Thursday, July 12, 2007

Throwback Thursday #4

Can you guess what year (or decade) this is? LOL! I love looking at old pics and seeing the changes in styles of clothing, hair, make-up, furniture, decor...Check out the curtains and the brown corduroy couch! Oh, and mom's outfit and dad's shades are soooo funny! :)

Up until now, all our pics were pre-Baby Bro. Here are some with him included. I love Baby Bro and miss him so much. I miss his baby years. I wish I could just freeze time when he was a baby. He was so sweet, and full of drool...and had the cutest, reddest cheeks ever! Now he's 21 (in Aug).

This is one of my favourite photos ever. I remember Middle Brother and I used to fight over who got to hold Baby Bro and who got to feed him. Funny, no one really ever fought over who got to change his diapers! LOL!


Lotus said...

Aww, too cute. Love your dad's shades :)

pinks & blues girls said...

You guys are so cute!! Baby Bro finally makes it to TT! Yay!!

What a sweet family you have, Christine! I love all these pictures!

Jane, P&B Girls

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! I always wondered what the deal was...Wearing shades even inside the house! :) My parents were pretty cool hippies in their day. I love looking at their clothes and hairstyles! My mom was pretty stylin' back then!

I'm on my way to check out your TT! LOL...Yes, Baby Bro finally makes it to TT! :)

mrinz said...

Love your pics Chrissy. Our children grew up in the 70s and 80s so they bring back memories

Pavel said...

You always look so concerned!

I love all the pics! I'm an 80's child so I recognize the clothes for sure...

t said...

Precious pics Chris! I don't think I've ever seen your hair as long as it is in the 2nd pic! Your hair's so LONG in that pic!

Diesel said...

Ok, ok, I'll change his diaper. Somebody wanna hold him down?

Uncivil said...

I'm guessing 1977 for first picture? OMG......I just figured out I'm your Dad's age or older:(

Chrissy121875 said...

The 70's and 80's were such special times :) The music, the clothing, the being able to run around until dark with your friends and not be overly worried about getting kidnapped...I really had a great childhood and I love looking back on all these photos!
How are the twins, by the way? I miss your blog and your updates on life in NZ!

LOL! The clothes totally gave it away, eh?

Yes, my hair was long, wasn't it? I wish I could grow it that long again, but it wouldn't be healthy on me. My hair's so fine now :(

Chrissy121875 said...

Hahaha! That's so funny! That is exactly what we were saying in that pic!

You are pretty much on the money for that guess! Are you really my dad's age? He was born in 1953.

mrinz said...

Hi, Chrissy, I did send you an update by email.

Yes the world was a safer place then. Our kids from age 5 walked on their own to school and we didn't worry about dangers that could be lurking around. They biked all around the neighbourhood visiting friends and friends would stop by - all from about age 9 onwards.

They would spend hours down at the beach catching hermit crabs and puddling around when the tide was out. Or flying kites or playing cricket at the park. Often I did go with them but as they became more mobile on their bikes they would meet friends there. We never seemed to be too concerned about drowning etc! Perhaps I credited them with having the sense to keep themselves safe.

Karen MEG said...

Great family shots... your folks were soooo MOD and you little 'uns so cute! Especially with the baby, so sweet!

Haley-O said...

I LOVE old pictures, old clothes! Soooo Three's Company! ;)

I LOVE your CATS!!!!!!!!!!

japanmanpete said...

Where are you? It's been a few days since your last post!

louann said...

I lawyas have a blast looking at pictures like these :)

Uncivil said...

Your Dad has got me by 4 years. I was born in April of 57.

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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