Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fun in the sun

Saturday began like all other Saturdays. I had full intention of doing housework and laundry, and perhaps getting more of my garden planted. I also had promised myself to take it easy, since in the evening we had our Island Singers Concert at the Burns Wharf Theatre. After the concert, we were to go to a Trinidadian fete for our friend's birthday. The night would include delicious food (lots of jerk seasoning and spicy dishes) and some of the guys singing Trini tunes and playing the quatro (a four string musical instrument, smaller than a guitar). The day was nothing as I had anticipated it would is usually the case.
Our nieces, Pook and Toad came over, since they were going to attend our concert with Hubby and P1. They played with the kitties, who are now almost two weeks old. Look how much they've grown!
It was I who complained about the heat and decided that housework would always be there waiting for me when we returned. It was I who mentioned to Hubby that we should take the kids to the beach to cool off. We took the kids and pup to the rocky beach. I'm quite partial to sandy beaches, but again, we didn't want Chance to drag sand into the vehicle.
Me: Kids, don't get tooooooooo wet! We don't have time to dry your clothes before the concert. Absolutely no swimming!

Kids: (in unison) Okay, we won't swim! We'll just roll up our shorts and just wet our legs.

Now, enter the cheeky monkey (aka: Chance). Me being as brilliant as I am, I decided what fun it would be to get Chance to swim!! Lesson learned: Do not try to force a pup to swim if he absolutely does not wish to do so at the moment. He will do it on his own and when he wants to.

I guess you can imagine what happened next. I had Chance by the collar, leading him further into the water...and...*~SPLASH~* It was I who ended up going for a swim! Yes, Chance was the one who dragged me into the water. I was drenched (and more embarrassed than anything)! It was a good laugh and the children thought it was funny since I had said that they were not to get wet!


t said...

Great photographs, Chris! You are such a HOOT! You crazy gal! I can see why the kids laughed! That's why we luv u!

Looks like you had a great day on saturday. Sorry we weren't able to make it for the concert. One of these days we will make it. Promise! It would't be the first time I drove six hours to go to a concert! Only you're not Guns N Roses or Bon Jovi! {{{{{LOL}}}}}}}}

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thats what summer days are all about!!!

Uncivil said...

OMG Those pics are the best!
I' getting OK with your female cats being named George & Fred, but your nieces are Pook & Toad?
Tell P1 he has that Bruce Lee thing going for him with the shades!LOL
Great shot's of Chance. I want to see the ones of you in the water!LOL!
You and hubby look so wonderfully happy and relaxed together. What a beautiful couple!

Pavel said...

Wow!!! I'd love to get into that water and splash around! Better yet, I'd bring my kids so that they could play with the pup...

Glad you had a good time.

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! I think I was more shocked than anything that I ended up going for a swim! When I fell into the water, Chance was right there, licking my face! LOL! Crazy dog!


Yes! I agree :) I definitely didn't complain about the heat after I went for that little dip in the water! LOL! How are the twins doing?

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Okay...Fred and George, though both female have male names since we thought they were boys when we got them. We never bothered changing their names! LOL! I just think it's funny! Now, our nieces really aren't "Toad" and "Pook". Those are their nicknames, since I sort of want to preserve their anonymity here in the blogosphere. Niece #1 was dubbed "Toad" when she was born, because she used to position her body like a toad (picture the arms and legs...). Niece #2 was tagged "Pook" because...well...she used to puke a lot when she was a baby! LOL!

Bring your kiddies to the island for a visit!!! They'd love it! So would you!

Pavel said...

I may take you up on that one day. I just looked on a map and found your big island. It isn't THAT far from Tennessee...

doggy mama said...

What a weekend! I love your sense of humor and lightheartedness, Christine.

Love those last two photos! Great looking couple!

Uncivil said...

Whew! Thank goodness you cleared that up for me. OK...that's just their internet code names! But please don't call those precious girls that in real life!

I know an adult male in his 40's that goes by the name of "Possum"! I couldn't imagine that?

The guys in my old office used to call me "psycho", and I took that as a compliment, because the ones who didn't really know me kept their distance!LOL!

The guys I work with now said they heard so much crazy stuff about me before I got assigned to the lab, that they were kind of nervous around me until they got to know me! They would say, "I don't understand?.. your normal?" Then I say "Damn, I forgot my medicine this morning!"LOL

Chrissy121875 said...

Yay!!! You'd be surprised how many more Americans know about the Island than Canadians do! A lot of the tourists here in the summer are from all over the US (mainly Ohio, Michigan, NY, etc). There are also the European tourists and some visitors from different parts of Canada. When I told my friends in Toronto that I was moving here, they thought I was moving to the other end of the country (British Columbia)! LOL!

Doggy Mama:
Awwwwwww...thanks!!! You don't know how much that made me feel better today! A certain series of events have transpired over the past few days and some major changes are about to take place this week.

LOL!!! I'm laughing at the very last thing you said! That's classic! :)

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