Thursday, December 13, 2007

Throwback Thursday #21

Christmas in our family has always been a special time to get together, enjoy each other's company, eat lots and lots of delicious food, attend church services, and to stay up and wait for Santa Claus to bring our presents. I remember when we were young, there were so many presents for us under the tree. Some years, there were so many presents that we couldn't even see the tree! Those were the 80's. We were still young. Neatly wrapped were our coveted Transformers, WWF wrestling figures, and Coleco Vision game sets with game cartridges (The Smurfs' Adventure, Donkey Kong Jr., and Zaxxon, to name a few). We all received clothes. They were all matching too. Imagine having to wear the exact same thing as all your cousins? Some may think it's cute to dress your kids all the same, but back then, I thought it was just horrible. I suppose that to be fair, the adults always decided it best to give the kids the same things to avoid jealousy.

Somewhere mangled up in all the Christmas gift giving, we always received the message (mostly from my aunts and my grandmother) of the real meaning of Christmas. We'd go to church services and in the weeks before Christmas, we'd light the Advent candles.

One year, my mom's youngest sister made Christmas stockings for each of the kids and even embroidered our names on them. We had the stockings all lined up and they looked so festive. Now that we're all getting married and starting families of our own, I'd like to be the aunt who starts that tradition. Oh, but I can't sew...remember? LOL!

Anyway, we all grew up and it feels like after the death of my grandfather, nothing has been the same since. Christmas became just a time to get together and share a meal. We'd exchange presents. Other than that, it was just another day in the year. Christmas lost that wonderful feel. Then one of my aunts died after Christmas a few years ago. Again, Christmas became somewhat of a sad time for our family.
Hopefully, we can regain some of that Christmas spirit and try to revive things a little. I always said that when I have kids of my own, I hope that they can experience the wonder and joy of Christmas like we did when we were kids. Christmas is still my favourite time of the year. I think it will always be the most special holiday for me.
Here's a photo of all the cousins and spouses/significant others. This was taken last Christmas. My, how our family is growing! In case you hadn't noticed, this last photo has been "doctored". Hubby, Baby Bro, and I were on the Island last Christmas, so I "PhotoShopped" us in. LOL! Hubby and I have decided to celebrate Christmas with my family one year and his family the next year. Middle Bro and his wife alternate too, and that seems to work really well for them.


t said...

I remember the year your grandfather died and the year your aunt died too. the holidays are always hard when you've lost someone special to you

Uncivil said...

That is so cool that you "photoshopped" yourself into the family photo!!!
I love it!!!

C said...

Thanks. Yes, it is hard around this time of the year. I don't talk about the loss of my grandfather (or of my aunt) much. I miss them a lot.

LOL! I know. I'm kooky, aren't I?

Karen MEG said...

Cute photoshopping C!! Yes, Christmas can be a very bittersweet time of year, it's very much about family, and when you lose loved ones, it's only natural to think about them at this very family-oriented holiday time. But at least you have wonderful memories of your grandpa and auntie... and are making more wonderful memories with your hubby and family with each new year.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I love seeing how your family has grown over the years! How great that you're all still so close. I love the tradition that your aunt started with the stockings... maybe since you can't sew (I can't either!) you can start another tradition! You're so talented in so many other areas!


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