Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Woah Oh! We're Halfway There...

We're 20 weeks pregnant today. Halfway there already???

The belly seems to change shape and morph all the time. Hubby calls me a "shape shifter". Today it looks pointier and smaller than it did three weeks ago. What do you think?
Above photo taken on Labour Day Weekend

Since the title of this post reminds me a lot of a song by one of my favourite bands as a teen, here's a video for you.

I think I was in grade 5 when this song came out. I still remember all the words to the song. My friends and I used to sing Bon Jovi tunes all the time. We were in luuuuv with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora! I also remember buying the Slippery When Wet LP (yes, vinyl!) with my saved up allowance and birthday money. I later upgraded to a cassette tape, which years later was upgraded to a CD. Oh, how times have changed!


Fruitful Vine said...

Wow! Halfway there already! Just stopped by to say hi. You look great!

D'Rae said...

Look how cute you are!

C said...

Thanks! :) I can't believe how fast time is going by. It seems like just yesterday we found out I was pregnant! Then again, when I think of it, 20 more weeks to go seems like such a long way! I'm enjoying the pregnancy now that I'm not sick 24/7, but I just want to have this baby already! LOL!

It's been a while since I've been able to read all my favourite blogs. I'm off to yours now :) xo

C said...

I meant to send you an e-mail a few weeks ago. I thought I did, and then I checked again and it looks like I didn't! Gah! I'm telling you...I'm suffering from what the ultrasound technician jokingly calls "placenta brain"!!! I seriously don't know where my head is most of the time. Absentminded is an understatement! ;p

Jeanna said...

Bon Jovi? Richie Sambora? Dang, woman, shape shifters listen to heavy metal.
You're looking good. Hey what if next time you went into labor on Labor Day?

Don Mills Diva said...

Wow - it totally looks smaller.

I can't believe you're half way - where does the time go?

C said...

LOL! Oh, you ALWAYS know how to make me laugh!
Thank you for the compliment. We had my Mom and Dad over here for supper the other night and my Mom was freaking out because she swears that I'm losing weight. I'm not losing weight though. I just haven't been gaining. She's worried that I'm not eating enough for the baby, but I'm honestly eating what I'm supposed to.

Wouldn't that be something for the next time around? Labor on Labor Day? LOL!

C said...

Don Mills Diva:
I know! Weird, eh? I thought it was odd that it looks smaller!

It does seem like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant. I don't know where the time goes. I got excited this morning when I realized we are halfway there. Then I got frustrated that we are halfway there. That's 20 more weeks to go! It seems so far away! LOL!

Autumn's Mom said...

Wow, half way there! Time is flying from my perspective! haha prolly not from yours. You totally brought bad good memories w/ Bon Jovi. I remember we wanted him to play at our grad night, but he didn't. I ended up seeing them a year later. Do you remember hirachi's? They were little leather sandals? I had bought a new pair a few days before and didn't have enough time to break them in. I got HUGE blisters the day before the concert and ended up wearing a really cute outfit...WITH MY SLIPPERS. Great concert though :)

jan said...

You may be tired of people saying how radiant you look. I did. But you do look radiant.

jane - mom generations said...

Ha! Now I am going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day!! You look wonderful, C! And so, so happy! I can't believe you're at the halfway mark!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does look smaller...but a lot of things to do with the pisture (the colour of your top, post, etc..) can do that. I did find my tummy got a bit smaller after my original pop...and in the last few weeks is growing a lot again. I also think a lot of the initial size is water and bloating..and of course the position of the baby can make a difference!

Uncivil said...

Baby Bump to the half power!!!!!

baby~amore' said...

congratulations - what a beautiful shape and glowing momma.
Gee the time has flown.

I am so excited I can't imagine how much you must be LOL

C said...

True! At times I think of how fast the weeks and months are flying by. 5 months already! Then I think: OMG! Still a lot of months to go! LOL!

Too funny about the concert story! Sorry about the blisters! I still luuuuuuuuv those guys!

Thank you so much :) You are too kind! It's true...everyone says that (the bit about pregnant women being radiant). They even say it when I'm feeling (and looking) really nauseous! LOL!

C said...

Tee hee! Hubby and I have this game (we're such dorks). One of us would hum a tune or sing the refrain of some random song, and whoever can get the other person to sing or hum that song wins. I've got a knack for getting songs stuck in people's heads all day. ;p

I'm enjoying the pregnancy right now and I love the thought of carrying our little one in me. Then I think: OMG! He or she has got to come out sometime! THEN WHAT????


Rosie : ) said...

Methinks the baby is moving. ;) It does look like your shape has changed, but positioning, what you wear and even what time of day it is {bloating, water retention} can really affect it all!

The whole gaining weight thing is over-rated. I lost weight during some of the trimesters of different pregnancies. I think as long as the doctor is happy that the baby is healthy, growing properly {from the two ultrasounds, it definitely looks like it is!}, and you are eating well, there is no cause for worries.

