Wednesday, July 11, 2007


...on life, that is! I'm in such a fantastic mood because:

1) My three summer students are dream students! They are so amazing, funny, full of life, respectful, well behaved...I just love them!

2) My friend, Kathy is coming up to the Island next Tuesday for a while :)

3) Two of my cousins are coming to the Island on Monday and are staying until Friday.

4) The weather has been fantastic!

5) We've been to the beach almost every afternoon, after lessons.

6) The students are at baseball practice with my wonderful sister-in-law right now.

7) The kittens are absolutely adorable! They are so fun to watch and have their own personalities! Too cute!

On the flip side:

1) My students are only here until mid to late August. I already know I'm going to miss those sweet, little angels when they go!

2) I'll be teaching during the day, but hopefully I'll still be able to spend some time with my college buddy!

3) I don't want my cousins to go back to Montreal! They're like brothers to me and I always get so bummed whenever they go back to Montreal.

4) I wish we'd get a bit more rain because my garden is suffering!

5) I'm already dark from the sun...even with sunscreen! I've got a wedding to go to in August and I've got a horrible tanline from my bathing suit!

6) I hope my students manage okay at baseball, since their English ability is pretty limited. I figure that they're with kids their age, so they should be fine.

7) I had promised to give the kittens to someone, and she is going to pick them up within a week. I'm so hearbroken because I've fallen in love with those cute little fuzz balls! I don't want to give them away, yet I know we simply cannot have a house full of cats.


Anonymous said...

I love how you list all the good stuff going on in your life! You seem like such a positive soul. I accidentally came upon your blog because I have been looking up info on Manitoulin Island. My husband and I are planning to move there this summer. I think we were at the Garden's Gate the same day as you last week!! Muligatawny soup was being served! Anyway, I would love to talk with you about the island. Can I send you my e-mail address?

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi! Sure! I would love to talk to you about the island! I love it here and would love to share info with you and answer any of your questions!

Urgh...I just realized I said "love" several times in the span of 30 seconds! :)

mrinz said...

It will be hard to part with those little kitties!! They become part of your life don't they. I miss not having kittens around but don't miss them climbing up the curtains!

Anonymous said...!
See, you are a positive soul!

Chrissy121875 said...

I conveniently didn't have a cat carrier to transport the kittens to their new home, so the lady who wants them is going to come back in a few days to pick them up. LOL! I'm so selfish. I just want to keep them around longer :)

Thanks! :) I'll get in touch with you asap re: the island :)

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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