Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens; Brown paper packages tied up with strings; These are a few of my favorite things...I was looking through files on my computer, trying to do some cleaning up. I came across a file with some of my favourite photos. I'm not the greatest photographer, but I do love taking photos. Every now and then I come up with a couple of photos that I really love.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably seen most of these. I've always loved looking back at photos though :)
Fall on the farm
Hubby at our favourite spot on the Island
Oh, it's a rough life!

The "Falls"
A decadent treat for Hubby
My precious little nephew. I just love, love, love this little boy sooooooo much! Starshine, I know exactly how you feel about little Sam! :)

Just can't get enough of this adorable little guy! He's absolutely precious!

While you're here, you've got to check out some of the amazing photos that Rosie took when she and her Hubby visited us on the weekend! :)


D'Rae said...

I love that song! The fall photo is beautiful as well and your nephew is adorable!

Rosie : ) said...

Sound of Music is such a great movie. :)

Beautiful pictures. Is that the little kitty who played with us in the barn? What a cutie. :)

I love the photo of your hubby doing a heart with his hands, it is such a nice one.

Your nephew is such a real sweetie-pie too! How in the world could you pick pictures to show for the little guy? He is very photogenic!

Pssst, if you are going to link to me, I might as well put up more pictures. I'll see what I can do about that tomorrow. :)

Jane - Mom Generations said...

Well, these photos (some of which I've enjoyed before!) just make me want to come visit the Island even more! We WILL plan a visit!

Starshine said...

Awww. So sweet! Yes, little nephews are quite lovable aren't they?!

Autumn's Mom said...

The pic of the kitten at the top reminds me so much of our little kitten! Your nephew is a cutie.

Autumn's Mom said...

PS My "little" nephew is now 13 and about 9 inches taller than me! haha I remember when he was small and squishable though.

jan said...

what great photos. You have a definite talent for choosing subjects and framing them. I always love whiskers on kittens, of course.

C said...

:) Thank you! That was one of last fall's photos. The leaves haven't hit their peak yet. Probably another week or two!

I think my nephew's adorable too! I hope our baby is as cute as he is! :)

Tee hee! That was/is one of my favourite movies.

Yes, that is the same little kitty that was playing with you guys at the barn! Cute, eh?

Oh, I've got TONS of photos of my nephew! LOL! I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of him! It's so hard to choose just a few because he is so darn cute! Not only is he cute, but he is sooooooo good! My bro and his wife are lucky! He's a DREAM baby! So well behaved and just a wonderful disposition.

Pssst! If you are going to upload more photos of your trip, make sure to upload the Old Wreck, the Big Dipper and the Night Sky ones! :) Those are AMAZING!!!

C said...

Hooray! That would be AWESOME!!! We'd really like that! You, Steve and the doggy babies are always welcome. Bring your Mom, Dad, Audrey, Matt and the boys too if you want! XO

Yes, indeed! Every time I read one of your posts about Sam, it reminds me of how I feel about my little nephew! I miss him soooo much and wish I didn't live so far away from him!

C said...

Autumn's Mom:
Amazing how quickly "little" nephews grow, eh? Same goes for my Baby Bro. I remember changing his diapers, feeding him, giving him his bottle, reading to him...and now he's 22 years old and almost done university! *sigh*

Thank you! I always have an idea what I want my photos to look like, but they don't always turn out as well as I envision them to! ;) I get lucky every now and then though!

Sandy C. said...

Gorgeous! And what are you talking about, you're a wonderful photographer. Your nephew is so precious. Those lashes!!!

The landscape shots are simply breathtaking :)
I can see why these are some of your favs

louann said...

You have a great collection of pictures C! And they were very nicely taken by the way =)

Shannon said...

Well, there we have it then. That song will be in my head all day long!
Great pictures. Kittens are so cute! Is that a peep in the lawn? Your hubby is so sweet :)

VE said...

I liked all of those pictures. Many different looks. Is that waterfall on the island?

C said...

Awww! Thanks! You're so sweet :)

As for my nephew's lashes...I KNOW! I'm amazed how beautiful and long his lashes are! Mine are so short and wimpy :( LOL!

C said...

Thank you! :) How are you feeling, by the way? Hope you and the bambino(s) are doing well! XO

C said...

Sorry about that song! LOL! My nieces, husband and I have this game that we play. "Who can get a song stuck in everyone's head first?" I usually win. ;)

The kittens are adorable, aren't they? They're really friendly. Only the really young ones are skittish. They're coming around though...now that they know where their food comes from! ;)

C said...

Yes, the waterfall is on the island :) It's a really nice one. It's not nearly as big as Niagara Falls or anything, but it's special nonetheless. In the summer, a lot of people like swimming under the falls and going behind the falls. I enjoy the trails there. It's really scenic.

Jeanna said...

Those are some great photos. Does Chance go nuts for those stuffed fluffy toys? I just found one without stuffing for Roscoe today. It's a skunk since he's going as Pepe Le Pew to Dogtoberfest tomorrow.

C said...

Cool! Dog toys with no stuffing! What a great idea! Yes, Chance LOVES his dog toys. He goes nuts over stuffed toys. He's really gentle though (I know...weird). He treats them like they're his babies. He just snuggles with his toys and sucks on their ears.

We had a jack russell for a while and that dog just wrecked anything stuffed. He totally ruined every one of Chance's stuffed toys. If it had stuffing in it, this dog demolished it! Chance was not a happy camper when we had this dog!

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