Friday, August 22, 2008

Freaky Friday

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It's not even 5:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake...and blogging! My sleep was disturbed by a very odd dream. Ever since I got pregnant (and this has been happening more consistently for the past week), I have been having really weird dreams!

A few nights ago, I had a dream that Momisodes, Babysodes and I went shopping. It was raining heavily, but the three of us refused to use an umbrella. We wanted to play in the rain and get wet. I have no idea why I had a dream of Momisodes. Perhaps it's because we were Tweeting back and forth earlier that night? I have no idea!

Yesterday, I had a dream that my friend (let's call him Mr. HappyGoLucky) who has got to be the nicest guy in the world ended up being a total jerk! In my dream, he was boasting about having five girlfriends (err...make that "friends", if you know what I mean!) at the same time. In real life, he is dating someone and seems really happy with this person. Weird!

Earlier this week, I had a dream that I was in my 20's and off jet setting again. I was traveling with this Euro Boy that I had never ever seen before in my life. I think he was Swiss and we were traveling to Greece. Weird. All I can remember is that he had a very keen eye for fashion!

Now, it gets even stranger. This morning, I woke up from a crazy (yet seemingly realistic) dream. In my dream, I was working at Seattle Grace Hospital (Any Grey's Anatomy fans out there?) and there was some sort of explosion. Many people were injured or killed. For some reason, my job was to write letters and e-mail to the families of the victims. Whaaaat? Weird, right? The only reason I can think of that I had a dream where I worked in a hospital is because of a post I read recently that Momisodes wrote. It was a post about her very first day as a registered nurse. Maybe that post had an impact on me and somehow filtered into my dreams?

In my dream, the hospital had its own mail carrier/mail delivery person and he stayed late to wait for me to finish all of my letters. This mailman started off being Gio from the TV show, Ugly Betty. Odd, because I haven't watched the show much and I'm not much of a Freddy Rodriguez fan.

Wait! It gets even stranger! The mailman all of a sudden turned into that really skinny scrawny guy who was high the entire time in the movie Knocked Up. You know, the one who had that Canadian maple leaf tattooed on his chest. That guy. I just IMDb'd him, and was surprised to see that he is Canadian...and from Ottawa (now residing in Montreal)!

Back to the dream. I was writing hundreds of letters to the families of the victims of the explosion and the mail guy was patiently waiting for me. In fact, he even tried assisting me in finishing the letters. Then it got weirder! Somewhere along the way, we were dating! Gah! Creepy, skinny guy was my boyfriend!

Funny, because neither he nor Gio are my "type" in terms of looks. Why couldn't I dream that Brad Pitt or Patrick Dempsey was my boyfriend? ;)My hand started cramping up from writing all those letters and in real life, I woke up because my hands were cramped. I think I slept on them last night, because they were all numb this morning. I woke up massaging my hands and crying, "My hands are numb! Am I going to drop the baby????"

Hubby opened one eye and said, "No"...and then he was asleep again in two seconds.

Holy Neurosis, Batman! I told you I've been having weird dreams!


Starshine said...

Isn't it the weirdest thing how a dream sort of morphs into real life, like the thing with your numb hands?


C said...

I know! Crazy, crazy dreams! It really is the oddest thing when dreams morph into real life.

I remember when I was a kid (probably before I was in kindergarten), I was dreaming that I had to go to the bathroom. I saw myself (in my dream) walking to the bathroom, lifting up the toilet seat, sitting on the toilet bowl and peeing...and then I woke up and had peed in real life!!! It was the CRAZIEST thing! That was the only time I had an "accident" like that, and I remember it so vividly.

Probably way too much information here, but it just goes to show how sometimes dreams and reality sort of mesh. Weird!

Sandy C. said...

Oh man....

FIRST! You are no longer allowed to read my nursing posts until AFTER you deliver your precious baby :) Capisch?

Second, it wasn't a dream! We love frolicking in the rain! And I'll drag you out to do that too with us ....after you deliver your precious baby :)

As for the dreams. They really do seem much more vivid while pregnant. My hands would sometimes go numb too, especially while sleeping on my back while preggo. I can't remember why.

