Monday, June 11, 2007


Summer is here
and already, I fear,
the sweltering heat is near.
Sleepless nights
and mosquito bites.
Drained from the sun
and tan lines have begun.
Oh, blessing or curse?
What can be worse?
The horrible heat
or Winter's cold feet?

Okay, lame poem! I know! It was 32.6 degrees today, though our thermometer currently reads 34.1! Yikes! It's only the beginning of June and it's already so hot! I shouldn't complain, because winter is pretty cold. I'm trying to decide whether I like the heat or the cold better. LOL! When it's cold, at least you can wear layers and layers of clothes, and throw on an extra duvet or comforter. When it's hot, you have no choice but to either strip down to nothing (ahem...kind of hard when you have ESL students living in your house!) or go swimming several times a day! Needless to say, I usually end up taking the students to the beach almost every day after lessons! Of course, we go on other field trips (horseback riding, hiking, camping, canoeing, Science North, Toronto, Montreal, etc) but the beach seems to always be a winner!

Now that it's June, here are my To Do's:
1) Clean the house from top to bottom now that P1 has left and get the place ready for the next batch of students arriving in July.
2) Fix all the window screens that the cats have clawed through as they plotted their escape!
3) Try to figure out a way to cool down the greenhouse! You can almost feel an asthma attack coming on when you enter!
4) Stain the outside of our house.

The list is longer, but I'll try to tackle those items first. This weekend we'll be at our friends' wedding in Ottawa (on our one year wedding anniversary)! The following week, Dina and her hubby and baby are coming for a visit!! Our students arrive the first week of July. My cousins are coming with friends for Canada Day long weekend. My friend, K is coming in July and Stephen and Elisabeth are coming too! Oh, and so is Curiosity Killer! Can't wait! This is going to be a fun summer!

PS. Dina, if you are reading this, the mosquitoes aren't that bad! LOL! I just needed something that rhymed for the poem! If you're lucky, you may be able to see some Northern Light action! However, they're more apparent later on in the summer and in the winter.


t said...

bet you're excited for another busy summer! we'll be vsiting you guys in august too! we can't wait!

Uncivil said...

I love your poems Chrissy! I'm telling ya, you need to write a book of them!!!!!
I'm not used to people discussing the temperature in Celsius?

32.7C = 91F I'd say that's pretty warm for up there where your at?

We usually use Fahrenheit down here!
What's up wit dat?

Chrissy121875 said...

Ohhhhhh cooooooool! Can't wait to see you guys!

HAHAHA! You know, I was thinking of you when I wrote the temp in Celcius! LOL! I thought, "Oh no. Jimmy's gonna say something about me not using Farenheit!" LOL!!! Oh, and IS hot! The island is soooooooo hot in the summer and cold in the winter! It's not as extreme as many people think. We're in 'Northern Ontario', but it's not that north! LOL!

BeachMama said...

We are feeling the heat here too, but unlike you I love the heat and know I prefer it to winter. Sounds like your summer is shaping up to be a busy one. Enjoy your time with just you and Hubby before your next student arrives.

ROAR! said...

It's about 32 here in Kangiqsujuaq today also, but I'm talking F not C!

Chrissy121875 said...

I do love the summer too. I love all the activities, being able to spend time outdoors and go to the beach! I love the summer, but not when it's sweltering hot! LOL! I like warm weather, but not when I feel like I'm melting! I know. I'm such a wuss! LOL!

When do you get back to the Island? Will you be here this summer?
PS. I got a whole bunch of Watkins stuff at the Trade Fair and one of the things I got was a bottle of ginger powder. Hubby and I were sick with a cold back then, so I put about 1 tsp of ginger powder and 1/2 tsp of honey in a cup of boiling water, and presto!!! The concoction helped our throats a lot! Gotta love those Watkins products!

japanmanpete said...

Better hot than hot AND humid. It gets bloody sweaty here as you may recall from your days teacher in Japan. Do you miss the typhoons and rainy season?

Rachie-Babe said...

I love the northern lights. Sometimes we get to see them in Wi. . . . . . but not often.

total-spender said...

You're students clearly have a better time than mine - it's all study, study, study in Korea !!

Leisure is an unknown concept here !

Chrissy121875 said...

YEEEEOUCH! Our thermometer currently reads: 37.7 degrees! OMG! I am melting!!!!

I sort of miss the typhoon and rainy seasons! That was so exciting! I remember riding my bicycle to work when the winds were like 100 km/hr! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. LOL! The rain and wind were brutal! Everything was sooooo wet! I hated being wet AND hot! Icky!

Wow! Ms.Mamma mentioned before that she could see the Northern Lights where she lives too! Wow! I thought they were called the "Northern" Lights for a reason?!! LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

Total Spender:
That's what I thought...until this last experience! All that was known for our last one was leisure :) I guess it's one extreme to another!

doggy mama said...

That's not a lame poem at all! It's beautiful! I have a bunch of summer chores to do around the house, too. I'm so jealous that you're visiting with CK! I want to meet you all!

Karen MEG said...

It's 31 here today -- ugh! I don't mind heat, but it's the heat and humidity that does me in.
Summer's here with a vengeance. But I love it because I associate it with family time and vacation. That being said, I haven't signed the kids up to any programs yet - even though I suspect at least one of them will be saying "Mom, I'm bored" at several points in the next few months.
We're doing a major kitchen reno this year which I'm bracing myself for. But it's a great excuse not to clean the fridge again!

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