Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I know I keep saying this, but our friends @ PhotoCaptiva are such talented photographers. They're a husband and wife team who are friends of ours in the blog world and in real life. When Little One and I were in the hospital, they came to visit us. They also took some photos while they were at the hospital with me. Here are some family photos they took for us the other weekend. We are so blessed to have them as friends. They are among the kindest, funniest people we know. If you are looking for a photographer and you're on the Island or in the area, please check them out here.


Jinxy said...

Those are beautiful photos. You have a lovely family.

humpsNbump said...

These photos are just beautiful. I especially love the shots from the hospital. I can see you and little one looking back at these for many many years.

~ humps

Maria said...

Great photos are they on the Island? We need some family pictures done!

C said...

Thank you :)

C said...

*sigh* Yes, those days in the hospital seem like AGES ago! It's hard to imagine how at the time it seemed like we were never going to get out of there. Honestly, I cannot believe we survived those first two months of her life. What trials those first weeks were!

THANK YOU for your visits! You certainly helped make things easier at a time when things were definitely anything but easy. XO

C said...

They are actually in Sudbury, but they also have a portable studio. It's sooooo cool! They bring all their neat photo gear and go right to your house (or any desired location) if you want them to! They do come to the Island and are here more often in the summer!

Starshine said...

GREAT photos! :)

Uncivil said...

Why is it that baby feet are always so adorable? Great photo shoot!

C said...

Thank you!! :)

Word ver: wirabin

C said...

Hello!!! I miss you and Jeanna! How are you??

Right about baby feet. So cute! LOVE baby feet! However, I'm afraid of feet that aren't baby feet. I don't know why, but I can't look at adult feet. They scare me. I'm not kidding! Feet really freak me out.

Uncivil said...

Thank gawd you can't see my feet!!!LOL
I've got some fugly feet!!!!LOL!!!

word verif. outradth

J at said...

Those are amazing photos! You are blessed to have them as friends and photographers. :)

jan said...

They totally captured the love you all share.

Karen MEG said...

These are lovely, and I especially love the shots with Daddy .. look at that love!

Deb said...

those are great photos!! little one is growing! she's so pretty!

SilentScream said...

Very very nice photos C!

C said...

LOL! Thanks for the e-mail you sent me. Niiiiiice photos of your feet! ;p

C said...

Thank you :) I'm always so amazed at how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. R & J are amazing.

Hey, even in the blogosphere we are fortunate to 'know' lots of fantastic people :) Did you guys get the package yet? I sent it to Cherry's place. Hope it arrives soooooon! :)

C said...

Thank you! The photos do capture the love, don't they? :) I'm on my way over to see what's happening in your neck of the woods. I contemplated dressing Chance up for Easter, but the dog just won't have it.

BeachMama said...

Beautiful photos, but even more beautiful subjects. You guys are gorgeous!

Jeanna said...

HAPPY EASTER to you and the fam!
Got your package last night, it was at the door when I came home, one of the nice neighbors must have put it there. Will open it when I get back from our German Easter at der Essen Haus.
Thanks, kiddo, take care.
NIce photos.

Palm Springs Savant said...

the b/w photo of the three of you is great!

Uncivil said...

Happy Easter
Bunny Feet an all!

louann said...

Oh C, the pictures are so beautiful! I especially like the 3rd one =)

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