmas card in November because I wanted to avoid the Christmas craziness. Whenever I send my grandma anything around Christmas, she never receives it! The people in the Philippines always think there's money in the envelopes around the holidays and they don't deliver it. It's happened every year, so we learned our lesson. I hope she received our card this year because it was sent so far in advance.

Diesel said...

I would totally listen to those cookies.

Rachie-Babe said...

Hey you!!! My soap arrived today. I'll take it to school tomorrow and let you know how they like it!

mrinz said...

The latkes look divine!

And the cats are 'glowering'!

caninecologne said...

the second cat photo is classic! now that's a mad cat!

the cookies look delicious, especially the star shaped ones!

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