Monday, January 14, 2008

I Ditched Her

It was a wonderful snowy afternoon. I was on my way home from a very successful meeting. I was bursting with excitement and energy. I couldn't wait to relay the good news to my family as soon as I got home.

Admiring the beautiful winding highway roads edged with snowy trees, I turned to my faithful companion, Chance and remarked at how truly amazing life is. I had been on the Island for four years and had not had a car accident. I had no run-ins with deer. I hadn't ditched my vehicle.

Within minutes that would all change. I came across a speeding pick-up truck. The driver was traveling at an insanely fast speed for the winter! Not only was he speeding, but he ran me off the road! He was speeding down the center of the highway and wasn't making any room for me. My vehicle swerved and weaved from one side of the road to the other. I almost had things under control again, when I rounded a curve in the road. The funny thing is that all I could think of was, "Oh, God! Please make sure my dog isn't hurt"! Before I knew it, I had ditched my vehicle. My car was almost on its side, but not quite. There was no way I could get it out of the ditch and the snow by myself. Luckily, I had two bars left on my cell phone and was able to call Hubby and my parents.

There were several people who stopped to see if I needed help. Many thanks to the kind man who called the tow truck for me. Because of the way I ditched my vehicle, I couldn't really get out on my own. Chance sat there with me, with his paws and his head resting on my lap. My silent hero. The pooch really knows how to keep me calm (and warm)!

My cousin, his girlfriend, my uncle and my dad showed up and helped me out of the vehicle. Hubby was right behind them. Soon after, the tow truck appeared.

To make a long story short, I'm fine, the car seems to be fine, and my pup is fine. To the very kind person who ran me off the highway and didn't stop to see if I was alive, thank you very much! Oh, that was sarcasm, people. It just really, really makes me mad when people drive really fast in the winter...or if they have no consideration or concern for the safety of others. I don't swear too much (mainly because my mom and dad used to get really upset whenever my brothers and I said a bad word that we'd pick up in the schoolyard or at the bus stop). However, let me tell you that today I said some pretty nasty things! I was surprised at the number of foulmouthed utterances came out of my mouth! When that guy ran me off the road and I felt myself swerving and ultimately heading into the ditch, I was shocked to hear the words "MOTHER F***ER!!!" escape my mouth.

Aside from some neck pain and back pain (which Hubby attributes to the stress and shock of the accident), I'm fine. I had enough time to get back home, have supper ready for Hubby and my MIL and be ready in time for our 7:30 meeting this evening. It was an eventful day, and all I can say is that today I am thankful for:

*Someone up there who was looking out for me! :) Honestly, it could have been a lot worse!
*My wonderful family for coming to my aid so quickly.
*The strangers who stopped and made sure that I was okay.
*My doggy, Chance for being such a huge comfort through all this. He was so cute with his paw on my lap. It was like he was saying, "Don't worry. Everything will be okay".
*Finally, I'm just really thankful that I'm alive and uninjured. I'm also glad my vehicle isn't in rough condition from what it went through today.

As Hubby always tells me, "Every day above ground is a good day."
What are you thankful for today?


Karen MEG said...

C, I'm so glad that you and Chance are OK!!! You must have been so scared! That's the worst, swerving on winter conditions... what a horrible ba$+ardly thing of that truck driver! It takes a loss less to get me to swear like a truck driver.
It really makes me soooo mad when people are so wreckless. YOu're right, it could have been much worse, and I think someone was really looking out for you.
Rest up, take a nice bath and enjoy some R & R from that hubby of yours. I'm just so relieved that all seems fine.

Dina said...

oh my goodness. Thank g-d you're okay. What a jerk that AH was for driving like a maniac and for not even looking back to notice what he had done.

as for what i'm thankful was a hard day but i'm happy that i have a beautiful little boy and wonderful husband who make me smile no matter what is thrown my way!! Guess it always boils down to having family that loves you...everything else is just a bonus.

C. K. said...

I'm so glad you're ok! So glad that Chance was with you as well! I would've fucking killed that guy!!! Did you happen to remember the make of the vehicle or license plate or even the guy? You should so report him. I hope he gets arrested.

C said...

Thanks! I took a bath and feel much better, but my neck is still sore. I have one of those "Magic Bean" bags that you can use hot or cold and I used it on my neck for a bit last night. I think I'm still a bit wound up. It was weird how I was totally calm and fine. It was only until later that I reacted. Okay, perhaps "cried" is the more appropriate word!

Are you okay? Hope your day wasn't too hard. Give me a call or send me an e-mail if you ever need to :) You are so right about having family that loves you and everything else being a bonus. I love that. Sending you hugs! Love ya!

C said...

Yeah, I was trying to remember his license plate number, but I think with everything happening, I was just so out of it. I do know that he was driving a shiny, metallic, light blue pick-up truck that had a bit of a silver stripe.

hotmommy said...

oh chris i'm sorry to hear about that! are you ok? is your car ok? people who drive like maniacs especiallu in bad weather shouldn't be on the roads they are a danger to themeselves and to others! is there anything you can do? can you report the incident?

