Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Treasures

Though this trimester has been far better than the first, there remains one thing that is constant: My need to go to the loo every thirty minutes! Okay...I exaggerate, but it seems frequent enough! EVERY morning since the beginning of this trimester, I have been getting up at 4AM to pee. I know, too much information there! ;) It really frustrates me though. Why 4AM? Why not 6AM? Wouldn't that be reasonable?

But alas, it's 4AM every day. Hubby can tell the time just by me getting out of bed. The problem is that I can't get back to sleep once I'm awake. Reading a book won't help. I just get too wrapped up in the book and will stay awake to finish it. Watching a movie won't work either. I'll end up watching the entire thing to see how it ends. Forget about going online. I'd never get back to sleep! Hey, I might actually catch up on reading my favourite blogs finally!

The only thing that seems to work is for me to watch infomercials and The Home Shopping Channel. Now, that puts me right to sleep!!! However, I must say that I was almost tempted to buy the GT Xpress 101! To be honest with you, I'm a sucker for kitchen gadgets. I love cooking for friends and family. I love kitchen stuff! Luckily, that thought of purchasing the GT Xpress at 4AM was short lived and I fell asleep. I was also almost tempted to become a foster parent through World Vision and save millions of cats and dogs from abuse. The SPCA has the most tear-jerking stories! Being a pet owner and an animal lover, they get me all the time! I swear, pregnant women should not be allowed to watch these things on TV! I was bawling my eyes out, and ready to reach for the phone.

This morning, as usual, I got up at 4AM to visit the loo. Only this time, I tried something different to put me to sleep. I started doing housework. Yes, at 4 in the morning! I washed almost every single dish I could find, I tidied up the kitchen, and I fed all the animals (and met a fox and a skunk along the way)! I almost started the laundry, but didn't think my husband would appreciate that at that early hour.

When I got up, it was complete darkness. I did get to watch the sunrise as I did the dishes (oh, sooooooo many of them)! I haven't watched the sunrise in ages. I usually get up at 7AM! It is absolutely amazing what you see in the early hours of the morning!

I also went to the Farmers' Market at 9AM. I brought back a little treat for Hubby. This biscuit had raisins and a hint of orange (I don't know if it was orange peel or marmalade, but it was good)!

Another little treasure:
Hubby's youngest sister sent us some Jalapeno and cheddar stuffed perogies! She knew that I've been craving spicy things this trimester. They sure had a lot of kick to them!

Remember I said that there are so many little treasures outside? I was trying to take a photo of this fox (a very brazen one, I might add!) who was hanging around the cattle. I was too slow, but managed to capture this cute exchange:
One of the barn cats was hanging out by the cattle and this one cow came up and licked her!
Some of the girls. So pretty!
I thought this was a neat find. I don't think it's edible though.
I didn't think my butternut squash was going to come because not all of the plants were pollinated early enough. We've got a few though! Yay! Butternut squash is one of my favourites! Hubby's not much of a fan though. He calls it "squish".
Some other treasures: Everything on our plates (except for the salmon) is from our gardens.
Last little treasure: Some of my baby toys. I know, who on earth has seven Cabbage Patch Kids?? Okay, six Cabbage Patch Kid and a Cabbage Patch Pet! Well, I had to work really hard for the first one! I had to earn straight A's and successfully complete all my chores! That's a really hard feat to accomplish! My parents never just gave us things. We had to know the value of work to get things. Now that I think of it, it is so much more rewarding and you appreciate the prize all the more when you have to work for it.
The remaining Cabbage Patch Kids? Well, the first one wasn't the one I wanted and the store ran out of CPKs. My mom wrote to the company, and I think they made a mistake because the Cabbage Patch Kids kept coming!

While unearthing all my other childhood things, we found some baby blankets, baby clothing (family heirlooms) and other toys. My mom found my New Kids on the Block doll and had a kick out of reminding me of my youthful dreams. "Isn't this the guy you were going to marry?" She burst out into laughter and added, "Oh, which one was Mrs. Hollywood going to marry?"--
Then she had to tell my husband about the whole plan that I was to marry Jordan Knight and Mrs. Hollywood was to marry Joe McIntyre. Mrs. Hollywood is actually going to the NKOTB concert in Toronto. What a blast from the past that would be!

To save myself from the embarrassment, I didn't take any photos of my NKOTB Jordan doll. I know I'd get some teasing from Canine if I did! ;)


hotmommy said...

