Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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This week marks week 21 of our pregnancy. We went to 'the big city' today for our appointment with my OB-GYN. I've got my doctor here on the Island, but I'm also seeing an obstetrician 2 hrs away from here. Everything went exceptionally well today, and mama is all smiles :) The doctor was very pleased with my blood glucose levels and my blood pressure. He said "Baby's healthy, Mom is healthy. Everything is great!"

Then he was checking the baby and my fundal height. Remember two weeks ago, we had our 19 week ultrasound? The baby was measuring exactly as it should for a baby that age. Everything was "right on target". Well, today we got some very surprising news. "Junior" is measuring about a month in advance for his age right now. The doctor said "Junior" has had a growth spurt in the last week. He was laughing and teasing me about having a monstrous, gigantic, enormous baby! My fundal height is also measuring 6 months when I am only in my 5th month.

"Junior" is also stronger, more active and today he or she was in a sideways position. It seems "Junior" seems to like being sideways. Hubby says he can tell when Junior is sideways because my belly looks rounder and smoother when he or she is in that position. When Junior is turned upside down or in any other position, Hubby says my belly is pointier and more narrow. The doctor was poking around and said that he felt the baby's legs on my left side.

Whatever insecurities or worries I was having before have been relieved (at least for now!) after today's appointment. I really do hope this is just a growth spurt and that Junior isn't growing at a phenomenally rapid rate. I cannot imagine giving birth to a giant baby!!!

Oh, and I finally gained some weight! I've gained 2 lbs!!!


Rosie : ) said...

Great news! Very neat that they can tell he/she had a growth spurt. :) You gained 2 lbs, that is also goo dnews. See? you worried too much. ;)

Pregnancy is pretty fascinating, isn't it? The fundal height is measured after birth too, making sure all the parts are back in their right place inside your body. Stuff like this is aboslutely incredible.

mrinz said...

Oh that is so exciting! It is a relief to have reassurance that all is progressing normally. All the check and scans these days are great for the Mum and Dad. I wish they had been around when we had our kids!

Starshine said...

Yea for Junior's baby growth spurt!

Cherry said...

look out... 2 pounds!

That's good news that you cleared this check up with flying colors! and how funny that your hubby can tell what position the baby is in. Can you tell?

C said...

I know...I worry too much, eh? I didn't know they measured the fundal height after birth too. Neat to know! Yeah, I feel MUCH better now. What a relief! :) Just hope Junior doesn't keep growing tooooooooooo much! I mean, I'm hoping for a healthy baby with a healthy weight...but I can't imagine giving birth to a 9 lb or more baby! It really, really scares me!

C said...

Hello, my lovely! Yes, it is such a relief! Isn't it amazing what all the latest technology can tell us about our unborn children? Really neat!

C said...

Yes :) I was really surprised (mmmmmkay, SHOCKED is more like it!) when the doc said Junior had a growth spurt! Hubby said the look on my face was classic...almost comic!!! He said he wasn't sure if I was going to laugh or cry when the doc said the baby is measuring 6 months when I'm only in my 5th month! It doesn't guarantee a huge baby though. He said it's just a growth spurt, but our next ultrasound in 3 weeks will tell us more! :)

C said...

Tee hee! I never ever thought I'd be so happy to say, "YEAH! I've gained 2 lbs!!!!" LOL!

Nah, I really can't tell what position the baby is in. I just feel the movement and the twitches he or she makes. The other night, it felt like I had an alien in my tummy! LOL!

My friends were saying how it's neat when you can actually see the poking of a leg or an elbow! Cooooool...and freaky! :)

Jeanna said...

Two pounds! Mangia, girl.

louann said...

So glad to hear everything is going well for you and baby! =)

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