Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scary Story

I was reading one of Canine's posts the other day and couldn't fall asleep because it seriously gave me the chills. I've got goosebumps as I type this blog entry. Her post was about ghost orbs.
I haven't ever seen any ghost orbs in my short thirty-something years on this planet, but I have seen (or experienced) a lot of strange things.

When I was a child (only a few years old), my grandfather passed away. My parents never told me about it, because my brother and I were very young when he died. Not too long after my granddad died, my mom was giving me a bath. When she was drying me off and dressing me, I was smiling and pointing to the corner of the room, saying, "Look, Ma! Grandpa is smiling at us!" as I waved to 'someone' in the room that my mom couldn't see. She was so freaked out and thought I was a creepy child.

Since then, I had premonition dreams. This was heightened when I was in my early stages of adolescence. I once dreamt that my school was on fire. The next day, school was cancelled due to a small electrical fire in the basement. (I had nothing to do with it, if that's what you're thinking!)
I used to be able to tell people what they were thinking. If I gave someone three objects, animals, numbers or colors and asked them to choose one and not tell me, I'd almost always be able to tell them which one they were thinking of. Everyone used to say I should think of numbers for my parents to play in the lottery! Sorry kids. My powers are only used for good! LOL!

Our old house in Montreal was house #13. I know!!! Scary! My Dad got it because the price was really good. There was a reason for that! Anyway, weird things happened in that house. My brother and I were scared of the basement and never went down there. My mom used to do laundry downstairs and when she'd come up, she'd close and lock the door. She said she always felt a weird, cool breeze circling above her head. She only freaked about it once and refused to stay home alone after that. Anyway, she'd always lock that door but when she returned to get the laundry, the door would be unlocked and open. Not open wide...just slightly ajar. She got mad at us kids and told us not to play jokes. Honestly, it wasn't us! We were afraid of the basement.

Years went by, and one day we were having a BBQ party with our neighbours and one of them said, "It's a shame that the former owner of your house killed himself in the master bedroom." Whaaaaaat??? The very next day, my mom put the house up for sale. To make things even creepier, the minute the house went up for sale, the pipes started leaking, the ceiling started dripping...and guess what? The former owner was a plumber when he was alive!!

We moved to a lovely new neighbourhood after that. My younger brother and I used to come home after school and my baby brother would be at my grandparents' in the next city. My parents would pick him up after work and come home where we were waiting, diligently doing our homework. One afternoon, I came home from school and I distinctly heard my baby brother crying. I knew it couldn't possibly be true because he was in the next city. I kept hearing him cry. It was kind of freaky! Moments later, my grandmother called, frantic and telling me to call my mom's work and that my baby brother had run into something and sliced his forehead open. WEIRD!

Strange things happened all the time, and it was sort of normal for me. At first, it was really creepy, but after some old man from Trinidad told me not to be afraid of the unknown and to embrace this 'gift', I stopped being scared.

The premonition dreams were less frequent as I got older. I used to always worry that I was an open receptacle for the paranormal and that really, really scared me. My grandmother had premonition dreams and a heightened sixth sense. My mom had it. I had it. I suppose it is something that was passed down from generation to generation.

After graduating from college, I moved to Toronto. I hadn't heard from one of my friends in ages, but I had a dream that she and her boyfriend were getting married. Everything in the dream was so vivid. I could see the wedding dress, the flowers, the cake, and even the guests. Sure enough, I got a phone call from T. We chit chatted for a while, and I told her about my dream. She was silent. Then she said, "OMG! That's exactly why I called you!". The scarier part?? When I went to T& D's wedding, everything was exactly how I saw it in my dream.

