Thursday, July 26, 2007

Throwback Thursday #6

In keeping with this wonderful new tradition from the ladies at PinksandBlues, here is my latest Throwback Thursday post. It's so much fun to look back at old photos and remember some really good times. Unfortunately, I grew up in a time where the latest fashion left a lot to be desired! *NOTE* All of the photos used for this post have been "borrowed" from some friends from elementary school and high school. I was tagged in these photos on their Facebook (Steph and Stacy, I hope you don't mind me using them)!! :)
This photo was at a birthday party. The birthday girl always had the best parties! I think this was when we were in grade 5.

Ohhhhh....the 90's!! Look at my poofy hair!!! Ick! Oh, and the teased bangs! Thank goodness this wasn't one of those "crimped" hair days! Just looking at this picture makes me think of Rick Astley, Samantha Fox, Debbie Gibson, and all of those pop bands from back then. Too funny!

This last photo is from our high school grad year. Okay, this is going to be like "Where's Waldo?". Can you spot me? I'll give you a prize if you can! ;)


Uncivil said...

hmmmm bottom left corner with one/two chics in front of you? Your smile sticks just above her hair line.

Shana said...

Can't see the last one good enough to pick you out. (Must be old age, eyes going!!!) Fun pictures though. I have one up too.

pinks & blues girls said...

Great photos, Christine!! I think we all look back at some of our throwback photos and cringe a bit! :) You totally rocked the '90s though, girl!

Happy TT!

Jane, P&B Girls

MomOf3 said...

These pictures are so fun, poofy hair and all!

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow! Amazing! Right you are! Bottom left with two girls in front of me. Okay...You are now the winner of a....surprise gift! LOL!

Yes, the last pic is a bit hard to see. I'm off to check out your TT pics now :)

Hello, my lovely! Thanks. I totally cringe when I see pics of the clothes we used to wear. Urgh. I am even guilty of wearing fluorescent scrunchies and clothing. I even dressed a la Madonna in the late 80s and 90s...way before she met Guy!

LOL! The poofy hair was sooooo out of control! Yikes! I even have photos of me with a perm. I had an afro! Seriously! I even used an afro pic to comb my hair! :) (That's what they were called!)

louann said...

As I always say, I love TT. But really, I did try to look for you in that last photo - to no avail! :D LOL.

I tagged you by the way :)

Dina said...

cool pics Chrissy!! i think you looked awesome back in the day. I never imagined you as the teased bangs type though!!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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