Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can't I Just Let Go A Little Bit???

DISCLAIMER: This post may be offensive to those who feel awkward about bathroom talk. Okay, this post is full of TMI (too much information)! If you are easily offended, please move on. If not, enjoy and have a few laughs.

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If you've ever had to have an ultrasound done, you know the drill. Empty bladder at such and such time. Drink 30 to 40 oz. of water within a certain amount of time. Hold.

I always love ultrasound days. I've actually gone in for four with this pregnancy so far. There's just something so exciting about seeing your little one moving about inside you. In the early stages of pregnancy, when you're not looking pregnant yet, but certainly feeling it (uhhh...the all day nausea was what I felt!), it's hard to believe there's a living being growing inside you. Before you can feel the movements and kicks from that little miracle in you, it's hard to believe someone's actually in there. Then there's the ultrasound. Visual proof that you're actually hosting and nurturing your future baby. That very first ultrasound or the one when you can see the baby's heart beating...That is incredible. I can't describe how incredible the feeling is.

Now, the only thing I do not look forward to with ultrasound day is the having to gulp down all that water. Hold. HOLD??? Are they crazy? Sure, especially in earlier pregnancies the bladder has to be full in order for the technician to get an easier scan of the uterus' location. The fluid in the bladder also provides a good medium for sound conduction. Blah, blah, blah. Despite all this, "holding it in" is still a difficult feat to accomplish.

For my second ultrasound, I did exactly as directed. I drank and I drank and I held and I held.We ended up having to wait a bit longer than we thought because there was another expectant mom before us. Well, it's pretty darn difficult for a pregnant lady to "hold it". Know what I mean? I was determined to maintain my full bladder so the technician could see what she needed to see.

Minutes seemed like hours. I was practically in tears. It is not the most comfortable situation to be in. I don't know if Hubby was more amused or concerned, because I started whining like a two year old. "I've got to peeeeeeeeee!!!" Then I started sweating. Yes, sweating! That's how bad it was!

It was either:
A) I throw up from the nausea I felt coming on
B) I pass out right there in the waiting room from the headache and dizziness that were starting
C) I end up getting a urinary tract infection
D) I die a painful and unbearable death (Okay, maybe I exaggerate just a little)
E) I go to the bathroom.

I couldn't take it anymore, and it didn't look like I'd be getting into the ultrasound room any sooner, so I made a decision.

I was going to let go just a little. Hubby, seeing my discomfort said, "Okay. Do you think you can just let go a tiny bit and then stop?" I was almost in tears. "Yeah, yeah! I can do that. I just have to go before I pee in my pants! It's killing me!" Hubby nodded and said he thought it would be okay if I let out just a little squirt to relieve myself.

Big mistake. I should have known better. I think in the back of my mind, I actually knew that when one has to go, one simply cannot just let a little squirt out and then stop. You cannot just stop midway! It's impossible! Okay, maybe if you're super talented you can. I couldn't.

I was in the ladies' room for a while and when I came out, Hubby was waiting. "Did you stop halfway?"
"I couldn't! It just wouldn't stop!"
Then the technician came for us. We got ready for the ultrasound. I was on my back on the ultrasound table (or bed...whatever). She was poking around with the ultrasound wand, and she said, "Hmmm. Your bladder isn't quite as full as I'd like it to be." I wanted to tell her about the excruciating pain 'holding it' had put me through, but I didn't. She probably hears that a lot from pregnant women.

We did get to see the baby and everything is going as it should. Baby is healthy and progressing nicely. All limbs, fingers, toes, ears, eyes, and organs are accounted for. The baby is measuring as it should for its age. All is well.

What I've learned is: No, you cannot let go even just a little bit. At least I can't. In university, when my friends and I would go out for drinks, the guys always talked about how once you "break the seal" that's it. You're done. I never understood the true meaning of that expression until I had my second ultrasound.

NOTE: In case you're wondering why I had to explain that TMI means "Too Much Information", it's because some people (like my dear mom) aren't familiar with some of those terms and I therefore don't use them too often.

Mom and I had this lengthy exchange on Facebook (yes, my mom is on Facebook, as is the rest of my family). Mom's sister posted a photo on her FB and wrote "RLMFHO" as the caption. Mom asked me what RLMFHO meant. I said I had absolutely no idea. I had never heard of that before. I knew that RLMFAO meant "Really Laughing My F-ing A$$ Off" because I've got a brother who is considerably younger than I am and he uses all those terms like LOL, TTYL, TTYS, and KWIM
all the time.

Anyway, we had this long FB debate as to what RLMFHO meant and my aunt joined in and told us that we were both wrong. Mom said she thought it was "Really Laughing My F-ing Heart Out" and my aunt laughed and told us it really meant "Really Laughing My F-ing Head Off".

*sigh* Technology certainly seems to have made language all that more difficult to interpret.


Sandy C. said...

LOL RLMFHO!!! I love that your mom is on Facebook :) My mom doesn't even know what facebook is!

No. There really is no way to stop mid-stream.

So sorry to hear that happened to you on ultrasound day. Seriously, I have no idea how ANY woman can hold their bladder longer than .01 millisecond with all the urine they expect you to have stopped up!

Cherry said...