Before I bore you guys to tears, I'll tell you one last story. When I was teaching in Japan, I'd sometimes pull strange hours for the place I worked at. I'd stay late to finish up paperwork and prep lessons. Every night at around 10 PM, the photocopier would just go by itself. It was weird. I'd also hear the pitter patter of footsteps running upstairs. It got to the point where I was always so scared, I had to ask friends to come meet me and stay with me until I finished my paperwork. In Asia, the number 4 means death. No one used classroom #4. I was in classroom #5 and every time I passed that room, I always got the chills. One day, I ran out of paper, so I went into the room no one ever went in. In the corner of the room, there was a little dish with salt in it. I promptly left and asked the Japanese teacher why there was salt. "It's to get rid of the bad spirits." She said it as though it was nothing. She told me about this ghost of a little boy who resides in the school. Holy smokes! Chills ran down my spine. No one told me that! I'm sure they didn't say anything because all the foreign teachers would freak and maybe even quit.

Anyway, one afternoon, I had a class where I taught these two brothers. They were the biggest brats ever. You could hear them coming from a mile away. They were cute though...if you like rabid dogs :) They were always on time, but this particular day, they were late. Time kept ticking and I kept looking at the clock in the lounge. Finally, I saw and heard the door fly open and one of the brothers ran into the bathroom. The school manager and another teacher saw and heard the boy and we saw and heard him go into the bathroom. Minutes passed and the boys were still in the bathroom. I knocked. "Daisuke! Koji! It's time for your English lesson!" No answer. A few minutes later, "Daisuke! Koji! Time to get out! You need to start your lesson!". Still nothing. Finally, I got the male teacher to go into the men's bathroom. There was no one in there. The lights were off and the bathroom was empty!!!! The boys finally showed up. They were held back at school for misbehaving. The other teacher, the manager and I were dumbfounded though, since we all saw and heard the boy come in and go into the bathroom.

Have you got a freaky story? Got any weird and unexplainable experiences to share?


japanmanpete said...

That is quite scary. In Japan there are many such stories. One of my mates and I were outside one night and we thought we saw a woman floating over the rice fields in a kimono. It was frightening! We weren't even pissed! Maybe a few Asahi beers but certainly not inebriated! Asia is scary for stories of that nature. Hi Miss Moneypenny!

sharkey said...

How's this for scary?

This occurred in one of the campus buildings of the University of the Philippines.

A female professor was working late one night in a classroom when she heard strange murmuring noises from the adjacent room. She didn't notice it at first and kept on working. After hearing a few more noises, and feeling a bit creeped out, she decided to call it a night. And as she passed by the room, she noticed that it was actually quiet inside. And so curiosity got the better of her and she decided to peep through the room's keyhole (UP has some old buildings) and saw nothing but the color RED.

She decided that what she heard was just an imagination. As she was about to leave the building, she happened to come across the building security personnel, and decided to ask him if he knew of any of the building's local ghost stories.

With that, the security guard told her this: "Oh, there's this story about a demonic being haunting the rooms, but I never really saw it. It does give me the creeps though. Most of the people describe it as having a huge, dark figure, with very prominent and scary RED EYES."

caninecologne said...

Oh my god! Chills galore!

#13 house: cue hissing whispery voice, "Get out!"

at least the walls weren't dripping blood.
my sister used to get freaked out about the "Amytville Horror". My brother and I would sometimes set her alarm for 3:15 a.m. to freak her out.

i'm kind of afraid to take pictures now (kidding)...don't want to see any more of those orbs!

curiositykiller said...

Sharkey! Your story gave me the chills!!

I've heard of a lot of people around me who had demonic encounters... like sleeping and waking up with your body frozen -- and can't move -- I heard it indicates that a ghost is sitting on top of you. And Thailand is famous for demonic possessions... freaky stuff.

I get a lot of premonition dreams though. The details, the exact lightings, the people, the action. A lot. It was most frequent when I was in university.

The most mind-blowing experience for me was one evening -- I went home after attending the funeral of a good friend (he killed himself), I was really upset and tired from crying all day, and tried to fall asleep. Just when I'm on the verge of sleeping, his voice boomed in my ear and he said, "IT'S OK, MAN!"

I practically jumped out of my skin, opened my eyes, and no spirits around me.

Chrissy121875 said...

Pete: I've heard stories similar to that one when I lived/taught in Japan. One of my friends and his buddy said they saw a woman floating over the rice fields in a white kimono at night and when they snuck up to get a better look at her, she looked at them and her eyes were like black holes. Creepy!

