Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Room With A View

Little One's Wee Warmers are from WWW.WEEWARMERS.CA .

Little One woke up this morning with a huge smile on her face. She was cooing and smiling. She's been pretty cranky because her gums are bothering her. She still hasn't cut a tooth yet, but the nurse said she can see that it's coming. My friend (who is also a nurse) looked at Little One's gums last weekend, and confirmed what the other nurse said. Gah. I don't think I'm ready for a teething baby.

I took my smiling Little One over to our bedroom window, and this is the view we had:
In total, there were about 27 deer all over the field behind our house.

Since it was a gorgeous morning, I bundled Little One up and put her in the sling so we could go for a walk. I also wanted to check on the maple sap. Hubby tapped a few trees this year. This year, we're not making as much as we usually do because we don't really have much time for it. My hands have been pretty full these days.

Since we were already out, Little One and I decided to walk to my MIL's farm. If you're in our neck of the woods, you've probably seen Little One and me walking along the highway on our daily walks. We don't go too far. We usually walk 20 mins one way and then 20 mins back or we just walk to my MIL's, have a quick visit and then return home. 40 mins is enough for me since even though Little One is only almost 8 lbs, 8 lbs gets pretty heavy when you're walking and carrying. It's like a cardio and resistance training exercise all in one!

One the way to Grandma's (above) and on the way home (below).

That was fun!

Hubby said he should have taken a photo of me on Easter. In my efforts to live as "green" (to be grammatically correct, I guess I should say "as greenly") as possible, I don't take my vehicle to my MIL's. I try to walk to her house as much as I can. On Easter though, Hubby saw me walking down the highway with the diaper bag strapped onto my back, the baby in the sling in front of me, a freshly baked pie in my hands AND the dog walking at my side. *sigh* If only my city friends could see me now. What on earth has happened to me? I'm no longer a totally city girl, and I'm not quite country.


jan said...

Little one in the leg warmers just cracked me up, I remember wearing those in the 80s for aerobics and thinking we were the height of fashion. Actually they were quite practical. She might revive the trend.

Esther said...

With a pie in your hands, you are *totally* country. :)

Jinxy said...

I love Little One's pink outfit. It swallows her perfectly. :)
Good for you taking little walks. I'm a wimp and won't take Lily on a walk if its cold. We took an hour long walk in the stroller Friday and that was great.

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I did the same. :)

J at said...

Wonderful. :) Pretty soon you'll need to put her in a stroller. Don't do damage to your back with all of that stuff you're lugging! I know you can get some pretty groovy ones with shock absorbers and so on, which would be good for walking to MIL's house.

humpsNbump said...

LOL. I was going to say what Ester did. :) "With a pie in your hands, you are *totally* country."

C said...

Tee hee! Yes, I remember the leg warmers in the 80s! Totally Jane Fonda! Little One looks way cuter than I ever did in leg warmers! :)

C said...

Tee hee! Well, I don't know if I'm *totally* country! ;p I have my "not-so-city-anymore" moments though! Walking to the next farm with a pie in my hands and a baby in the sling was pretty country though, eh? :) Wish you were there to see it! You would have had a good laugh!

C said...

It DOES swallow her, doesn't it!? Haha! She has JUST outgrown her preemie outfits and is now wearing 3-6 month outfits! Hooray! My little preemie is growing! I have to say that I selfishly like her small. She's so tiny and cuddly...and easy to carry without having to break my back! I did try putting on a preemie onesie on her today. I was surprised that I couldn't button it up! She wore it last week and it was getting snug. Today I couldn't even close it! She looked like a sausage popping out of its casing. Wow. That was a weird example to compare her to.

C said...

That is a superb idea! I was actually thinking of that today. Little One does have a stroller (which her car seat attaches to). It's fantastic, although the only problem is that I don't think it's exactly meant for "country" walks. I need one of those jogging strollers...or what I like to call an "All Terrain Stroller". Kind of like the ATV of strollers. I think that's the kind that you just described. I need to get Little One one of those. You're right about the back thing. She's not THAT heavy (yet), but carrying all those things has my back feeling mighty sore.

C said...

LOL! ;p I know! WHAT has happened to me!?!?!

I was just thinking of you today. I was wondering if you were in the hospital already or if you had the baby already. Seeing that you hopped on over to comment on my blog, I guess now? I'm eagerly awaiting news of the bambino (or bambina)! XOXO

merinz said...

I think you are very 'country' now! I love Little Ones outfits. The leg warmers are so very cute.

merinz said...

Me again - the all terrain strollers are just great for territory that is off the footpaths. We have an old one we keep at the beach and the family love taking it down on the sand, up bush paths etc.
Translation: footpath - sidewalk, bush - forest.

Diesel said...

"To go green" is correct, as is "to go blond" or "to go native."

You wouldn't say you're going blondly, because 'blond' doesn't describe how you're going; it's the direct object.

Cute Chinese baby. :)

Anonymous said...

Though Diesel has a valid point with his examples, I would beg to differ. I would say that "to live as green as possible" is acceptable, but "to live as greenly as possible" is the correct way to phrase it.

You can say "It's easy to live greenly" or "Green living is easy".

It's like the 'healthy' vs. 'healthful' debate. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

louann said...

C, those warmers are the cutest! They look so cute on the little one!
Good Luck with the teething!

I gave you an award, drop by my blog =)

Karen MEG said...

Sure you're a little bit country, but inside, totally rock and roll :).

And how CUTE is your little one all bundled in that outfit! Gahhh, almost enough for me to want another one... almost ;)!

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