Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm an addict. Are you?


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Hubby: You're 85% addicted to blogging?
Me: Apparently.
Hubby: That's all???

I was reading a post that Starshine wrote last week about the reasons for which she blogs. Her post prompted me to write my own post about this very topic, but a few other things came up that kind of distracted me (like the exciting news that Middle Bro and my SIL are expecting twins, the very sad news of the death of a friend, our friend's funeral, planning and hosting a "not so surprise" going away party for a dear friend of ours, and a few other things).

I am well aware that I am a blog addict.
1) I think and dream about things to blog about all the time. I don't do this on purpose.
2) If I'm out and something noteworthy happens, I think "Oooh! That would be great for the blog!"
3) I'm constantly taking photos for the blog. We were at a potluck this afternoon and I got Hubby to get out his cell phone (I didn't bring our camera) so I could take photos of the amazing cupcakes that one of the ladies made. I sometimes feel like a goof ball when I go to restaurants and whip out the camera. Hey, it's for the blog!
4) I suffer from withdrawal if I'm on vacation and don't have access to the blog world for a few days. I know it's terrible. I eventually get used to the idea of having a nice, relaxing of telephones, e-mail, and voicemail. Once I get used to being away from all of this, I do enjoy being able to "unplug". Then I think, "Oh! I mustn't forget to blog about that thing that happened, that place we went to or that dish we tried!" ;)
5) I read several blogs which have become daily reads for me.
6) I have really grown to love the blog "community" which I have become a part of.

My reasons for blogging:
1) In the beginning, I started blogging to keep in touch with friends, family and former students who live far away from me.
2) I was months away from getting married and was blogging about wedding questions, tips and advice...and all the craziness that comes with preparing for "the big day".
3) It's a creative outlet for me. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper (err...screen).
4) I really love the comments and feedback from fellow bloggers and have made some really great blog friends along the way.

**The "Are you addicted to blogging?" quiz was taken from the Lets101 site. Apparently, it's an online dating site, but I've never checked it out before. I just took the quiz!!!**


Starshine said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Yep! I'm definitely a blog addict! Hubs is fast asleep and I'm wide awake reading blogs!

t said...

Hi Chris! I am addicted to reading blogs. I have been following yours since you first e-mailed all of us letting us know that you were starting a blog. There are days when I am tempted to start a blog of myown but then I think of how little work I'd get done here at the office! My boss has walked in on me reading your blog a few times! I think she reads your blog now too because she asked me the other day how you and the baby are doing !

Jeanna said...

I think I'm more of a feedback addict or you know when we get talking like we do sometimes?

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm pretty addicted. More to reading and commenting though then putting my own thoughts down. But like you, things happen in my life and I think oooh good for bloggy!! haha Thanks for linking me...I think ur cool, come to my blog and see how much :D

Jeanna said...

I'm so sorry about the passing of your friends, that must be very hard.
Thank you for the update and making me a pronoun in your daily blog links.

louann said...


i started blogging because it was my outlet. AND THEN I met so many great people!

Cherry said...

While I don't write as often as I used to, I do try to check in and read on occasion.

I still have some blog addiction tendencies and I do miss it, and at the same time I don't have any idea where I'd have time to do it whole heartedly again. I met some pretty awesome women out here, and I'm happy to keep them in my life anyway I can.

Oh, and I still take pictures "for the blog" even though I never seem to get them onto the blog.

C said...

:) Tee hee! Sounds like Hubby and me! Although, now that I'm pregnant, I'm in bed before he is these days! I just can't seem to get enough sleep! LOL!

That's so funny about your boss! I just hope you don't get into trouble for reading blogs during work time!
I really think you should start a blog of your own! ;)

C said...

You know, I think that's what I'm like too. Ever since you, Jimbo and I began that crazy banter back and forth, I've been more addicted to the feedback and comments. To me, now the comments are more interesting than the actual posts! LOL! Jimmy cracks me up :) I had a good giggle when he called you his "Little Liberal Love Bird". ;)

Autumn's Mom:
Awwww! Thank you! I just checked out that post of yours! I'm going to add it to my blog today! You are too cool!

C said...

Yippeeeeeeeee!!! I just read your latest posts! CONGRATS!!! How far along are you? So neat that we're pregnant at the same time!! xo

I know how you feel :) It is tough to get into blogging regularly and whole heartedly sometimes. It seems like life is so busy sometimes that blogging takes the back seat. I used to blog every day, but I noticed that I only do it a few times a week if I'm lucky. Then there are times when I need a break from it.
I love your blog and often pop by to see if you've written any new posts! :)

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