And the eating for two is so very untrue! You are eating for yourself, and feeding your baby with your nutrients. So basically, eat well, coz baby will suck the vitamins before you can. :) The actual caloric intake shouldn't double, it should be what you feel comfortable eating, and make sure to supplement with those horrible pregnancy vitamins. {gag} I do think that your caloric intake will go up if you decided to breastfeed. I was always starving during that time! Or maybe it was just the fact that I was finally not nauseous, who knows? {Heehee}

You are a healthy Mom, so your baby will be able to feed itself through you. If you are concerned, always mention it to your doctor. But I can tell you if *your* Mom is concerned, it's not quite the same thing. ;) Grandmamans are always over-protective of their daughters carrying their grandbabies. It's nature. :)

C said...

So true! Today, Hubby noticed that the belly changed shape again! Yesterday it was smaller and pointier (like in this morning's photo posted here) and this afternoon it looked rounder again and not as pointy. Too funny!

Can't wait to see your latest belly shots! Belly shots are great! :) So exciting!

BTW, when did you first start feeling real kicks? I have only felt subtle movement so far. It's more like pulsating and pushing rather than kicking. I'm excited to feel "the real thing"! Hope that's soon!

C said...

LOL! Too funny! :) How you doin' anyway?

That's so funny! I was JUST thinking of you! It's been a while since I've been able to get some blog time in. I haven't visited a lot of my fave blogs and I was thinking it was time I hopped on over to yours...and here you are leaving me a comment :) Are we on the same wavelength or what? xoxo

C said...

Allo, allo! Ca va? Merci pour la recette! I'm totally going to try making it for brunch sometime.

Yes, I heard that "eating for two" is a common misconception. My doctor was telling me that pregnant women are only supposed to increase their caloric intake by 300 calories a day. That's not that much more.

I've been lucky that we don't eat junk food (only on the odd occasion) and we eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies (most of which comes from our gardens). We eat a very balanced diet of grains, protein, legumes, dairy, too.

I actually got into an argument with someone when said person was telling me that I wasn't eating enough and that the baby wouldn't be getting enough nutrients. I cannot tell you how upset I get whenever I hear people tell me "Now, remember...You're eating for two now!" ARRRRRRGH!

The doctor told me that the baby is getting plenty of nutrients. I'm eating healthy and the baby is taking all that good stuff before me. EXACTLY what you said! ;)

Oh! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wants to gag when taking prenatal vitamins! I gag EVERY single time I take that darn thing! I still take it every day though.

Remember when we were talking on the phone about drinking 40 oz of water before ultrasounds? Well, the funny thing is, the past two ultrasounds I drank so much water in one go that I puked. (I know! TMI!) My husband was in awe. I guess it's not often one sees someone puking from drinking too much water at once. LOL!

C said...

One more thing! I mentioned we rarely eat junk food. I'll save my "junk food day" for when you can take me to one of those poutine places near you! LOL! ;)

Did I tell you I was offered a slice of decadent homemade chocolate cake and some Oreo ice cream? To my surprise, I turned them both down. Just the thought of anything sweet these days makes me want to vomit! So sad.

Starshine said...

Congrats on 20 weeks!

louann said...

Already!?? Time flies huh!? Before you know it, you'll be writing about your birth story!

Ms. Mamma said...

you remind me of myself how you are carrying that bambino...nice and compact-like. you look super, sweetels!

Mrs. Mogul said...

You are wearing pregnancy nicely!! THe belly gets bigger!! Bu 20 weeks woo hoo!

Karen MEG said...

Oh C, you look ADORABLE!!! I LOVE your baby bump! GLowing, you really are!

And thanks for all that "hair" in the video LOL! You're such a rocker chic ;)

PS: a good friend of ours is an artist and we commissioned him to do portraits of the kids at 18 months. A weird milestone, but we did it with the boy, so we thought we'd do the same for girlie.

His name is Jonathan Dunkelman; he's doing quite well now, I actually like his abstracts even more than his portraiture. He also did the lemon that hangs in our kitchen, if you've ever seen that in any of my pix background.

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

The second half goes by twice as fast! And if that doesn't sound possible... just wait!!!!

You look absolutely radiantly beautiful. Joyous. Beaming... like the sun! I am in love with your belly bump!

C said...

Thank you! It's hard to believe we're halfway there!

I know! Where does the time go? Crazy!

C said...

Awww, thanks! You are too kind! :)

Mrs. Mogul:
GAH! I was just wondering just HOW MUCH bigger I'll get! If I'm this big at 5 months, what's 8 or 9 months going to look like? LOL! I can't believe the doc told me yesterday at my prenatal visit that I still haven't gained any weight! What on earth? This belly has GOT to weigh a ton!! How is it possible that I haven't gained weight? LOL!

C said...

Awww :) Thanks!
BTW, I thought YOU'D appreciate the hair vid! ;)
As for the portraits...GORGEOUS! LOVE 'em!!

Oh, that is good news! In a way, I want to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and just savour this time. Then I think, "Okay, I just want to have this baby already!" LOL!

Thank you for your words. You just made my day! XO

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