Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh my goodness!!!

My parents went from having just one adorable little grandchild...
to another one on the way...and now TWO MORE on the way!!We're due with our first baby on February 3rd, 2009 and Middle Bro and my SIL are due with their second (and third!) on February 21st! My poor parents are going to have to rush back and forth from "the Island" and "K-town"! I have a feeling that my SIL and I will be having our babies around the same time!!! Crazy (but exciting)!!!


t said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY! VERY EXCITED FOR YOU ALL!

hotmommy said...

i haven't checked the blog in a week since the kids are driving me bonkers; i can't wait for them to go back to school and then i'll onlyu have the baby here but even then, he's started to get very mobile! ha!

congradulations to your bro and his wife and to everyone there !talk to you soon chris

C said...

Thanks! We're all super excited about the twins!!! What really irks me is when people make ridiculous comments like "Oh! Don't you feel like your thunder has been stolen and that the spotlight is not on you and your first baby?" or "Wow! Now not only is your first pregnancy not the only focus, but now they're having TWINS!!! Way to steal your thunder twice!!" Gah! What on earth? Who says stuff like that? That just really annoys me because babies are a blessing and the other stuff doesn't matter. I'm just so excited that my brother and his wife are having twins!!! My adorable little nephew is going to be a great big brother!! He'll be a very busy big brother too!!

C said...

Hot Mommy:
I know how busy things get at your house, so you don't have to explain! LOL! My Bro and SIL will be like you...with three kids. Only, two of theirs will be the same age! Imagine two crying babies at the same time, PLUS a toddler? LOL!

We keep joking about how they're going to end up like Jon and Kate Plus 8!

japanmanpete said...

Bloody hell, mate! I have been away from your blog for a short time and am surprised to see that you lot are baby making machines!

That last photograph looks like there is a small litter in there!

Cheers, love, and beer!


Jeanna said...

That would be a lot of fun, especially for them. Congrats to mid Bro and SIL. Holidays are going to be a riot for you guys.

VE said...'s not a race. The winner won't get a Gold. Very exciting though...

Anonymous said...

Such a cuttie... Congrats to Bro and SIL

C said...

Oh, you are too funny! "You lot are baby making machines" and "It looks like there is a small litter in there"! You're so kooky! ;)

Yeah, we're all really excited! I grew up with 12 first cousins on my mom's side and 10 on my dad's. We have always been a very close-knit family and having lots of cousins was lots of fun as a kid. Christmas was always fun!

TWINS! I still can't believe it!! :) I'm really excited for Mid Bro and SIL!

C said...

You are right, indeed! Hubby joked about thinking of starting on #2 right after our first is born. I wasn't laughing. LOL! ;)

Gadget Girl:
GADGET GIRL!!! YAY! So excited that you commented! Did you read all the Gadget Girl posts I wrote?? :)
Isn't it crazy (but exciting) that my brother and his wife are having twins??? They'll have three babies all under the age of two! Kenny will be turning two in March.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats!!!

Twins are all over the place all of a sudden...I am one of 3 pregnant women in my office right now..and the other 2 are BOTH having twins (and neither had any kind of reproductive assistant either)!

C said...

Oh my goodness! Really!?! That is crazy! It's really amazing, actually! We were stunned when we found out my bro and his wife are expecting twins. I think they were more shocked than any of us!

It's really exciting, since though not uncommon, twins are something fascinating. They're not that uncommon, but they're not that common either.

I'm curious to find out if it was two eggs that were released and fertilized or one egg that split. SIL has no history of twins in her family. We've got twins on both my maternal grandmother's side and grandfather's side. I don't know if that has any weight at all or if it's up to the mother's genes.

I was actually wondering if you were going to have twins since you're a twin yourself :) I'm just glad to be starting off with one first! LOL! I'm so excited for my brother and his wife!!!

C said...

Incidentally, SIL's sister is also expecting!

Anonymous said...

I live in fear of having twins...and with both my co-workers having them, I actually feel like I dodged a bullet and am very relieved that the twin water around my place of work did not hit me! Twins are exciting...for other people! We cannot afford (or fit...or afford to fit) 3 kids into our home, or our lives! That said, I was sorta hoping to have twins for my first pregnancy...but I didn't and am very pleased to be having a singleton for my second!

I do know a (fraternal) twin who had twins, so those that say that twins always skip a generation lied!

My understanding is that (free of fertility intervention) fraternal twins are generally hereditary, from the mother's line. Identical twins are not herditary in any way...they just happen.