Sharkey: Uhhhh....Thanks! LOL! I actually read your comment right before I went to bed last night, but didn't leave a comment because I was too scared! Funny how the mind plays tricks on you when it's late at night! I kept seeing these red eyes last night! LOL! Your story REALLY gave me the chills!

Canine: The Amityville Horror! OMG, that was freaky. I also get creeped out every time I watch The Shining!

Curiosity: A lot of my students from Japan, Korea, Tawain and other parts of Asia (who are in university) have told me about that paralyzing kind of visit from ghosts. They say they can't move or scream. Scary! How did you feel after your friend 'visited' you? Scared or okay?

t said...

Holy crap! All of you guys have such creepy stories!! PJ, DON'T DO THAT! Now I'm seriously not going to be able to sleep for a week! That was scary!

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Once, bwfore we had kids, my husband and I went on a little vacation and stayed at a really quaint B&B. It was a pretty Victorian style home. It was really beautiful. But at night, I couldn't sleep. I went to the bathroom and I noticed a light coming from one of the other rooms. I didn't think of anything really at the time. I just had a weird feeling. The next morning we had breakfast and I asked the owner who was staying in the room near ours. She looked up in surprise because there weren't any other guests at the time except us! And her room was at the other side of the house. Scary, huh?

Anonymous said...


Chrissy121875 said...

T, AHMM and Anon: I know...really scary stories, eh?

I'm curious to hear if Stephen and Elisabeth, Miss Moneypenny, Ms. Mamma, Dylon, Roar!, Jill, Dina and Danielle have any spooky stories too!

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Where's Jill gone to anyway? I noticed her blog wasn't linked to your other contacts anymore :( Jill, wherever you are, you are missed! Even if the only thing I ever do is lurk! :0)

caninecologne said...

here's another story...

last may when my father in law passed away, my husband was at his parents' house sorting out his dad's items. he thought it would be cool if his dad wore his favorite watch for the funeral. so he picked out what he thought was his favorite watch and decided to set it to the time that he died, which was 10:58.

his older brother who was also in the room said, 'no, that's dad's favorite watch'. so they got that one instead.

the creepy thing was when my husband asked his brother the time, it was 10:58 a.m., the same time that was ALREADY on his dad's favorite watch (the watch wasn't working either)!

t said...

Mwaaaaaaahahahahaha! Cue Twillight Zone music.

You guys are all freaky. Canine Cologne, that last story was creepy too. I have a few photos with strange things in them. Not ghost orbs but some kind of muted fuzzy light. I keep telling myself it's overexposed film. Wait! It's a digital camera! Ok. It's something wonky about the lighting and movement! That's it. lol

Diesel said...

Wow, that's some freaky stuff. I saw a UFO when I was 9, but it wasn't particularly scary.

Also, I once experienced an eerie set of coincidences that I took to mean that God was trying to tell me something. That was 15 years ago, and I still don't know exactly what He was trying to say.

Chrissy121875 said...

AHMM: I'll let her explain when she gets a chance :)

Canine: That was a freaky story too! Yikes! Some of my friends always say that those kind of things are just "coincidence"...but when they happen so often to the same people or family, are they really coincidences? Hmmmm...What do you think?

Diesel: Really??? What was it like? Hmmm...I never know if you're serious or if you're pulling my leg ;p

Anonymous said...

Christine! That was such a lonnnnnnnnnng post! Too many words and not enough pictures! Heh! Heh! Heh!

I haven't been visted by any strange things like that but the scariest thing that happened to me was we were watching a scary movie and just as the phone rang in the movie, the phone rang at our house! Scary!

Miss Moneypenny said...

I have a love/hate thing with ghosty type stuff - I love it because I find it so interesting, all the history etc and I love the creeps that it gives me. I also *hate* the creeps that it gives me, and the practical side of me thinks it's all a load of bunk. Having said that, I've had a couple of experiences...