I remember my first ultrasound VERY clearly as I was in so much pain and was whining a bit more then Eric can stand. I walked funny to the reception area and the receptionist said, "I see you have followed the directions!"

Thankfully the technician saw me pretty quickly. After part 1 of the ultrasound, and lots of wincing and a few groans I couldn't keep in, the technician let me go "break the seal". The rest of the US didn't need the full bladder anyway if you know what I mean.

My second Ultrasound was in the ER and the Dr didn't think I would have time to drink enough water, oh but I showed him! Good thing I'm a good water drinker because I had JUST used the restroom and by the time they wheeled me to radiology, it was 'just how she likes it'.

Ellie said...

Hmm, every time I went for an ultrasound, after drinking the required amount of water ( the equivalent to Lake Huron!) The tech always told me I had too much!! And then I had to let a little go!!

I now think they ask you to drink the equivalent of Lake Huron as they enjoy the torture they put us through!! I don't think you need to drink as much as they say. When I was pregnant with Devin, I hardly drank anything, and no one said a word!

J at said...

Oh lord, you poor thing. Get a little bigger, and you'll pee if you laugh too hard! Well, at least I did. That's the only time just a tiny bit will happen. HA! TMI, sorry. ;)

C said...

Tee hee! Yeah, I made the mistake of opening up a FB account for my mom! I thought it would be great for her to keep in touch with her friends and family. Now she's an ADDICT!!!

LOL! I don't know how anyone can stop mid-stream either! I've got another ultrasound in 4 weeks. They want a better look at the anatomy (brain, kidneys, etc) because they weren't able to get as good a look as they wanted to last week. My fault. I just was so uncomfortable. I seriously felt like my bladder was still full! LOL! Oh, and then when the tech had to apply pressure to see better, OMG...even more uncomfortable!!!

C said...

I know I shouldn't laugh because I know exactly how you felt, but...

Tee hee! :) "I see you have followed the directions!" Too funny :)

I was just thinking of you yesterday! How's life on the east coast?
Funny you mentioned that, because a few other women I've spoken to have also told me that the techs told them their bladders were 'too full' too and they had to release some. Still, the ever enduring question is...How do release just some? LOL! I find that extremely hard to do! I seriously TRIED to release just some...but it kept going and going and going!!!

Sorry...TMI! LOL!

C said...

Tee hee! Wow, that's something to look forward to! :)

I wonder if once I get bigger and there's more pressure on the bladder, if I'd even need to "fill up" before ultrasounds? I know this is TMI here, but when I was on the ultrasound table, the tech said "Oh, you're not as full as I'd like you to be", but halfway through she said, "Oh! You're starting to fill up again". I didn't realize it would fill up again so soon. Actually, who am I kidding? I have to pee almost every 30 min to 40 min now, so I guess it would fill up fast.

Okay, now THAT was TMI!! ;)

Calfkeeper said...

Hey, I thought I'd left a comment earlier, but guess it didn't "take"

Anyway. It's great you made it halfway! Am glad to hear baby is in good shape.

I remember the pain of "holding it" when the tech was 40 minutes late. URGH!

Yep; let;s talk stress incontinence as well! Cough, sneeze, hurl, laugh....and pee. It'll happen. Mercifully that stage doesn't last TOO terribly long before baby arrives.

Jeanna said...

It's funny (ROTFLMBFAO), all the technology just brings us back to passing notes in grade school.
I feel your pain, but I never hold it unless I have to. And lucky me, I rarely have to.
Speaking of not holding it, did you hear Michael Phelps admit he peed in the pool?
Youe mom's on Facebook???

C said...

Calf Keeper:
Funny! I left a comment on Jeanna's blog earlier and apparently Blogger lost my comment! I was beginning to think I was losing my mind, but I just KNEW that I had posted a comment!

Oh, boy! LOL! A girlfriend was telling me that someone in her office was telling a joke and my friend (who is in her last trimester and VERY pregnant!) laughed so hard, she peed! OMG!

C said...

HAHA! "ROTFLMBFAO"...I forgot about that one!

No way! I didn't hear that Michael Phelps admitted to peeing in the pool! Seriously? Well...Haven't YOU ever peed in the pool???

Yes, Mom most certainly is on FB (along with my hubby, Dad, brothers, cousins, second cousins, cousin-in-laws, in-laws...the whole family's on there! Well, maybe not ALL, but almost 100+ of them)!!

I have a BIG family! The thing with Filipinos is that everyone's related somehow. Seriously.

C said...

Hmmm...I guess that would be *cousins-in-law* and not *cousin-in-laws*!

BeachMama said...

I really hate the holding to pee thing too. I am able to let some go, but the truth is... I go before I leave the house on my way to the us, then I start drinking in the car and by the time my appointment arrives, I have enough in my bladder for the test. No more too full bladders, try it next time.

Karen MEG said...

Acccckkkk, C, holding it all in is the absolute WORST!!!

I remember for my 2nd U/S for little G, I did as I was told, showed up for my appt. already having to go so badly and there were about 20 people in the waiting room! They ran over 45 late!!!!

I finally had to ask if I could go because I was dying.. and they said a little bit... I think I let out more than I could help, but it was OK.

Oh, and is your mom's sister the aunt that I happen to know, because it sure sounds like she would be the one posting "RLMFHO" ;)

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