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Throwback Thursday #23

It's time for yet another Pinks & Blues inspired Throwback Thursday. Now that I've figured out how to use my new scanner, I shouldn't have any excuses reasons to not keep up with my Throwback posts.

This first set of photos is actually for Curiosity Killer. She recently asked me where some good cherry blossom viewing spots are in Japan. Ohanami is an annual event in Japan that lasts from April through May. It's means 'cherry blossom viewing'. Companies, families, and friends get together and have picnics underneath the cherry blossom trees. Everyone just enjoys themselves and admires the spectacular blooms. Celebrations go from morning until late at night (early in the morning, depending on how you look at things). Everyone pretty much drinks until they are inebriated.

These first three photos were taken in Hiroshima-prefecture. I can't remember which park we went to. I went to about a dozen ohanami parties that week! The photos do not do the blossoms justice. They were so pretty.These next two photos are in Yuki, which is not too far from where I was teaching. I think it was about an hour from Fukuyama, but I can't remember. My student wanted to thank me for teaching her and she organized a huge BBQ party at her place. Little did I know, she lived at a temple! Her husband was a monk and they lived at a temple with their two young boys. I didn't know monks could get married! As you can see from the photos, their place was stunning!

These last photos are of my co-teachers and our manager after a long day at work. We used to wait for each other after work, change out of our uniforms/business suits and grab a bite to eat together. Those were the good 'ol days. The four of us worked really well together and we were all great friends outside of work.


japanmanpete said...

That's brilliant, Christine. It looks as though you enjoyed your time teaching in Japan. I am looking forward to Ohanami! I'll send you photos to make you jealous!


Rachie-Babe said...

I loved your photos and comments from your time in Japan.

Jeanna said...

That's what a temple looks like? I didn't know you could live in a place like that, looks like a Kurosawa film.

C said...

I am SO jealous! I'd love to be in Japan for Ohanami!

Thank you :) It certainly was fun. I had a blast over there. Oh, to be young! Not that I'm old, but it's different when you're in your early 20s.

Well, they actually didn't live in the temple. Their living quarters were attached to it. It was a beautiful, beautiful place! The family lived there to maintain and upkeep the temple and the temple grounds. I don't know if that happens for other temples because the ones I've been to in Kyoto and in other 'touristy' spots, it wasn't like that.

Ms. Mamma said...

That is stunning! That's one of my goals in life to see the cherry blossoms with Snowflake! When is the very best time... or do you have to live there to be there...

C said...

April is a good time to go. Sometimes in May the blossoms are already past their peak. It would be spectacular for you and SF to witness them in person! :)

I want Hubby to plant some cherry trees here for me! I'll recreate my very own Ohanami and invite friends to come over and picnic under the trees! LOL!

C. K. said...

Oh I LOVE your photos, chrissy!! I didn't know monks could get married EITHER!! Weird!

C said...

I was surprised too. I thought ALL monks took a vow of celibacy. Apparently, not all of them do and some get married and have kids. I think my student's husband was a Shinto priest. I have a friend in Japan who is American and married a Japanese monk too. I guess it depends on which denomination they follow. I Googled "Can a Japanese monk get married?" and got this result:

Uncivil said...

Love the Monk's pad!I'm thinkin' "carpet burns"!!!LOL!! You have the most intersesting life my dear!

Karen MEG said...

Cool photos, C. What an amazing life experience that you had in Japan, it's wonderful that you have these photos to bring back lovely memories!

christine said...

fun to work with fun friends! when I was in Wash DC we saw the cherry blossoms there... AMAZING.. and the SMELL!

Now that i'm an adult, i want to go back... I think I'd at least take a picture of it now... :(

Jeanna said...

Hey C., I just reread your previous post and now that I've shaken off my River Phoenix reverie, a day later, I want to tell you what a nice short story it would make.

C said...

Yeah, those tatami mats are really bad for 'carpet burns'! LOL!

Thanks :) I really miss the years I spent over there. Those were some really good times! The lifestyle, the adventure, the freedom, the being in a completely different environment from the one I knew in Canada...and most of all, the friendships I made were something special.

C said...

Ooooooh! That sounds nice! The cherry blossoms are so fragrant and so pretty! I remember my students taking me to this cherry blossom viewing spot. It was on a hill and when we were walking around, there was this beautiful, soft breeze that made the cherry blossoms swirl and spiral around. It looked like millions of pink snowflakes! It was magical!

Thanks :)

Jeanna said...

I know this doesn't compare, but lilacs in May can be pretty awesome. I mean almost emotionally overwhelming on campus and in the Arb. Maybe I'll write a short story about that...hmmm

Uncivil said...

I learn so much from your blog! I had no clue about tatami mats or what they were called?
I just visited wikipedia for an update on them.
I also read Tatami are used when training Japanese martial arts, such as judo, for protective purposes.
We just used regular carpet with foam backing or wrestling mats when I practiced Kempo years ago.
I was always the human puching bag/sparring partner for more elite fighters, or the Uke for throw demonstrations.
I was dumb and could take a lot of pain! Yep, that was me!

Palm Springs Savant said...

great the pics nice insights.

baby~amore' said...

Wow -teaching in japan must have been so special

I have a little something for you at my blog too.

Amy said...

The Blossoms look amazing. I wonder if they would spark a major allergy attack in person.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
See you around.

C said...

Lilacs are pretty too! I love the scent of lilacs. I love it when the wind blows and you get a really good whiff of lilac in the morning! It reminds me of when I was in grade 2 and I picked some lilacs for my teacher. She was so pleased (at least I thought so) until she started sneezing. None of us knew she had allergies!

Wow! You did Kempo? I tried my hand at Aikido when I was in Japan. I only lasted 3 lessons because it was all in Japanese and I couldn't follow the instructions! LOL! My parents and my brothers used to practice karate but I wasn't interested.

C said...

Palm Springs Savant:
Thanks :) I was actually just thinking of you being at the Stevie Nicks concert. Landslide was on the radio the other day. It was the Dixie Chicks version though (which I also love). I remember my grandfather playing Fleetwood Mac all the time when I was a kid. It's amazing how hearing a particular song can bring back memories and elicit strong emotions.

Thank you so much! You are too sweet!
As for teaching in Japan...I was AMAZED to meet so many Aussies over there! Aussies are so much fun!

I never thought of that! They probably could cause major allergies for some people! Oh, that would be so horrible! Imagine something so beautiful making someone so miserable? Actually, I can imagine that! When I was a kid, I was very allergic to animals. I wasn't allowed any pets. We did get pets though and I think I'm more or less immune now. Heck, I now live on a farm and we have a dog, cats, and cattle! I'm not allowed to be allergic! LOL!

I'll be popping by your blog again ;)

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