Sunday, June 10, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

We left the island at 2AM to bring our student to the airport. I don't know if you believe in omens or whether you are superstitious or not, but there was a very foreboding feeling as we drove off island and saw the presence of a large, blood red crescent waning. I remarked at how beautiful the sight was. It was so breathtaking, yet eerie at the same time.

Hubby told our student about the beliefs and superstitions of the Blood Moon. Hubby said that if there's a full moon and it's red like how it was last night, somebody close to you is going to die. Last night it wasn't a full moon (it was the crescent waning), but there was still the feeling of danger.

On our early morning trek to the airport, we saw the glowing eyes of deer as they darted across the empty highway. We saw a porcupine, a raccoon, two skunks, a turtle, a beaver and a black bear. We were all shocked, since we don't see bear up here on a regular basis. This was my third bear I've seen while driving. My student was saying that he was upset that he'd been in Canada for so long and hadn't seen a bear yet. Well, he saw one this morning and it was too close for comfort! We were within just about a foot of the bear as it ran across the highway. I felt my heart jump into my throat and wasn't sure if it was more the horror feeling like we could have had a serious accident and not have been able to make it to the airport or the sickness I felt at the thought of killing that bear.

By the way he was walking/running, it looked as though he was a male. Judging by its size, Hubby thinks he may have been a little older than a yearling. He was probably 200 lbs or in that range. It was a gorgeous sight though. The things I've had the opportunity to see just by living on the island really amaze me.

Hubby saw a shooting star and as daylight broke, the mist from the lakes painted a pretty picture amongst the soft pinks and purples and oranges of the morning sky.

Things at the airport went well. Hopefully, the rest of my student's journey home will go off without a hitch.

It will certainly be quiet without our homestay student living in our house. Now we have a brief few weeks of just Hubby and me until the next batch of students arrive in July.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing variety of wildlife you have!

I once lived in British Columbia, in Quesnel, and loved the wildlife - we would see black bears often, although sadly it was at the town rubbish dump.

I also loved the climate - such a novelty to be walking around in minus temperatures!

Uncivil said...

Glad you didn't run into the little bear. That would be a hard burden to bear!
I mean it would be a burden to you and the bear.
And just how did it bear a resemblance to a male?
Just bear with me!LOL!!!!!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Oh! How great for you to experience life in such different climates. At least you can say you've had your share of a variety of wildlife too! I have always wanted to go to NZ. The scenery, the wildlife, the flora and looks like a little piece of heaven over there!

LOL! You're too funny! :)

japanmanpete said...

that's some mad shit! The only thing that I see running wild here are some of my students!

hotmommy said...

ENJOY YOUR TIME ALONE WITH HUBBY NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!! Soon your new students will be here so enjoy the peace and quiet and each other's company! :o)

Curiosity.Killer said...

I think it's cooooooool that you're dropping off your students 2am... eerie and adventurous...

Lotus said...

Glad the drop off went well and you guys will get some quiet time together. Deep breaths, enjoy the time!

Chrissy121875 said...

HAHAHA! That's funny! Anyway, your students can't be that bad! I loved my students when I was teaching in Japan!!! I had a great bunch of students :)

Hot Mommy:
Yes! You are absolutely right! I think this will be the most alone time Hubby and I have ever had in our whole almost one year of marriage! LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

CK: was definitely surreal being on the highway at 2AM and almost hitting a bear!!!

Thank you :) It will be nice to have some quiet time. Though we won't have students for the next few weeks, a bunch of our friends are coming up for the end of June and beginning of July!!! It'll be fun!

Mike M said...

Great blog!!

I will be back for more


total-spender said...

I concur with the comment posted by hotmummy (it's the name - I love it!)

But in all seriousness, nice blog. I'll be swinging by again.

kailani said...

That is definitely something you wouldn't see in the city. Sounds like you and your husband can enjoy some quality time together now.

Thanks for stopping by.

An Island Life

Karen MEG said...

Enjoy your time without any students in the house. Maybe a 2nd honeymoon, if you will! You certainly deserve it!

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! I'm on my way to check out yours!

Total Spender:
Likewise! I'll be checking yours out again too! Your blog is very interesting!

Chrissy121875 said...

Cool blog! I found you via Karen's blog since in her last post she mentioned that we were her two "island" friends :) Just had to check out which island you were on!

Thanks! We will definitely enjoy the down time! Today I did nothing but relaxed and caught up on some sleep (and housework)! It's our first "student free" day so it's taking some getting used to! LOL!

eve said...

HOw many students do you have coming? How long do they stay? Is that last one gone for good?
What an interesting life you live.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi! :) We have three coming in July. Eventually, I'll take on more, but for now small is good! The ones that are coming in July will be here for almost two months. The last one was with us from December to June. Oh, and yes to your question about him! ;)

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