Saturday, April 25, 2009

So, She Made A Liar Out Of Me!

Remember how I've been saying that for the past two weeks Little One has been super cranky and I've been going bonkers? Well, you wouldn't believe me if you saw this! This is what she was like first thing in the morning (see photo below):Yes, Little One was all smiles. She was very happy and has been like that for the past two days. I guess babies are like all people and have their good days and not so good days. I mean, we all get crabby every once in a while too, right?
Hmmm...Maybe if I act super cute, Daddy won't go to work right away and he might play with me!

One thing is certain...The girl loves her Daddy.I've taken the advice of many of you moms out there. THANK YOU, by the way! By going out for walks and car rides, Little One gets tuckered out pretty much as soon as we get out the door. It's so funny. Must be all of that fresh, country air. We do more walking than we go on car rides. Our car rides are always for groceries, errands, doctors' appointments, etc. If we can walk to wherever we're going, it's better. It's better for us and the environment. Little One likes anything that involves movement. Stick her in the car for a 6+ hr drive to Toronto for a Neonatal Follow-Up, and she's a happy camper! Strange kid.
We've been walking pretty much every day or every other day. I haven't used her stroller on the highway because we walk on gravel (on the shoulder of the highway). I'm going to buy one of those all-terrain strollers so we can go "off-roading". Hahaha! Living in the countryside, we need something really durable.
I thought I'd leave Little One with Hubby the other night because I had a meeting in town. Hubby didn't get home early enough, so I took Little One to my meeting with me. I was thinking of my meetings and maybe leaving Hubby and the baby alone together isn't such a good idea. If Hubby gets a First Response Call or a fire call, he usually bolts out the door without thinking. What would he do with the baby if he had to answer an emergency call? No, he wouldn't forget about the baby, but maybe it's better if she comes to my meetings with me.
I'm vice-chairperson for our township's library and our meetings don't last too long. I decided to get there a bit early the other evening, put Little One in her stroller and walk around the village a few times. I figured if I walked around for a while, she would fall asleep and stay sleeping throughout the meeting. Worked like a charm!

Yes, I'm still learning. Learning what works and what doesn't. Trying to figure out Little One's patterns, quirks, likes, and dislikes. I'm also learning that despite how annoyed I get when the house is in disarray, I don't think it will ever look as pristine as the homes in magazines do. I used to get upset when there were things on the dining room table (newspapers, magazines, letters, etc). I used to tell Hubby that everything has its place and the dining table should always be uncluttered. It just drives me crazy when there are things on the table that should not be there. However, I am learning to let go a bit.
See my messy living room?

Like many of you have told me, all that matters is that Hubby, Little One and I are healthy and happy. Everything else is secondary. *sigh* It's still tough for me to let that sink in. There are baby things everywhere! I've got four loads of laundry done, but haven't had a chance to fold or put the clothes away yet. Oh, well. Like my MIL said, "the chores will always be there for you to do later".


Cherry said...

My sweet darling... I do not see what mess you are referring to in that Living Room shot. Seriously, where is this mess you speak of?

Don't ever try to compare your house with those magazines. They come in and stage those rooms for the photoshoot... they don't REALLY look that way when lived in. It's just like the media to set the expectations of how our homes should look... psst, we don't look like the airbrushed models either.

She is such a precious little lamb! I'm glad she's all smiles these last few days. I can only imagine how hard it is to figure everything out, especially the keeping them all happy (which I hear even as a baby you can't do all the time which is probably just prep for the teen years).

I'm also glad to hear you have returned to your volunteer work. I love what a balanced life you guys lead. Helping others, spending time with family and thinking of the earth. You have the right priorities all figured out.

hotmommy said...

so glad ur feelin better hon. glad little one is in a better mood. i was thinking is she teething? tummy ache? oh and i had to laugh. hahahahhahahahaha is that your milk machine {i mean breast pump} in the living room photo?! too funny chris! glad the talk helped -remember i'm only a phone call away. when r u coming to see us? you have that preemie picnic in toronto in june right?

Pam said...

Oh, she's so cute! She looks like both you and your husband!

C. K. said...

Oh my goodness - she's a sweetie!!! Oh wow, you've really taken on this motherhood well. :)

p.s. WHAT MESS?!!

jan said...

Those ears on the outfit are the cutest things ever. In spite of crankiness, she sure looks happy and well-adjusted to me.

louann said...

That's what parenting is all about! That's exactly why no one ever tried writing a manual for parents! Glad the little one has been a darling. They do have their good days and their bad ones -- just like we do! =)

C said...

Okay, I seriously love you! You are so sweet :) That living room of mine is a MESS! LOL!

I think I'm also a bit overwhelmed because the OUTSIDE of the house needs LOTS of work too. When we had the renos done on the house, the frontyard got torn up by all the machinery. Our house was literally lifted off the ground so that they could repair the foundation of the house and finish the basement. There are all these tire tracks and the grass is no longer there. It's a disaster.

It just rained, so I can't get much done out there. I'm waiting for things to dry up a bit more before I go out and try to do some landscaping. I was also tending to the raspberry canes the other day. I don't know how big of a garden I'm going to have this year. I haven't even started any seedlings and might have to cheat and get some starter plants. *sigh*

C said...

Yes, we will be in TO in May. The only thing is that I don't think we'll be there for more than two days...just there and back for LO's appointment @ Sick Kids Hospital. I'm a glutton for punishment and have decided to take in a student. This one I don't have to teach. It's just room and board. I don't want to stay away too long. I think my parents or Hubby's mom will have to keep an eye out when we have to go to the appointment.

C said...

Thank you! You think she looks like both of us? I was looking at her the other day and thought, "I have noooooooooo idea who you look like!" LOL! Hubby then said, "She looks like herself!" :)

Anonymous said...

aww, so cute. i am glad the crabbiness passed!

J at said...

I like to have a clean dining room table, too. But it's not worth stressing about. I stress about it now, because Maya is 13, and there are 3 capable people to clear it. But when she was Little One's age? Hell, as long as there was food to eat and diapers, I figured we were good, and everything else was secondary. There were days when I got a lot done (like 4 loads of laundry and a walk around the neighborhood), and there were days when the best I could manage was to feed her and keep her relatively clean. NOTHING wrong with that. Not one thing.

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