Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The year Hubby and I got married, six of my friends were pregnant. The first year of our marriage, another six friends were pregnant. It seemed that almost everyone we knew was having babies. Though we were just newlyweds, I just wanted to have a baby right away. On one hand, I wanted to spend at least two years with Hubby alone before we started a family, yet at the same time, that yearning for a family of our own was constantly on my mind...and in my heart.

This year, Hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. This time, twenty-one (yes, TWENTY-ONE!) of our friends were (some still are) expecting! Twenty-one of my in real life friends are having babies! This isn't counting all my blog buddies who are pregnant now (that would have to be for another post, because quite a few blog pals are pregnant too!) Crazy! People I grew up with, went to school with, worked with, traveled with, lived with, hung out with...all expecting babies around the same time!

This time, we were one of those couples! :)

We found out we were pregnant with our first and then shortly after, my brother and his wife found out that they were expecting their second AND third! TWINS! So exciting!

Just last night, we discovered that my cousin (Mr. Married Winkel) and his wife are expecting too! Mrs. Married Winkel is two months pregnant! The funny thing is that I have been having recurring dreams that my SIL, Mrs. Married Winkel and I were pregnant at the same time! We really are!!! I'm tellin' ya, these premonition dreams are freaking me out! ;)

Just tonight, we were given even more exciting news! One of my best friends (and one of my bridesmaids at our wedding) is three months pregnant! I've always wanted to be pregnant at the same time as my friends. It's wonderful being able to go through our pregnancies together, share questions, concerns...and even compare notes! I'm just so sad that we all live so far apart!

Congratulations to my friends who have had their babies already (this year) and to all those expecting :)

1. The Fashionista- June (gave birth to a boy)
2. D - June (gave birth to a girl)
3. Surfer Girl- July (gave birth to a girl)
4. Not a Girlie Girl- September (gave birth to a boy)
5. Mel- September (gave birth to a girl)
6. High School Pal 1- December
7. High School Pal 2- December (expecting a boy)
8. High School Pal 3- December (expecting a boy)
9. Splash- December
10. First Childhood Friend- December (expecting a boy)
11. Fancy Pansy- December
12. Student from Venezuela- December
13. Lynn - January (expecting a boy)
14. Delta- January (expecting a boy)
15. ME! - January/February
16. World Traveler- February
17. Country Gal- February
18. My SIL (Lele)- February
19. One of my best friends- March
20. Childhood friend- March
21. Mrs. Married Winkel (my cousin's wife)- April

We have our BIG ultrasound tomorrow and will be able to find out the sex of the baby. Hubby and I have decided that we aren't going to find out. We want to leave some element of surprise to look forward to! However, my curiosity is killing me! Will I be able to avoid temptation or will I succumb to my curious nature? Hmph!

I promise after tomorrow, I'll cool it with all the baby posts! I know it must be getting pretty old for some of you right now! ;)


Cherry said...

No need to cool it with the baby posts! This is that time in your life where it IS all about the babies. Besides, do you really think you'll be posting much after you have the little one? Yea, I didn't think so. So post now while you can! :-)

Barbara said...

I hope baby Mc co-operates tomorrow!!!
I'll be checking for an update!

C. K. said...

I know life isn't a race, but this is just like a big party to me! Congratulations you guys!!

C said...

Ohhhhh! You are so right! LOL! I hadn't thought of that! Newborn baby at home = not much time for blogging! I'd probably want to catch up on my zzzzzzzz's instead!

I'm sending you an e-mail after I post this comment :) xoxo

C said...

Me too! Our ultrasound is in two hours :) I'll write a new post when I get back!

How are you doing btw? It's been a busy summer, hasn't it? :)

C said...

Hello, my lovely!!! That's for sure! Life isn't a race :)
Thanks for the congrats! Too bad you're soooooooooo far away :( Would have loved if you were still close by so you could indulge our little one with all your wonderful music!!!

Okay, I'm off to yours to see what you've been up to! xo

Calfkeeper said...

We love the baby posts.

Hey, you look great. Just don't go running after the escaped girls in your condition! Ha! Yes, once the cows figure out how to get out of the elec fences, they will make a habit of it.

We didn't find out the sex of the baby before she was born either. Hubby likened it to opening a Christmas present before Christmas; it spoils the surprise! But if I had another one I'd probably want to find out.

Starshine said...

Wow! Your baby will have lots of friends to grow up with that are just his age!

