Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Special Time With Dad

Mama Doggy Love posted the sweetest story about her special time with her dad. In honour of my Dad and since Father's Day is fast approaching, I would like to write a little something about my special time with Dad.
Almost a decade ago, I was teaching English in Japan. I had left my friends and family and ventured to the other end of the globe. It was the biggest adventure of my life and the best thing I could have done for myself.

While I was overseas, my one of my uncles had suddenly passed away. Soon after, my grandfather had died. I was having so much fun being independent and adventurous overseas and it wasn't until I heard about our family's misfortunes (the loss of two of my beloved family members), that I began to feel a little bit of homesickness. I remember crying and crying because I couldn't be with my family in those really difficult times. My family members went to the funerals and mourned together. I felt that because I was so far away, I was unable to have proper "closure".

My dad surprised me and told me he was coming to visit me in Japan! He was on a business trip in Hong Kong and decided he would hop over to Japan on his way back to Canada and spend a week with me!!! This would be the very first time that Dad and I had ever had real quality time together as father and daughter. I have two younger brothers, so I never really had time alone with Dad.

For one week, Dad and I did the touristy thing. I managed to get some time off work and on the days that I had to teach, my students and friends took my dad sightseeing. Dad and I had so much fun traveling together, going out to restaurants, hanging out with my friends from Japan, England, Scotland, France, Australia, the US and Canada.

Dad and I even went to karaoke bars with my friends, went to "game centres" to play "Dance Dance Revolution" and take "print club" (pron. purikura in Japanese!) photos... and we even hung out in bars together after I was done work! I never did anything like this with my Dad! It was the craziest, most surreal experience to actually be spending time with my dad in an environment so different from the one we lived in back home.

While I was at work, Dad went to the grocery store and bought and prepared my meals. It was so cute to see all the excitement in his face when he found new and interesting items in the stores! Of course, with Dad not being able to read Japanese, it was always a surprise to see what he found! Dad would wake up in the morning and roll up my futon and so my apartment (which was the size of a small bedroom!) would look more spacious. The futons over there are different from the ones we know in Canada. They aren't fold up beds/sofas, but rather a mat that is put on the floor so you can sleep on it and then you fold it up during the day. Dad and I were so cramped in my tiny apartment. It was so funny!

I remember the sadness I felt when Dad had to return to Canada. Our week was up and I never knew that I'd miss him that much. That time Dad spent in Japan with me is one of the many wonderful and memorable times I have shared with him.

Though Hubby and I live close to our parents' houses, we don't see them often because work and life get in the way. Thanks to Jane's post, I have been reminded of how special my dad is and that I really ought to spend more time with him. Once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl, I guess!
* The only pics I have available of Dad and me are the ones posted here. I really must get our scanner fixed so I can post more oldies but goodies (and finally join in Sharon's, Jane's and Audrey's Throwback Thursdays)!! The pic of Dad and me (in the middle) wearing matching white t-shirts is my favourite photo of all. The last pic on the bottom right was taken by Dad in my tiny apartment in Japan. See me kneeling as I eat sushi at my 'kotatsu'?


CoNnE said... sweet! i hope he gets to read this post! Cheers to all the great dads out there!

Uncivil said...

Cheers to Dad!
I still go out to karaoke bars/Pool Halls with my Dad! I think I've created a monster, cause he wants to stay out later than I do!LOL

doggy mama said...

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Christine, you are just amazing!!

I LOVE this post... I LOVE the collage... I LOVE that you joined in on the Father's Day contest!! You are just awesome all around!

What a special time you and your dad had when he went to visit you in Japan. I LOVED reading about your adventures together!!

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.

By the way, I was at dinner last night with my mom and dad, and my dad (who reads our blogs, obviously!) said to me, "You know, that girl from Canada, Chrissy, is a really great person."

Just from reading your comments and posts, he could see how special you and and what an amazing friend you are!!

I said, "I KNOW!" :)

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! Do you have any special stories to tell about your Dad? I'd love to hear one!

