Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Does This Make My Butt Look Fat???

Little One was NOT a happy camper today.

1) Her gums are still really bothering her. Teething rings straight out of the freezer seem to work for a bit, and then she gets crabby again. My poor baby! :( I feel so sorry for her...but I feel even sorrier for myself. LOL! I'm exhausted!!!

2) I tried on the amazing cloth diapers our friends from Ottawa made for us. My Dad's best friend is a tailor and he's known me for 30+ years. When he asked what I needed for the baby, I said "cloth diapers"! He made me two dozen diapers. I was so excited!

Unfortunately, Little One is a tiny little thing. Being a preemie, it's hard to find diapers that fit her properly. Though she's almost 8 lbs, she's tiny. She's heavy, but small!

This is what she thought of her new cloth diapers! "Mom, do these diapers make my butt look big?!"
I'm going to have to try them on her when she's a bit bigger.


Jeanna said...

Well, maybe just a little. We'll have to stop calling her Jane and start calling her J-Lo.
I sympathize with the gum thing, got this God awful probably sadist dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning yesterday and OUCH. A cup of warm salt water really helped.

C. K. said...

It's tough time for fashionistas these days. ;) But hang on, little one - you'll fill them out soon.

Belle said...

She looks so sweet! She'll definitely be wearing these easily before you know it!

C said...

LOL! J-Lo instead of Jane Fonda! Too funny :)

I think it's a prerequisite to be a sadist if one is going into the dental hygienist field. What fun! I think I've got an appointment coming up soon. Yay.

C said...

Hey, girlfriend! Well, we're trying to train Little One to be a "green" fashionista. LOL! She's totally lovin' the bamboo fibers!

C said...

Thank you for popping by! :) You are right about her fitting into them soon enough. It seems like just yesterday, she was even too tiny for her preemie onesies and now she can't fit into them anymore. It sounds weird to get excited about this, but she's no longer wearing preemie or newborn outfits. She's onto 3-6 month outfits!

Babies grow so fast :( I wish I could freeze her at this age. I'm sort of sad that she's growing up so fast. She's already 5 months old. Gah!

Jinxy said...

My Lily wasn't as early as LO but I feel the same was, she's just so tiny. Shari from http://www.apsychmommy.com/
told me her son was also early and couldn't wear his cloth diapers till he was about 10 pounds and they were rated for 7 pounds.

humpsNbump said...

So sweet that someone gave you two dozen cloth diapers. What a great gift!

And the little munchkin looks so adorable in them!! She needs a little bit more booty but maybe another month or two.

XOXOX humps

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh crap, teething SUCKS and I do not miss it. And as soon as one set stops, you get a few days of peace, and another set starts. UGH. That's why moms of small kids always look frazzled. NO SLEEP!

Sorry hon. The good news is that the second set doesn't hurt. You know, the permanent teeth. Small comfort, really.

C said...

Okay, glad to hear we're not the only ones having this problem :) I remember when Little One was still in the hospital, she was soooo tiny that even the tiniest diapers were still HUGE on her! They had to be folded down to sort of fit her. She has JUST outgrown Newborn diapers and is now onto size 1. I can't wait to do more cloth diapering though. I would really rather go the cloth route. She just needs to grow bigger first :)

C said...

I was thinking of you today! I kept thinking "I wonder if she's in the hospital yet?" :) Soon, my friend...SOON! :) I'm sooo excited for you!!

C said...

The frustrating part is that she hasn't cut her first tooth yet!! We can see the white spots where the bottom teeth are supposed to cut through though. I was asking the doctor why she's been this way for over a month and a half. Apparently, some babies teethe early. Though she isn't "teething" exactly, her gums have been getting ready to teethe...and that's what's been bugging the poor Little One.

Sooooooo...I'm thinkin', all this crankiness and she still hasn't cut a tooth?!?! Gah! What a nightmare. It's so sad to see the real tears and the bottom lip quivering. She's found her voice. Boy, and that kid scream! She used to be so quiet and happy. Now, she's crabby and her gums are sensitive.

Well, she does have a few hours in the day when she's happy and playful and smiley. Those moments outweigh the cranky, not so happy moments she has :)

Calfkeeper said...

Usually, and I stress that word, usually they become cheerful happy babies once the teeth break through. But it's rough in the meantime. Hope she feels better soon. She's so cute, even in her mega diapers!

What an awesome gift; the cloth diapers! Wow.

Will try to email you now....

Cindy Babcock said...

You should try to find some Kooshies/Kushies 4-10lb cloth diapers. They were perfect until dd reached about 12lbs! Which seemed to take forever of course...she finally reached 10lbs at 3 1/2 months! And she was not a preemie, she was a week overdue!! I'd offer you mine...but I sold them back when you could still buy/sell used cloth diapers on eBay. :)

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