Friday, July 30, 2010


This is for all my Trinidadian family and friends. I had to laugh when I saw this. My Dad is Trini and when he and his family get together, this is what they sound like. LOVE IT!

Too funny! Enjoy.

P.S. Sorry for the two or three "choice words" in the video. Not meant for the ears of young children.


J at said...

How did I not know your father is from Trinidad? FUNNY! Did you know that Ted's parents are from Guyana? Their talky talky isn't exactly the same, but it's similar. Does your dad's family suck their teeth?

C said...

J: HAHAHA! OMG! You just made me laugh so hard, I cried!!! LOL! I knew Ted's parents are from Guyana :) Actually, you and I have had chats about Caribbean background and food...but that was years ago when I first started blogging. Ha! Too funny!

Still laughing at the suck their teeth thing! So funny...because it's true!!

caninecologne said...

hi c - omfg, i could barely understand the guy. i also didn't read your warning about the language so tc was also watching it. lucky, she didn't 'catch' the bad words - i distinclty heard the MF word too.

man, that was pretty funny!!!!!!!

word ver:

C said...

HA! Oh my gosh! Sorry! I just about spat my drink all over the computer monitor when I read what you wrote! LOL!

*sigh* I miss TC. I was thinking about you guys this afternoon when we were at the beach. I thought how nice it would be if you guys were here!!! Miss you guys! ACK!!! I just realized that I have a parcel to mail you! It's not complete yet though.

merinz said...

OH wow - that is such a funny language - I could pic out the english (sometimes) but what is the other language mixed in too?

But its not only the unusual language but the voice inflections also!

C said...

HAHAHA! was English! :) ALL English! Well, with a Trinidadian accent!!! They speak English in Trinidad and Tobago! :) Too funny!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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