LOL! That is so cool! I love that you and your Dad go out and spend time together too! Is your Dad good at Karaoke? Is he a pool shark too? LOL! He sounds like a lot of fun!

Chrissy121875 said...

Doggy Mama:
Awwwwwwwww! That is so sweet! LOL! I knew that you, your mom, and your sis read my blog and my comments on your blogs, but I didn't know your dad read (or paid attention) to the comments that your visitors leave on your blog. That is so cute! Your dad sounds like such a lovely person :) You've got such a wonderful family, Jane :) Say hi to "Dustin" for me (Dustin Hoffman...)

PS. How's Biz doing? How are you guys doing? :)

Uncivil said...

Hi Chrissy

I love what Doggy Mamma's Dad said about you. Ditto!

Dad and I are "want a be""pool sharks", and neither of us sings Karaoke.
Most of our bars where we shoot pool, just happen to have karaoke. I enjoy some of the good singers, but have been known to leave early if it gets too bad.

If Dad isn't shooting pool, he's on the dance floor. He's 72 and can dance very well. All the girls love him!LOL

Dad loves to flirt, but he's true blue to his girlfriend! I'm proud of him for that! She doesn't like to go out, and she doesn't care if he does! She's a sweet lady!

Does you Dad, shoot pool,sing karaoke,or dance when he's at the bars?

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Your dad sounds like a lot of fun! No, my Dad doesn't sing and doesn't go out much. He suffered a stroke a few years ago and doesn't like to interact much since he can't take all the noise of crowds. He does, however, enjoy playing Party Poker! LOL! He's a great guy and has a great sense of humour. He's more of a homebody now though and enjoys spending time in his loft, raising his pigeons.

eve said...

What a very sweet story! No wonder you're so sweet. You sound just like your dad!

Karen MEG said...

Such a lovely post Chrissy - your Dad is such a sweetheart. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, obviously. I love that matching T photo too - so cute! It's wonderful that you have such great memories with your Dad over on the other side of the world, no less. Very special.
I'm very lucky that my Dad is quite involved with the kids these days. He never changed a diaper in his life until Liam was born! His grandkids bring out a whole other side of him that I never knew existed. He's just chomping at the bit for these two little babies due in July. He's even telling my sister the latest news on pregnancy do's/don'ts and babycare! It's like he's doing all this research on the subject matter. I find it quite adorable, as growing up he was the strong, silent, brooding type (especially around new boyfriends) - but I'd like to think I get my wit from him as he's got a wicked sense of humour when he unleashes it.
Dads and Granddads are great, aren't they?

kim said...

Chrissy... this story's awesome. i swear, dads come through for their girls at the least expected moment, and THAT, I think, is what makes them über special.

Ok, I'll stop now before I start bawlin', which is an absolute no-no since I'm sneaking this in at work! :)

And, Uncivil? Your dad sounds real cute! Could you e-mail a pic? kimmie1711 (at) yahoo dot com

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! You are so sweet! By the way, you are now on my sidebar :) I was just thinking about your bird mystery. I wonder if the mystery will ever be solved ;)

You are soooooo right!! My dad was really, REALLY strict with us when we were kids. It was school, school, school. Education, education, education. He was hardcore! Now that my brother and his wife have recently had a baby, my dad is soooooooooo laid back and mellow! He does that baby cooing sound when he talks to my nephew and he tries to hog him all the time! He tricked me when we were visiting my bro in K-town. Dad told me to bring in the bags...only for me to find out that he was racing right for the baby so he could hold him! LOL! He also has Kenny's photo on his computer as his wallpaper. Too cute! I know my mom always says that my grandparents really mellowed out and spoiled us when we were kids. My mom says she thinks parents are strict with their own kids, but they change when they become grandparents. They become 'spoilers'! LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

I had no idea you were into older guys ;)

In all seriousness, Uncivil's dad does sound like a cutie! LOL!

kim said...

Are yah kiddin' me, Chrissy? I love love loooooooooooove OLDER guys.

To quote the recently un-incarcerated Paris Hilton, they're hot.

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