Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian family and friends (and blog friends). The festivities began early in the morning. The fire department held a yard sale and many people came out to support the local fire department. There were many activities going on in SouthBay. It was soooo busy! All the festive colours, floats for the parade, Canadian flags, hamburgers, ice cream, local artists selling their crafts...It was wonderful!

Since Hubby is a firefighter and an emergency first responder, guess who had to help at the yard sale? :) That's right! We all pitched in and helped out. It was lots of fun talking to tourists and locals and raising money for the fire department.

A pic of hubby, just because I think he looks cute in his uniform! LOL!

Hubby showing a bunch of kids the inside of a fire truck. The kids got a kick out of honking the horn, hearing the siren, seeing the lights flash.
Showin' some Canadian spirit!

In the afternoon/evening, there was a fish-fry. In the city, I had never heard of this. I'd heard of fried fish...but a fish fry??? It's a kind of family or social gathering where fresh fish is served (in a delicious batter and fried). There were salads, dinner rolls, potatoes, beans, lemonade, Canada Day cake and ice cream too. It's such a nice way to socialize and talk to people in your community. This is something I never experienced much of in the city. In the city, I never even spoke to my neighbours! That's what I love about living here: the sense of community.

At night, we had to wait until the boat left before the fireworks could commence.

My nieces and I watched from the bridge overlooking Lake Huron. Hubby, my SIL and the other firefighters were working at the bay for the fireworks.

Some photos of the fireworks. Though they do not do the fireworks any justice, they were neat pics.

Near the end of the show, a big, round, orange moon began to rise. So pretty! I tried to get a cool pic of the moon, but clearly, I do not know how to take night photos! LOL!
Hope you enjoyed your Canada Day celebrations as much as we enjoyed ours!


Pavel said...

Happy Canada Day to you!!!

I like Canada Day because it falls on my birthday! (smile)

mrinz said...

What a neat day!!

I do admire Canadians for how proud they are of their flag and all it symbolises.

On my first trip to Canada I was amazed to see your flag flying absolutely everywhere.

Then when I lived and worked there I had to learn the National Anthem and sing it with the children at school every morning. It felt really weird to be singing another country's anthem with fervour and gusto. I have to admit sometimes I crossed my fingers behind my back.

The school replaced their flag while I was there and I was given the old one. I still have it, faded and fragile.

Dina said...

Happy canada day to you too!! Sounds like you had an awesome day!!!

mist1 said...

I love posts about fire fighters.

Chrissy121875 said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry, one day belated! Hope you had a wonderful day! I'm off to read your blog now!

Wow! You lived and worked in Canada? Where in Canada did you work?
It's funny...the only time I ever see Canada flags all over the place is on Canada Day! :) However, when I travel, I do always make sure I have a Canada flag patched onto my backpack! LOL! You don't know how many times that flag has gotten us out of trouble overseas. It's sad, really. People seem to think that Canadians as a whole are non-confrontational, friendly, non-aggressive, etc. Like any group of people, some are and some aren't. It's a shame how many countries and their people are perceived to be a certain way.
How long did you live in Canada? If I lived in NZ, I don't think I'd like to live anywhere else! :) It's still on my list of places to visit! I am in love with NZ!!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Did Elie enjoy Canada Day? My mom and I went out for lunch the other day and she kept going on and on about Elie! LOL! She was saying how he is so cute...the way he talks and talks and talks! LOL!

Hahahha! I love YOUR posts about firefighters! LOL! Your firefighter stories are way more interesting! ;)

Curiosity.Killer said...

Happy Canada Day!

doggy mama said...

What a fun celebration! I am looking forward to our "America Day"(!!!) on Wednesday!

Looking forward to the fireworks, too... but not to Bizzy and Rydie being scared of them. :(

Great photos!

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