Saturday, August 02, 2008

So many blogs, so little time

I've been MIA for a few days. I just haven't been around the computer much. I'm hoping I'll have more time next week to catch up on some of my favourite blogs.

Speaking of which, the lovely Mrinz awarded me with this:Her friend, Gail passed it on to her. The cute smiley face was drawn by Gail's son. How sweet for a little boy to give something so bright, cheery and creative to his mom. :)

What a surprise to receive this You Make Me Smile Award from Mrinz! Thank you so much. I don't recall how or when exactly Mrinz and I began reading each other's blogs and corresponding with each other, but her kind words and her thoughtful posts always brighten up my day. The photographs on her blog are always stunning. It's been a dream of mine since childhood to venture to New Zealand and Mrinz's blog always makes me want to visit NZ even more!

I would like to pass this award to some of the very many bloggers who make me smile.

Canine, Ms.Mamma and Lotus, your blogs are three of the blogs that I've been reading since I first began blogging a few years ago. Our bloggy friend relationships have crossed over into true friendships and I love the little surprises and notes we send each other in the mail. You three make me smile with your wonderfully funny posts, spectacular photos, and great comments.

Jeanna and Jimbo, I must pass this award onto you because you really do make me smile every day. It seems as though I've known you both forever. The friendly banter and carrying on make reading comments more fun than reading the posts sometimes.

Jane and Karen, this award goes out to you too. You've been such wonderful friends and you always make me laugh.
Before I sign off, I'm going to post this cute photo. I'm not sure when I'll be posting again (probably sometime next week), so here you go.
Hubby had to go down south yesterday to look at some farm equipment with a friend of ours. They returned around 2AM and instead of coming back with a new piece of farm equipment, Hubby returned with some adorable John Deere outfits for Baby.

I have a sneaky suspicion somebody is going to be a baby spoiler! ;)


Uncivil said...

Haha.....I love gettin' paired w/Jeanna!!!!She's my little Liberal Love bird!
Thanks for the Award C.
Them John Deere droors are makin' me smile!!!!!!! Gotta get me some!

BeachMama said...

I love the baby outfits!

And I need a good two days to get caught up on all the blogs that I love. I just don't have time right now with everything.

t said...


That is cute! Have a great long weekendChris!

caninecologne said...

hi c! thanks for the shout out! i'm glad we became friends through our blogs. : )

Starshine said...

CUTE outfits!

C said...

LOL! My little Liberal love bird! I love that! Jeanna obviously hasn't been by tonight, otherwise she would have commented on that! ;)
The John Deere outfit is cute, isn't it? Now, wouldn't you look cute in one of those???

Beach Mama:
Hubby surprised me when he came home with stuff for the baby! I was expecting him to be coming home with some huge piece of farm equipment! Instead, he had baby clothes!! Hubby was so cute!
I hear ya on the no time for catching up with fave blogs. I'm hoping next week I'll have a bit more time!

C said...

I know! I love the "I dig dirt"!!! So cute! The little John Deere hat is adorable too.
Hope you have a great long weekend too! We just had supper with friends and watched a movie. Tomorrow night we're going to the fireworks and there's this parade of lights of sorts where people decorate their boats with lights and sail through the North Channel. Very cool.

I'm glad too! Oh! I will call you sometime during the week, as I have a friend from out of town staying with us until Monday. We can catch up then! :)
Glad you guys were okay and no one was injured during the earthquake! xoxo

C said...

Thanks! I LOVE baby outfits! So cute!!

BTW, I can totally see why your name is Starshine :) It really is the perfect name for you! xo

Karen MEG said...

Those John Deere outfits are SOOOOO CUTE!!! Someone's gonna love being a Daddy.

And thanks for the award, C, that is so sweet! Reminds me that I should be sending some bloggy love out.

I'm with you, I don't have enough time for all the wonderful blogs that are out there, esp. in the summer. They really should add a few extra hours in the day reserved for blogging, don't you think?

louann said...

Oh C1 Those look absolutely adorable!!!

Jeanna said...

Little Liberal Love bird, ha!
Love the John Deere clothes and thanks, C. I haven't been able to make myself stay on the computer for any length of time lately. Can't stand to be inside when the sun is shining, but have an article to get done and stuff to fix around the apt, so...blah.

C said...

It was so cute! Hubby came home from his trip down south at 2AM and was so excited to show me the little outfits he got "Junior"! LOL! He said that even if "Junior" is a girl, she'll still be wearing John Deere gear. Too funny!

Yes, I agree totally! We need a few extra hours in the day just for blogging! ;) I haven't checked out any of my fave blogs in a week!!

C said...

My parents will be going to the Philippines for a good part of the winter (October to January) and will get back in time for the birth. I'm excited because there are soooooooo many cute clothes for kids and babies in the Philippines!!!

I know how you feel. When it's nice out, who wants to be inside? ;) Could you take your laptop with you and write your article outdoors?

Ms. Mamma said...

Um're pretty dang sweet, C! You were one of my first bloggy friends and I love ya! Thanks dear, but you truly have a gift for brightening one's day. I'm loving your berries and those kRaZy tomatos! XO

Jeanna said...

No laptop, C. I so very much want and need one. But I'd probably drop it in the water or something.
One of my fav things is to go down by the ballpark, listen to a game (even if it's the Cubs) on the radio and start the story on paper.
Guess I'm old school that way.

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