{{{{{{{{lol}}}}}}}}}} oh shit chris! you are too funny! it's hard to believe that you are a former city girl with all your posts of gardens adn animals. i still think it is so brave of you to leave your life in toronto behind and do something completely differnt.

your baby is going to be one healthy kid though with all that space and land to run free, beaches every where and fresh food from the farm. you better come back to the city wiht the bambino and visit us though!

one more thing; i used to get insomnia sometimes with each of my three pregnancies. reading a book always helped me. sorry to hear its not working for you. sorry to hear about your numerous trips to the bathroom too. just wait till the 3rd trimester when the baby is pushing against your bladder! think it's bad now? {{{{{{[[lol}}}}}}}}

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Everyone keeps telling me that this trimester is the "most comfortable" one of the three. It's going pretty well and I'm enjoying it...except for the constant peeing! Even just the sound of water running has me going to the bathroom! Gah!

Of course we'll be taking the baby to the city! All my friends and family are there, silly! :) You guys will be coming up to visit us too, right??? :)

jan said...

Getting up at dawn is good practice for those early morning feedings that inevitably take place during the early months. But we know you will be a great mom with all the practice from Cabbage Patch kids.

C said...

A friend also told me yesterday that perhaps the waking up at 4AM is preparation of having to get up early for the baby. You mean the baby's not going to sleep through the night??? LOL! ;)

LOL @ the Cabbage Patch thing :) When I was a kid, I used to have birthday parties for the CPKs AND with my first one, I even took her EVERYWHERE with me! I had a stroller for her and a baby carrier. Too funny!

t said...

4AM! You poor thing! How do you function during the day? How are you able to get work done?

This is one reason we haven't gotten pregnant yet. HEck! He hasn't even asked me to marry him yet so..

Cherry said...

Those pirogies sound so yummy!

I have watched that infomercial so many times. I have no idea why but I guess it must be my love for the kitchen gadgets too.

Not due to pregnancy, but due to stress I sometimes wake up at 2:30am on the dot. I don't usually hit the TV, and hubby gets irritated if I turn on the lamp to read (but that does usually do it for me). Sometimes I go downstairs and open up the laptop but then I'm guaranteed to be up and then get dozey right when I need to be getting ready for work. I have done the housework thing though which doesn't make me sleepy, but it just gives me something to do and then I feel a little better about the state of the house.

Ohh! CPKs! I wasn't allowed to have them as my mom didn't like them and my grandmother thought they were ugly. I did eventually buy myself a Koosa (the CPK Pets). Mom was for some reason ok with that. We have a box of toys in our attic, including Eric's CPK... sure he got one but I didn't!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that infomercial a zillion times too! I almost bought it!

I'm also going to the NKOTB concert and looking forward to it! Yea!

Rosie : ) said...

I love kitchen gadgets too. :) I finally convinced hubby to buy my 7 quart Stand Mixer {This was where I talked about it, if you missed it, C :) }

I feel really bad for your sleep deprivation. I went through some of it with each pregnancy, but yours sounds way worse than I had. :( Have you thought about *trying* to nap during the day? Maybe your body just cannot do the iwhole long hours every night. Or, it could just be your hormones preparing you for your little one...starting you very early on a new sleep cycle? If you know you cannot sleep past 4 AM, it might be a good idea to go to bed earlier and change your cycle a bit? I'd say talk to your doctor, for sure. :)

As for the mushrooms, it looks like a Lactarius type. Fairly common, and i think there are over 300 types of them or something. I might be wrong, but it sure looks like those. I remember my dad telling me somethign about those, maybe that the ones with the blades underneath were poisonous? It's been too long since I went forest learning with my dad. :(

Oh my, your veggies look so good! You guys did an amazing job with them! I almost want to plant a garden. I should. But then I'd kill everything. I just have really non-nurturing ways with anything like plants, indoors or outdoors.It's horrible. :( I looooove garden carrots. I remember as a kid grabbing some from the garden, wiping them on my shorts and eating them {yup, dirt and all! Ick, I know!}. Man, were those ever tasty. My dad still takes pity on his daughter and hands me some when they are ready from his garden. I wash them up and eat them all before the kids come home. I know, it's mean, but they are sooo good! My little pleasure moment. :)

Cabbage Patch Dolls. I loved those as a kid too. I only had two though, so my collection was much smaller than yours. Actually, I had bought some for our first two daughters when they were young. Last year, the re-released them, and Miss Cutie-Pie got four of them that year! She carries them around, breatfeeds them, gives them a bottle, puts them to bed with her blankets, changes their diaper, walks with them slung over her shoulder soothing them:"ah, ah, ah... Ah, ah, ah..." ~ a little Maman. ;)

OH GOSH! NKOTB? Why didn't you say so? {faints} Heehee. I used to love those guys too. They were soo cute. Their music {at the time} was very good. The other day, hubby and I were singing "Hanging tough" {ok, he was singing and I was wrecking the soundwaves in the house} and the kids were looking at us like we were aliens. "Who sings that Dad?" So he said:"Oh, the New Kids on The Block" Miss Coadjutress is like:"Who?" Lol, I feel old.

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