Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chinese Dim Sum 101

I mentioned a while back that I would post a funny video of Hubby's "initiation" into the world of Chinese Dim Sum. My Dad ordered chicken feet and wanted to see if Hubby would actually eat some! Poor Hubby!

Hubby did it. He ate a chicken foot. He's so cute...and brave! I've been going to Dim Sum with my family ever since I was a kid, and I have never ever eaten chicken feet! I love just about every dish, with the exception of chicken feet and tripe! My Dad always asks me how I know I don't like those dishes if I've never even tried them. Oh, believe me...I know I don't like them! Gag!


Jeanna said...

Except for the foot shape, it looks pretty good.

louann said...

Cingratulations to your hubby ;)

I like chicken feet -- and tripe too hehe. I like eating it with chili garlic sauce!

A Watkins Man! said...

I don't know about the tripe but chicken feet can't be too bad. I get to travel a lot so I've had a chance to try a lot of very different foods from what you normally see. How about some whale blubber, walrus or seal? To be honest I don't recommend any of them but you've got to try everything at least once, right?

C said...

Apparently, it tastes pretty good. I just can't get over the idea of what it is though! I keep thinking about chicken walking in their own poop. They're not the cleanest things! Could you tell from the video that Hubby was struggling to get it down?

Hi! LOL! Yes, he survived! He said it wasn't bad! My grandfather used to make this dish with tripe, but when I was a kid, I thought that tripe looked like hand towels! :) My mom and her family love tripe though.

C said...

Watkins Man:
Hi! Yes, you are right! It's important to try everything at least once! I've traveled to 11 countries and have eaten all sorts of dishes that are different from what I'd normally eat, but for some reason I just can't get past the thought of what some of those dishes are. LOL!

I'm usually pretty adventurous and will try anything once...but certain things just make my stomach turn. Once, when I was teaching in Japan, a bunch of older students (in their 50s and 60s) took me out to a traditional Japanese restaurant. They ordered some very delicious food and some that I just couldn't swallow. It's impolite to not eat what they offer, so I tried to swallow some eel. OMG! I gagged, and ended up spitting it into my napkin. Now, that (to me)is more impolite than not eating it! LOL!

Another different dish I tried was octopus balls. Not octopus balls, but bits of octopus cooked in batter (in the shape of a ball). It was actually pretty good, once you get over the idea that it's octopus.

When in Rome...

t said...

John's brave! I couldn't do it!

Jeanna said...

Yeah, he looks pretty polite. Never thought about the poop walk.

Uncivil said...

When there ain't nothin' left but the's time to kill another chicken!

Karen MEG said...

Whooot for John!!!! A brave man!
Ian actually tried chicken feet once, oh so long ago. Just to try it; he hasn't had it again since.
I'll eat it every so often, but only if it looks nothing like chicken feet because it's totally smothered in sauce.
Pickled chicken feet, ie. beige and leathery, now THAT is disgusting. Even my FATHER won't eat that LOL!

AnnieM said...

I'll try anything once. When I worked outside our house I often worked with Hmong families. They loved for me to try the foods they loved to eat. Most of them were delish! Tripe tasted fine but the thought of it...blech. But I tried it.

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