Thursday, January 17, 2008

My New Best Friend

Those of you who have been reading the blog this week know that I was in an accident three days ago. Since the accident, I've been having some neck and back pains. I have found a great way to ease the pain. No, it doesn't come in a bottle. It doesn't consist of painkillers or Jack Daniels.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new best friend.
The Magic Bag is a thermotherapeutic pack that provides relief for aches and pains. It's all-natural and you can use it hot or cold.

Hubby is so sweet. He has been warming my Magic Bag up in the microwave and putting it on my neck. The Magic Bag radiates heat for quite some time and it really does make my neck and back feel a lot better.

Now for something funny


hotmommy said...

glad youre feeling better chris. you had us all worried here. that driveer is a jackass and i hope he doesn't land anyone else in the ditch or worse! i really love those magpics you have up- so cute!

Jeanna said...

Okay, now I have the full story. I'd vow to get the jerk back. Put up some posters with a description of him and the truck. A smooch for Chance. Thanks for the Magic Bag tip; and you should still get checked out.

Karen MEG said...

Those Magic Bags look awesome! Glad to hear that they're helping you out. And those mag covers are very cute!

t said...

Very cute mag pics Chris! I have a Magic Bag too. They're great for cramps and tummy aches when its that time of the month !

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Thanks :) Oh, and the pics were fun!

I hate going to the doc's. I know I'm stubborn. Hope the neck and back pain just go away on their own. If not by next week, then I'll go. Baby Bro sent me a message on Facebook, telling me I'd better get checked out too. He's so sweet.

C said...

Yes! The Magic Bags are great. They feel really good on aches and pains when they are heated up. The only thing is that some people may think that there is a slightly odd smell. It doesn't bother me at all though. It's a very natural, subtle smell. It's not bad or anything. It's just because the inside of the bags are filled with oats.

Great idea! I guess the Magic Bag would be good on tummy aches and cramps! Thanks!

C. K. said...

You look beautiful on the cover of Vogue!

I use heatpads on my neck. It's a muscle strain. Maybe it's the stress from that crazy car accident. Hope you feel better soon, honey.

Calfkeeper said...

Gosh, I am sorry to hear about your accident. Sure hope you are feeling better; those muscle aches and strains can be really uncomfortable. Take care of yourself1

Great mag pics. Too cute!


mrinz said...

The magic bag sounds awesome! Is it similar to a wheat bag? People here often use a bag filled with wheat for the same purpose.

They put it in the microwave for a minute first.

Great pics - nice to be famous!

Dina said...

i remember Sam used to have one and she loved it. Glad that it is helping and that you're feeling a bit better

Hubby said...

You look awesome!

Fancy said...

I love magic bags...I have been using on al day on my aching neck (Wii effect). I also use it for really helps!

louann said...

Im glad you are feeling better =)

Those magazines are hot =) hehe.

C said...

Tee hee! Thanks! I'm actually feeling much better this week.

Calf Keeper:
Thank you :) You are so sweet! I took a hot bath last night and it seemed to help out with the pain. The umpteen loads of laundry being carried up and down the stairs didn't help though! LOL!

C said...

Yes! It's pretty much the same thing. The Magic Bags are filled with oats and can be heated in the microwave. It feels really good on a sore neck!

Haha! The photos are fun, aren't they? I saw some of my friends and cousins doing them, so I tried it too.

C said...

Oh, right! I forgot that she had one too. They really do work like magic! I think every girl should have one! :) For any men who are reading this, get your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, friend a Magic Bag! ;)

Thanks, lovey!

C said...

Awwww! I want a Wii too! Hope you're not in too much pain from playing. I hear it's a really good workout! One of my cousins was laughing because he told me he pulled something/hurt his shoulder playing golf on the Wii! LOL!

What a great idea for using the Magic Bag when you have cramps. I think I'm going to try that!

:) You should try making a magazine cover for yourself. Too funny! Just go to and have fun! If you do it, let me know. I'd love to see your photos!

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