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Baby Stuff

WARNING: This post is all about baby "stuff", so avert your eyes if this does not interest you! ;)

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me if I'm ready for Baby's arrival. Am I ready??? Gosh! I think I am, but I have absolutely no idea what to expect with the arrival of our little one. One thing is for sure...I'm really excited about having our baby in our home this winter!

A few girlfriends have asked if I've already started buying baby things. You know, the baby clothes, accessories for the baby's room, baby furniture, etc. I've also been asked if I had already started stocking up on diapers yet.

Gah! I hadn't even thought of that! I guess it would be a good idea to start doing some of that now, wouldn't it?

With the exception of my good pal, Gadget Girl painting the baby's room and receiving some baby clothes that friends have bought for "Junior" (and the really cute John Deere outfits that Hubby picked up while on a trip down south), we haven't really started preparing for baby's arrival. We haven't really begun accumulating baby items yet. I figure we're 17 weeks along and have five more months to get things done! That's loads of time left...Right???

These are a few items I've been checking out:

When Audrey was expecting her fourth son, Henry, she posted about this really cool sling. I love the idea of a sling. Anything that allows me to keep the baby with me and have my hands free to do other things is definitely a winner in my books. (Ahhh...I can always trust the girls at Mom Generations to find the coolest items for babies, moms, dads, kids, pets, and grandparents!)

I fell in love with this Peanut Shell:Because I'm picky, if I get one it will have to be in this colour and pattern:Wait! The search didn't stop there! Who knew that there were so many different types of slings, carriers, Mei-Tais, baby wearing devices, and attach-to-your-hip contraptions???

I also fell in love with this!Ooooh! So may different patterns to choose from!

I kind of like this:
and this:and this:If I do get a BabyHawk, it will most likely be similar in pattern to one of those three.

As far as diapers go, perhaps I'm being a bit ambitious, but I am hoping to do a combination of cloth diapers and disposable organic diapers. I don't know how convenient or feasible this will be, but I would really like to try.

I found these:The cloth diapers are to be used in conjunction with these diaper covers:My friend (and fellow-mama-to-be, except she with baby #2 and I with baby #1), Fancy Pansy mentioned these cloth diapers from Mommy's Touch.

Next items to look into:
-travel systems
-car seats

and the list goes on...



t said...

I wish I was having a baby soon (more like I wish I was in a serious relationship so I could have a baby soon; and don't tell my B that I said this! He'd kill me). The only reason I say this is because there are so many cute things out there for mommies and babies. OK, maybe I don't want a baby that much right now, but I can always spoil your baby!

Starshine said...

Cute stuff! I bet with all the Etsy shops, there are a ton of awesome homemade baby things. :)

C said...

LOL! You are too cute!

C said...

You are sooooo right! I have got to check out more Etsy shops! They've got some really great stuff on there! I LOVE Etsy!

Deb said...

i love the baby slings! adorable.

louann said...

I really really really really wish we lived close to each other C! I know we would have a blast shopping for everything baby!!

I would also want a sling.

About the cloth diapers, I did try to give my ambition a try with my eldest. I bought dozens and dozens and dozens of cloth diapers but I was studying and working part time and it just wasn't convenient for me.

I love the bumbo seat, which I got for my 2nd.

And with me being very short (4'11), the baby carrier doesn't work for me as well.

Happy shopping C! It's so so so so fun!

C. K. said...

You must be having so much fun!!! I would be, even if I'm only shopping for a friend's baby.

Gosh - all my friends are now married and having babies, and I'm still partying and buying shoes...

p.s. My blog is BACK!!

C said...

Aren't they??? I love them! :)

C said...

I know :(
About the cloth diapers...I'm also worried about the convenience factor too. I'll give it a try though, and see how things go. Wish me luck! LOL!
Oh, wow! You are the same height as my Mom!!! I'm 5'1" (at least that's what it says on my drivers' license)! :)
Happy shopping to you too! Let me know of any cool finds or must-haves!

C said...

Hello, my gorgeous gal pal!! I was actually going to e-mail you the other day! Sooooooooo glad you're back! I've missed you!!!! LOL!
I'm hoppin' on over to yours now! XO

Ellie said...

I got a sling when I had Devin and I wished I had used on with all three, they are amazing! I went everywhere with Devin in the sling until he was almost 3 years old. It was also great for nursing discreetly. I also used to use a Baby Trekker which is a front and back carrier and it was really comfy and easy on the back. He could face in our out, so both of use were happy. Devin hardly used his stroller!

Rosie : ) said...

I loved the baby sling too. The nice thing about it is that you can nurse the baby in private if you pull up the front part high enough. :)

As for toys and accessories you need, well, the basics would be crib and car seat/stroller combo (best deal). I know many people loved the change table, but we've never used it. I generally change the baby on my knees, or the couch (using a "piqué" material) and later on, we change the kids on the floor. My hubby is tall, I am short and the change table was never the right height, nor did I find it handy to have to tie the kids up while changing them. It is a matter of preference. :)

You don't really need a playpen, unless you plan on taking many trips and lugging it everywhere. We bought one and never really used it until it became the baby's "crib" at camp.

I think another important accessory for when you have kids is a video camera and regular camera. We only bought a video camera for our fifth child, and I really regret not saving up for one beforehand. The camera is a given, you will take millions of pictures of your baby. :) They are so cute, how can you resist?

Rayrena said...

Oh, how fun!!!! I love baby stuff! It's so cool that you're getting a baby carrier. They are the best! You can stay totally connected with the baby and they love to sleep in them. I have an Ergo and it rocks. My friend has Beco but if she had to choose again, she said she would get an Ergo. In fact, Fia fell asleep on the way to the store today and she slept on my chest in the carrier while I shopped. I'll email you more detailed info.

Cloth diapers are totally doable. I use disposables when we got out and cloth at home. Check out Green Mountain Diapers website, they have a LOT of info about cloth diapering. Also Punkin Butt's website. Be sure to get Bac-Out for cleaning the diapers.

I'll have to work on an email of all the stuff that I really loved having!

C said...

The more I hear people's responses, the more I want to get a baby carrier or a sling!! I really like the idea of having the baby close to me AND me being able to still get stuff done!! :)

C said...

Thanks for the input!!! I'm going to have to keep all that in mind! It's great having this kind of network where I can draw from the experience of other moms!!

As for the playpen...I don't think we'd need it much at home, but when we take trips to Montreal, Kingston and Toronto, it might come in handy. I'm looking for one that is easy to transport and doesn't take up too much room in the car!

I know what you mean about the camera! We got a digital camera the year before my nephew was born and I have taken a zillion photos of him...and he's not even my son! LOL! I can't tell you how many photos I have of him sleeping, eating, playing with his toys, and just looking adorable! LOL!

C said...

Have I told you lately that I love you??? You are THE BEST! I'm looking forward to that e-mail! :)

I was actually going to get in touch with you about the baby stuff! I just love all the stuff you have for Fia, so I figured you'd be a good person to talk to about products for babies.

Chat soon!

Karen MEG said...

Can I tell you how excited I am at how excited you are?

This is great ;)

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