Ellie said...

I am so glad that you are okay! That guy was an absolute idiot ( among other things of course!) I hope you are feeling better soon, just take it easy!

Ms. Mamma said...

I'm thankful you're out of that ditch! Frightening! There are so many a-holes w/ four wheel drive that have no brains here. So glad you had your faithful pooch with you and everyone is safe. XO

caninecologne said...

Thank God you are okay! What a horrible thing to have experienced -That person who ran you off the road was a total totally inconsiderate and reckless jerk and bad karma will catch up to him!

caninecologne said...

Thank God you are okay! What a horrible thing to have experienced -That person who ran you off the road was a total totally inconsiderate and reckless jerk and bad karma will catch up to him!

caninecologne said...

grammar correction - i didn't mean to type "total totally". i thought i had cleared the first 'total'. i'm not an idjut!

Uncivil said...

Oh my gosh Chrissy! I'm the same way.
I'm thinking about the dogs whenever someone pulls out in front of us!

I'm glad you're both OK, and I'm sure glad Chance was there afterwards to give you a sense of calmness!

I hope he didn't learn any dirty words?!!LOL!

louann said...

Oh C, I am so glad you are OK. It's a good thing nothing serious happened to you. I was shocked when I read this!

We do have a LOT to be thankful for =)

C said...

Hot Mommy:
I'm fine. I've just got a sore neck and a sore back. I don't think there's anything else I can do. I didn't get the make of the vehicle or the license plate number. Even if I did, there were no witnesses.

Thank you :) Actually, you're helping me recover. I took a warm bath and used one of the bath bombs you made! It was a very relaxing bath. Thank you!

C said...

Thank you :) I think the scariest part was the actual feeling at the time. I was trying to correct the direction of where my vehicle was going and I almost had it back on track. The feeling of having no control is the worst. The road conditions weren't the greatest. It was really slippery out. I don't understand why people drive like maniacs in conditions like that.

Hubby said that I landed in a pretty good spot though. I didn't roll my vehicle over, which was a relief.

Haha! I love that! "I'm not an idjut!" You sound like my Tito Eddie! Hee! Hee!

I believe people get what they deserve, but I just hope that this guy doesn't put anyone else in the ditch. Who knows...the next victim may not be so lucky.

I was talking to a friend last night and she said that the same thing happened to her SIL last year. No, it wasn't the same vehicle. This one was a white van and not a blue truck.

C said...

Yes, I'm glad Chance was there too! He kept me warm while we were waiting for help and he is a really calm dog. He really kept me calm.

One of my friends thought it was weird that I took Chance along for the ride for my meeting. My meeting was about a 40 minute drive from home and for some reason I just wanted to take Chance for the company. I'm so glad I did! I'm also so glad that I had two bars left on my cell phone!! I kept thinking that I should have charged the battery before I left!

Yes, we do have a lot to be thankful of. Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

I didn't want to drive after that. I think I'm still a bit worried, fearful, nervous, and shaken. My cousin's girlfriend was trying to get me to drive yesterday. She was telling me I "have to get right back on that horse" and drive again. She's right. The longer I don't drive, the more I probably won't want to drive. I was thinking, "Oh! Can't Hubby just drive me everywhere???" LOL!

Don Mills Diva said...

Thank goodness you are okay. A close call like that really makes you count your blessings doesn't it?

Girlie Monkey said...

Thank God you are ok! And there is no shame in calling that person who ran you off the road a "Mother Fu*ker"!!!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

So happy that all turned out as well as it did for you and Chance. Maybe... just maybe... someone saw the truck speeding away??!! You have asked a perfect question after such a horrific accident... and I am thankful for all of my friends and readers on the www... and their safety and happiness!
Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

japanmanpete said...

I am very happy to hear that you were unharmed and that the accident was not as grave as it could have been.

Chance is a good dog. I suppose the phrase "Man's best friend" (or "woman's" in your case) rings true.



Farmer John said...

You picked a good spot to go in the ditch, missing all the rocks and trees, and not wrecking the vehicle. Thank goodness you're safe!


BeachMama said...

I am thankful that you are ok. A little shaken up is understandable, but you are ok.

While reading and holding my breath for you, I was thinking the whole time that I would have been just freaking out. I am so glad you were able to stay calm and that you had Chance with you to protect you and keep you warm.

And to the dude who ran you off the road, I have a few choice words for you but I will keep them to myself for now.

Diesel said...

Wow, that guy was a jerk. Very glad you are ok.

C said...

Don Mills Diva:
Yes, you are so right! A close call like that does make you count your blessings.

Girlie Monkey:
I can think of some other words I could have said! LOL!

Thank you for your comment :) You are so sweet and thoughtful. I love you Couto girls! You're all so sweet!

C said...

Thank you. Oh, and it's so true...Dog is man's (and woman's) best friend! :)

Thank you. Love you. So happy you arrived soon after I called you!

C said...

Beach Mama and Diesel:
Thank you both for your kind words. I (heart) you guys! :)

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