Diesel said...

I always figured that meeting a brand new person just coming into the world was enough of a surprise. We found out the sex of both of our kids.

Rosie : ) said...

Don't stop the baby posts! Your life is about your pregnancy at this stage, which is a good thing. :)

As for the sex of the baby, for our first, we absolutely refused to find out for our first. When the second one came around, we ended up not finding out. For our third, even though we didn't really want to find out, he was all laid out bare for the world to see... it was so obvious, even hubby could see what was there! {lol}

For each baby, I felt the dying curiosity to know, and yet I loved the surprise factor of the birth when I didn't know. Both sides were a good experience, because gender doesn't matter when it comes to your baby being special. ;)

Dina said...

oh with our first we had decided we didn't want to know but at the 18 week ultrasound i ended up finding out anyway. The tech asked if i wanted to know and nobody was there to stop me from finding out.

i asked right away with #2.

C said...

Calf Keeper:
Your Hubby and my Hubby think alike. Mine also said it was like opening your Christmas present before Christmas! LOL!

This said, I know that if we have another one, I will want to find out! :)

Yes! That's so true! It's exciting that there will be so many babies born around the same time as ours. The only thing is that we all live soooooo far away! :( We're on "The Island", my brother and his wife are in Kingston, my friend and her husband are in Ottawa, and my cousin and his wife are in Montreal! It's about a 10 hr drive from here to there! :(

C said...

Yes! That's true! That was one of my arguments for finding out the sex of the baby. Meeting a new person for the first time IS a big surprise in itself. I know for sure I'd want to find out if we do have another one sometime down the road!

P.S. Your kids are the cutest!!!

C said...

Aww! That's why I love ya! You always say things that really make a lot of sense! :) It's true...when it comes to the baby, gender doesn't matter. I know Hubby is hoping for a boy because he's the only male left on his side (he has two sisters and two nieces). I guess it's a case of wanting to preserve the family name and pass it down to more generations. Plus, he's a farm boy. I think he wants a little farmer's helper :) Too cute! I do know that if we have a girl, she is totally going to be Daddy's little princess!! :)

C said...

I'm with you. I think if we eventually have #2, we will find out the sex. I think for the first one, we wanted to have a little suspense :)

My friend delivered her baby just last week and there was this guy carrying a car seat to bring home his new bundle of joy. Throughout the pregnancy, he and his wife were told at each ultrasound that they were having a girl. They had EVERYTHING pink and girlie. Pink clothes, pink room...pink, pink, pink!!! Then when the baby arrived, it was a BOY!!! Everything they had for the baby was pink (except for the car seat)!! Now they have to get all boy stuff.

I know that most of the time, the ultrasound is accurate though. Funny story though :)

fancypansy said...

LOL, I started my internet obsession (though not blogging, just because I did not know about it)when Zoë was a newborn. She liked to be held all the time, and it was something I could easily do with her in my lap or attatched to my breast. Also, it was a way to stay connected to adults!

The first few weeks, you may not be online much as you'll be adjusting...but you'll be fine. Now with 2 little ones, not so sure...but with one little one, there is a lot of down time...and a big urge to cennect o adults any way you can!

Anonymous said...

calfkeeper, I did not find out with my DD and always assumed if I had another child, I would want to find out. I was wrong though...I am now 25 weeks pregnant, and realized I enjoyed the surprise and anticipation so much with my DD, there was just no reason to try it the other way around. It is actually really fun for her too---listing names for boys and girls, looking at both kinds of clothes and picking out ehr favorites, trying to guess and asking everyone els eto guess, etc..

C said...

It must be so exciting for Zoe to be guessing the baby's sex, going shopping with you for baby, and just going through this pregnancy with you! She's going to be such an awesome big sister! :)

FancyMomma said...

Yes, it is fun for her. She is also reaping the benifits of al the time we are spending in baby and children's stores...and has a better and more extensive wardrobe than she ever has before!!!

I am not sure if she'll be a great big sister or not...it will be a huge adjustment for her, and she is very used to being the center of attention and getting things her way. Hopefully she will adjust well! If one more person tells me what a "great helper" she'll be (not that you did :) ) I will scream though. She will not even be 6. She will not be a great helper, and I don't expect her to!! As long as she is not mean to the baby, and not TOO demanding of extra attention (or course she'll need and will get loads, but there will be a limit, there will have to be), I'll be very happy!!

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