Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sizzlin' Sunday on the Island

26°C Clear
78°F (For my American friends)
What to do on a hot day?
(1) Eat some cold soup!! My friend, K tried out a new recipe for an orange-melon soup. It is an unusually delicious soup and refreshing on a hot summer day! It's quite different from anything I have ever tried before! K found the recipe on Anna Olson's Food Network show, Sugar.

Orange Melon Soup

1 tbsp orange zest
1/2 c pineapple juice (K juiced a fresh pineapple with my juicer)
1/2 c fresh orange juice (again, the oranges were juiced with the juicer)
1/3 c sugar (K omitted the sugar)
2 tsp freshly grated ginger
4 c peeled and diced cantaloupe
1 c yogurt
3/4 c sour cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp chopped fresh mint

Heat orange zest, juices, sugar and ginger and simmer until a thin syrup consistency. Remove from heat and cool. In a blender, puree cantaloupe with cooled syrup until smooth. Add yogurt, 1/2 c sour cream and vanilla and puree until smooth. Chill for at least 4 hours before serving.

For garnish, stir remaining 1/4 c sour cream with honey and mint. Dollop or swirl sweetened sour cream on soup before serving.

(2) Hang out at "The Falls"! Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea! It was packed!
(3) Eat food that doesn't require any cooking! Gah! I am absolutely melting and the thought of turning on the stove, oven or BBQ is something I dread in this heat. When it's really hot, I often don't feel like eating anything but salads or raw veggies.
Here's one of my cherry tomatoes. I thought it was really funny that this little tomato had an appendage growing from its top! I found several others that had the same thing. Too funny!
Here are some of my precious raspberries. This summer we have tons of raspberries. We always have a lot, but this year there are more than I can handle! I can't pick them fast enough! I've got raspberries coming out of my ears! I've been going out every morning and picking several buckets of them. I've been freezing some for the winter and giving some away. If you're in the area, please come by and take some! If you'd like to pick your own, that's even better! ;)


Shannon said...

That soup looks divine! I am having a dinner party on Friday and that will be on the menu- Thanks :) Raspberries have gone by here. I agree there was a bumper crop this year! I had about five ladies from the fd auxiliary and ladies aid pick them, two sisters, two friends, and our greenhouse guru picked two days. I also picked buckets. I gave them to our employees, our friends, and people at the town offices! My folks were here for a bit and enjoyed having raspberry pancakes, raspberry smoothies, raspberry mousse, raspberry jam, raspberry tea... I have about ten jars of preserves, and twenty bags packed away in the freezer. Plenty were left over for the birds and the chickens...
Enjoy the hots days :)

japanmanpete said...

Blimey! Orange melon soup! Sounds too posh for me!

Cheers, love and beer!


J at said...

Crap! I live far too far away to get at those beautiful raspberries, and it's too hot there for you to make jam out of them, which would be the best thing right now. Sigh. Grind grind grind. That's the sound of my teeth, grinding because I WANT those raspberries.

The soup looks lovely, too. Thanks for the translation in temp, because I'm an idiot, and had no idea what the conversion might be. :)

Ellie said...

Oh you lucky girl!! I love Bridal Veil Falls!!!! And the raspberries, I am so jealous!!!!!!!
Hugs for you!

Jeanna said...

Funny how that cherry tomato looks like a cherry. Who wouldn't go to the falls in this weather. I was like 31, lucky dog. I think we're having the same kid of weather on and off, but no falls and no clean water in the immediate area—waaahhhhh. Except swimming pools, and they could be cleaner.
Never had cold soup, sounds good.

Mrs. Mogul said...

Yum raspberries!!

Pavel said...

Wow! Good food! Good Weather! Good scenery! You're living the life over there,C!

Calfkeeper said...

Oh, how I envy you and your "too many raspberries!" If I were there close I'd be in your raspberries every day. Well. Enjoy what you can.

Hope you are feeling well. I haven't been on the computer much at all lately. I have missed reading your blog posts.



VE said...

We have the hot too. 94, feels like 94 though. We don't get humidity much. Love the raspberries...

Starshine said...

I love raspberries!

The soup sounds great--more like dessert than the main course! :)

Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

C said...

Hello!!! So glad to read your comment :) I am off to try and catch up on my fave blogs right after I reply to all these comments! When the weather is great, I'm not on the computer much.

Ooooooh! Raspberry mousse!!! Would you care to share the recipe on your blog? :)


C said...

Ooohhhhh!!! I wish I could teleport them to you!! They are deeeeeeelish...and I have way too many of them! I did make a few jars of raspberry jam, but that was a BIG mistake because it was so freakin' hot!
I've been eating them fresh, with yogurt, in smoothies...

Oh, Ellie! I've missed you! Hope you guys are having a great summer! I'm off to check out what's new with you and your fam! ;)

Cherry said...

I immediately thought of J when I saw those raspberries. She does love them!

Don Mills Diva said...

OMG - those falls look absolutely gorgeous - what a great place to spend a sizzling day...

BTW - the next time you are in Don Mills look me up!

C said...

That's funny! Hubby said the exact same thing! He said that the cherry tomato looks like a cherry with a stem.

The dog has been giving me the puppy dog eyes. I know he wants to go to the beach. He just loooooves swimming!! He's got such a thick coat too, so he likes to get as cool as possible when he can in the summer.

Raspberries....soooooo good! I'm trying to figure out what else to do with them besides eating them fresh. It's so freakin' hot that I don't feel like baking! We don't have A/C and with this heat, I do not want to use the stove or oven! Tooooo hot!!!

C said...

:) Thanks! I do think I'm lucky sometimes!

Calf Keeper:
Ohhh! I soooooooooo wish you lived closer! I'd gladly hand over buckets of raspberries to you! These are just our domestic raspberries! I didn't even get to the wild ones we have here! I find the wild raspberries to be much sweeter, though smaller!

Thank you :) I am finally able to eat food! The all day sickness is GONE!!! We are now in our 14th week of pregnancy. All is good! Yay!

C said...

Gah! 94 and feels like 94! That's HOT! At least you don't have the humidity though! That's good!

I don't fare well in heat. I love going to hot countries for vacation, but when it's tooooooooo hot, I get miserable and irritable! LOL! I remember hating Singapore because it was sooooo hot. You could feel this wall of you could cut through the heat. Yuck.

I think the soup was actually meant to be a dessert soup! (That's the first time I'd ever heard of a dessert soup) It was kind of like a smoothie in a bowl! It was reeeeally good! Very refreshing on a hot day!

C said...

Wow! I really wish I could send some raspberries over!

I make a really deeeelish raspberry torte, but I really don't feel like working that oven right now! LOL!

Don Mills Diva:
The falls are packed in the summer. I love going when there are no tourists around. I like to take the dog and/or my nieces for walks on the trails there. It's such a great place to be in any season.

I was just thinking that Graham would love playing in the water there!

I will most certainly look you up next time I'm in Don Mills. My aunt who lives in Don Mills is a dietitian and now that I'm pregnant, she calls me regularly to check up on "us" and to make sure baby is getting all the nutrients he/she needs. She's so sweet!

Uncivil said...

We're happy if it gets down to 78 F
here in the hot humid scanky south!
It was 98 yesterday!

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