Make sure you watch more McDreamy before nodding off at night ;)

VE said...

Tell you what....I'll go to Greece and check it out and see if there is anything to these dreams of yours...

hotmommy said...

i had wierd dreams too when i was pregant with all three of my kids.really crazy wierd dreams !

that skinny guy from knocked up was the one with pink eye in the movie right? {{{{lol}}}}}

J at said...

Weird dreams are common during pregnancy, no worries. I've heard of women having REALLY sexy dreams, too, but I don't remember having those when I was pregnant.

Deb said...

i love having crazy dreams. maybe now that you have consciously fretted over why neither brad nor patrick were your boyfriend, you will have wonderful dreams about them tonight. lets' hope!

louann said...

I heard that happens a lot when pregnant. Weird but fun though, I thinl!

jan said...

I had really weird dreams when I was pregnant too. So many of them I was afraid I would do something to hurt my baby. I never did though. It might be your mind's effort to prepare you for a new experience.

Rosie : ) said...

Hormones must make you think you are goign crazy! :) You are lucky to remember your dreams. I rarely do. :(

As for the question of "Why couldn't it be Brad Pitt or Patrick Dempsey?" Hmmm, well, maybe becaseu then you wouldn't be able to handle the hormone flashes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy dreams. Oh yes. I had crazy ones, too---but they were all sexy!

C said...

Alright! :) I promise no more reading nursing posts until after I have the baby.

Cool! Frolicking in the rain with our little ones sounds like fun!

Okay, I'm kinda glad to hear that your hands would sometimes go numb too. That kind of freaked me out when it happened! LOL!

C said...

It would be interesting to see a post of yours about Greece! I enjoyed the posts about your last vacation.

Hot Mommy:
Yes, that was him! The pink eye guy!

C said...

Ummmmm...Funny you mentioned that! I didn't mention the really sexy dreams! LOL! Some of my students read the blog! Oddly, most of my dreams these days ARE a little steamy! Wonder why?

I had a dream that I was dating McDreamy AND McSteamy! I used to think McDreamy was hotter, but these days I kinda have a huge crush on McDreamy.

C said...

I wonder why many pregnant women have weird and vivid dreams? I'm curious to find out if you will experience them too, now that you're pregnant! :)

Wow! That's interesting! So many really unexpected things are happening (and changing) lately. I never expected pregnancy to have so many changes. It's exciting!

C said...

LOL! Hormone flashes! Probably!!! Wouldn't that be something!! :)

Okay, now I feel MUCH better! :) Mine have pretty much been that way all week! Gah!
Thanks for popping by and commenting! I'm off to yours now!

Jeanna said...

Your mind has been too busy, C. I dreamt about Brett Favre the other night and it was mostly him whining. Not too far from reality I guess.
It almost sounds like the product of food or drugs.
I like little Freddy. Wasn't he on Six Feet Under?

Palm Springs Savant said...

I used to like Freddy from "Six Feet Under", he was good on that show. Btw, Brad Pitt is not only handsome, he is a REALLY NICE PERSON too.

C said...

Why does it not surprise me that you'd be dreaming about a football player? ;)

As for the dreams as of late, definitely not due to drugs (unless Hubby has been slipping his pregnant wife a little sumthin' extra in her glass of milk!) and food??? Hmmm...I don't think I've eaten anything unusual lately.

I got a scolding from my doc. Apparently I'm not eating enough!!!! Hmph!

C said...

Yeah...noooo idea why I had a dream of Freddy! I didn't realize he was in Six Feet Under! I have only seen half of an episode. I promised myself to check it out though.

Have you met Brad IRL? I know you've met lots of celebs, so it wouldn't surprise me if you had met him. So, he's really nice, eh? I've had a crush on his ever since Thelma and Louise!

BTW, my 11 year old niece didn't believe me when I told her you had met Zac Efron! I showed her that photo of you and Zac on your blog and now you are her hero! LOL! ;)

Karen MEG said...

OMG, I had the weirdest, weirdest dreams when I was pregnant too! And unfortunately, neither Patrick or Brad showed up in mine either :(.

Have I told you lately how cute you are LOL?!!

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