Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Recipe to Riches: The Big Day is Fast Approaching!

Have you been keeping up with all the Recipe to Riches excitement?  We certainly have!  We've been keeping our eyes peeled at all our local grocery stores that carry President's Choice products too!  Voting for our favourite recipe has been torture!

I'm not going to tell you who we're voting for, but I will tell you that the decision has been very difficult.
Jacqui's Rockin' Peach Bliss cheesecake was a hit with Hubby, because he loves cheesecake.
Rob's pulled pork and John's chicken grenades were a hit too, because...well, they're meat!!! My husband and toddler cannot live without meat! My husband is all about the "man food" and meat dishes!  The pulled pork is tender and perfect in a sandwich or in other dishes. The chicken grenades are simply delicious as well.

I hunted all over the place for the chicken grenades and they were sold out in most places. I was so excited to finally get my hands on some! Little One was impressed as well! Little One called her Daddy on my Blackberry and told him, "WE GOT GRENADES!!!"

Yes, we've created a little RtoR monster! She's totally into this right along with us! Love it!
I have to admit that I'm a veggie lover and love Melaney's savoury bannock pie. I still haven't had a chance to purchase the PC brand product, but have made (and blogged about) her original recipe. We love, love, love it!
Little One and I love Glo's Luscious Lemon Pudding.  I love anything lemon-flavoured. I also prefer tart over sweet.  Mmmm! Lemon!

Here's Rob's big display at the Independent store in Sudbury (above photo). Yes, I went to Independent AND the Superstore! Don't you  just love the RtoR displays?  The caricatures are amazing!

Rosy's Kulfi Karma is simply divine!  I've been hearing comments about how some think it's not to their liking and that it tastes too floral.  Honestly, I thought it was the perfect balance of flavours. I shared my kulfi with a friend who had never tasted rosewater before, and she said "Wow! I didn't even know that was rosewater! It has a certain 'lift' to it. Almost citrus-like". She also enjoyed the pistachios mixed in. None of the flavours were overpowering. Everything was subtle and creamy. We certainly loved it.

I hunted throughout all of Sudbury and only the Superstore had the kulfi...and, only one left!  I was SHOCKED! Apparently the kulfi is a hit! Sold out everywhere here!
 The lone Kulfi container! Who knew Northern Ontarians love their kulfi!? :)

The kulfi being one of the items we hadn't tried (apart from me recreating the original recipe for the blog), was one I was dying to get my hands on.
I quickly snatched up the last one!  It didn't make it out of the Superstore parking lot in Sudbury, Ontario. My friend, Little One, and I ate it in the car as we watched the first snow fall. Ice cream in the winter! Why not?
I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to be an official Recipe to Riches blogger.  I am also thankful for getting to know some of the contestants. Melaney, Melissa (RtoR contestant with the Banana Chocolate Wow Cake), Rosy and I have been Tweeting like long lost friends. Rob, Jacqui, and Glo have also been great with commenting on tweets and FB messages. You are all fabulous!

We are very excited about the Recipe to Riches Grand Finale! Good luck everyone!

Don't forget to vote!

$250,000 will certainly change the life of one lucky (and very deserving) individual!


Chantal said...

You guys are too cute. Is Little One ever growing up fast! You got me hooked on the show. Voted today and yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Great show. I tried the pork and grenades. Yummo.

Stephanie said...

I absolutely adore your coverage of this show! We've been watching too but have to admit I have not been purchasing all of the products:) Such a great Canadian reality TV show!

C said...

Thanks! LOL! Glad I got you hooked! Who do you think is going to win tonight?

C said...

They ARE yummy, aren't they? :)

C said...

Awww! Thanks! :)

I agree! Such a great Canadian show! Love it!

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