One thing is that even if someone thinks they don't have twins in their family, it is not always the case. Early losses of a twin are rather of course with all the early Ultrasounds, people know if they lose a twin. Back even just one generation, one would never know. Here is an interesting article about it:

With me and my MIL both being fraternal twins...I am sure that my kids or one of their cousins on Adam's side will have them!

diane said...

Hi Christine, Actually, Elisha has twins on her fathers side so.....and my mothers side although it is far enough back....
Of course none of this will take away from your baby....they are all precious!!!

C said...

That is so interesting! I'm going to check out that link. I didn't know Adam's mom is a twin too! That is so neat!

C said...

This is so exciting! Congrats on being a Nana x4!!! Your Christmas holidays are going to be full of lots of laughter, love and excitement with all of those grandkids! I think it's great that they're all so close in age too!

That is so neat! I asked Elisha if there were twins on Geoff's side or on your side of the family and she said no. I wonder if they're fraternal or identical! Ooooh!!! I am so excited just thinking about the twins!!

I know none of this will take away from our pregnancy and our baby, but it still really irritates me when people insinuate that it will ;)

Autumn's Mom said...

How exciting!!! My SIL and I were pregnant at the same time. It's fun to share the experience with those you are close to. Your parents better rest up! haha

lisaschaos said...

How fun!!! My birthday is Feb 8th and my grandson's is Feb 24th, both great days, hint hint. :)

Congrats to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone! Lots of excitement and the pitter patter of little feet in your homes!

It is such a great experience to be pregnant with someone close to you. This way you can trade stories and tips and go through everything together!


Starshine said...


Palm Springs Savant said...

WOW ow exciting!!!!! I love kids and big families

mrinz said...

OHHHHH twins!!!! I feel I know all about twins!! Have just arrived home after staying with the family for five days - our twins are now 15 months old and their big sister is nearly 2. Its a very very busy household!

mrinz said...

Just reading more of the comments - yes it will be interesting to know if they are identical or fraternal.

Our little fellows are identical, very very hard to tell apart but they are developing quite different personalities. They look out for each other though, even at such a young age.

And oops, I just realised that I put the wrong age in for their big sister - she is nearly 3, not 2

Karen MEG said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! It's so exciting that the cousins will be so close in age! My 1 year old nieces are less than 24 hours apart, so almost like twins! They are so cute together.

And yes, your parents will be VERY busy LOL!

Oh, and to you comments about people stealing thunder... I've seen that reaction more than once, it's just that you're such a sweetheart it would NEVER occur to you to think that way. But I'm amazed that people actually SAID that aloud to you ... wha????

Congrats again to your growing family!

mrinz said...

Any tips - well lots really. I will email you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissy~
That is one very cute baby you are expecting! Look at that cute little button nose!

Congrads to your brother and hsi wife too. You're all going to have your hands full!

C. K. said...

This is soooooo great! Your kid is going to have relatives at the same age and grow up together - this is sooo wonderful!! Congrats!!!!!!

love, CK

C said...

Tee hee! My mom already said she's got a headache thinking of my SIL and me giving birth around the same time! I told her not to stress over these things, but I think she's the type of person who needs to stress out about things :) She'll be fine! She just doesn't know it yet!

Thanks! Well, our original due date was Jan. 30, and then it was Feb. 8! Now it's Feb. 3! I guess the baby could be born on your birthday after all! ;)

Crazy enough, I know twenty *yes, TWENTY!!!* other girls having babies between Sept-Feb! It's so nice to be able to swap stories and get reassurance from others who have "been there, done that"! :)

C said...

LOL! It would be crazy if all three were born on the same day!!! :) Somehow, with our luck, I think it may very well happen! LOL!

Big families are awesome! I grew up in a tight-knit, big family. I always wanted that for my kids as well. We're starting off with one, and we'll see what happens after! LOL!

Thank you for the e-mail! You are such a gem!!! XOXO

C said...

Awww! 24 hrs apart! Tooooo cute!!
Yes, it's true. People do actually say those things!!! *sigh* I try to shrug it off, but I must admit that it really does annoy me! LOL! Oh, and I get annoyed very easily these days! LOL!!!!

Thank you very much!! Glad the baby looks like he or she has Hubby's nose and not mine! LOL! I don't like my nose! :p

Hey, girlfriend!! I've missed you! Yes, it's pretty amazing that our baby will have cousins so close in age! I'm excited about that. The only sad thing is that my brother and his wife live 10 hrs away by car!!!! The babies will all be close in age, but geographically they will be far :(

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