I lived with my friends' parents the first year I was in England, in a little village with a really interesting local history. It's situated right off of the Fosse Way, which is an old roadway originally built by the Romans - it dates back to 1 AD. The first battle of the English Civil War was also fought in the fields across from the house ( the Battle of Edgehill in 1642 for you history buffs ). There were regular sightings in that village - old farmers who had seen groups of Roman soldiers in the early hours of the morning and thinking there was a movie being filmed, and able to describe their dress to a tee, despite the fact they knew nothing about the Romans etc.

My friends' house was very old - the original part of it ( now their cellar ) was a stone cottage built in 13th century - it used to give me the creeps to be down there. The rest of the house had been added onto in the 16th and 17th century, and at one point, the house had been a pub and an inn ( one of the Princes of Wales used to stay there regularly with his mistress who lived close by ). My friend's room was above what would have been the stables. After a few months of living there, she refused to sleep in her room - she woke up every night with the feeling of a hand on her face, a flat hand pressing gently on her cheek. The next guy, Mick, that lived in that room was a lodger and he was a manly-man but he felt weirded out in that room too. One night there was a load of us, about 5 or 6, watching a movie in Mick's room. It was July, I was wearing shorts, the door and windows were closed and I heard my friend Phil say - "Oh, the ghost is here" and one by one all of us felt this breeze on our body. It went one by one around the room - I felt it on my calf, and it wasn't just a direct breeze, I could feel it curling around one leg and then to the next. Everyone was laughing and probably used to it, but I wanted to jump up and run for my life, but then I was too scared to be on my own! I thought, safety in numbers!

Another time, I was on my own in the house, everyone was at the pub and the piano in the lounge played a few notes - not a melody, but down at the low end, like someone pressed down on it with their whole hand. I didn't stick around to hear if there was tune to follow - I RAN for my life down to the pub in my socks. That was horrifyingly scary. Everyone just laughed - I guess they were used to it!

There were lots of other little incidents things, but those were the two biggest things. It was mostly just an uneasy kind of feeling, like you weren't alone - but it could have just been my mind making me feel paranoid.

Chris, do you ever watch that British show Most Haunted? It always used to be on W network on Friday nights. Love that show! My friend ( the one who refused to sleep in that bedroom ) eventually came to Canada and a couple of years ago ended up living in my basement apt for awhile - we used to drink wine and hide under the blanket and watch Most Haunted. So much fun!!

Fun post, as always!


ps - hellooooo Pete!

Chrissy121875 said...

Miss Moneypenny: Wow! Those are freaky accounts of ghost visits! I know I have a very over-active imagination and it always gets the best of me...especially at night, when it's dark and when I'm alone in the house. Luckily, Hubby doesn't go on many conferences that require him to be away for a few days. The most is two or three days away, but he's normally gone on day trip meetings. I admit it...I'm a chicken. LOL!

For some reason, I did/do love watching shows like Most Haunted and specials on the supernatural, etc. I'm all at once curious, yet freaked out about that stuff!

sharkey said...

Uhm, here's another scary story if you're up to it.

This is about an experience of a college student of Saint Paul's College, an exclusive school for girls in the Philippines run by nuns.

She just finished her PE class and was about to go home but she had to pass by her homeroom classroom to get her stuff.

As she went inside, she saw a nun writing some notes on the board, which was a common practice by professors to save time for the following day's class, and so she did her usual "Hi sister! Excuse me.." greeting and hurriedly went to her seat to get her things.

As she turned around to leave the room, the nun was nowhere in sight. All that was left was the writing on the board, which said: "Please pray for me, I'm in hell!"

Chrissy121875 said...

OMG! Sharkey! I just got the chills again! You certainly have a way with telling ghost stories! When I was in Japan, my Japanese friends and students used to tell a lot of scary stories in the summer time. They said that it makes you feel cooler in the summer heat! LOL! I think they meant it made you have the chills!!! I certainly couldn't sleep at night!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...I don't know what to say. You were right...


Diesel said...

Chrissy - Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Yes, for once I was being serious. I really did see a UFO when I was 9. At least, it was a flying object and I had no idea what it was. It didn't look or move like any aircraft I was aware of.

And I also really did have a sort of "religious experience." It's kind of long and detailed, but it was hella spooky. Maybe I'll blog about it some time on my "serious blog."

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