Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's just a crazy, busy summer!!!

Crazy, busy summers = no time to blog! :(

Here are a few photos my friend K took while she was visiting us on the Island for a week. I'm thinking of changing K's nickname to Gadget Girl, because this girl has got the coolest gadgets ever (Everything from her fancy schmancy camera and all its accessories, to her souped up vehicle and GPS)! Thank goodness for her GPS! We went on a little day trip off-island one of the days she was here and we didn't even get lost once! Have I mentioned how much I hate driving in Sudbury because all of the street names change a zillion times on the same stretch of road???

Here are some photos Gadget Girl took on our farm. This is one of our orange barn kittens. So adorable! The bottom photo is of one of last year's barn kittens.
More photos of the Bridal Veil Falls. We also went to the Manitoulin Chocolate Works while we were in Kagawong. Jeanna and Canine, I was going to pick up some chocolates for you there, but decided to go back when it wasn't so hot! I wouldn't want the chocolate to melt en route to you!
Gadget Girl picked up a box of chocolates for my husband, because everyone knows that my husband has a sweet tooth! He offered me one, but luckily for me, Baby (or Junior, as Hubby calls him or her) doesn't like chocolate! I haven't been able to eat chocolate at all with this pregnancy!

The next few photos are from the Haweater Festival on Sunday. My friend, E took these photos with Gadget Girl's camera.
The Parade of Lights is always something special to see. People decorate their boats with lights and parade them around the North Channel. Unfortunately, I think last year's Parade of Lights was much better than this year's.That's okay though, because the fireworks this year made up for it! The fireworks were breathtaking!

Now, for all my friends and family who think that "The Island" is "isolated", "in the middle of nowhere", and "in the boonies", we really aren't :) We have access to everything we need, we've got lots of tourists in the summer, and we really aren't that far up north either. We are north of Toronto, but where we are located on the Island, we're actually a tad south of Ottawa. We're even south of Montreal!Gadget Girl can attest to this because she teaches on a Cree Reserve in Northern Quebec. Now, that's isolated! Just to show how isolated it is, they even have signs on the highway to get there saying that it is an isolated road. That means nothing around for miles and miles...and miles! This means, make sure you always have a full tank of gas!!!
I didn't believe Gadget Girl until she took this picture for me!Where she lives is also past the 49th Parallel.


jan said...

I couldn't eat chocolate when I was pregnant. And I live for chocolate normally. I keep reminding my children of this great sacrifice I made for them. hehe

C said...

Tee hee! :) Oh, the sacrifices! ;)
I still can't believe I don't even feel like eating chocolate! Shocking...because normally I LOVE chocolate!

Starshine said...

Oh, that chocolate looks GOOD!

Ellie said...

Oh drat!! Why couldn't Mike have been transferred to Manitoulin?? He could work from home. Well, I guess operating a warehouse is hard to do from home.... I was working outside yesterday, and was thinking about Kagawong (it is my favourite place on the Island) and wondering if the Manitoulin Chocolate Works is still there! Yum, that store is fabulous. We spent quite some time there the last time we were up!
have a great day today!

J at said...

What a beautiful place you live...I love the pictures of the waterfall.

Uncivil said...

The Bridal Veil Falls have got to be heaven on earth!!!!!

mrinz said...

No Chocolate!! However are you coping!!!

Jeanna said...

Some really nice photos there, C.
Yeah, it's too hot for some of the chocolate makers here to even make chocolate, let alone send it.
I'm more of a sour chewy type of girl anyway. Although I do love chocolate.
But since my pants aren't fitting as nicely as they did a month ago, I'm going to have to watch the chocolate dipped cannoli and such.
I love the photo of the white fireworks.

louann said...

Oh the chocolates look heavenly!!!! Sounds like an eventful and fun week =)

Shannon said...

Hubby must have asked a dozen times which island you live on. So the map was wonderful. It looks so beautiful there! I think you guys might have warmer winters than we do out here by the ocean, too! Hhhmmmmm....

Karen MEG said...

Awesome pictures, C, and I love how you share all these experiences with friends! And chocolate, oh boy, those would not last a photo shoot here!

Pop on over to my place when you get a chance, ;)

caninecologne said...

hi c!
yeah, those chocolates would melt en route! it's been superhot over here too!

C said...

The chocolate sure looks pretty! I can't believe I haven't even been tempted to try any!! What on earth is this baby doing to me? LOL!

I can totally see why Kagawong is your favourite place on the Island! I checked out the Manitoulin Chocolate Works' website, and they actually take orders online and ship them via Canada Post! I can always send you some (when it's not so hot here)! What's your favourite thing there?

C said...

Thank you :) It truly is a beautiful place. "Manitoulin" pretty much means "God's land" in Ojibway.
island .

:) Whenever I go for walks there, I always feel like I haven't got a care or worry in the world ;)

C said...

I know! Crazy, isn't it!?! But, this baby REALLY does not tolerate chocolate at all! So sad! LOL!

I knew you were more of a sour chewy kinda gal! I did see some dark and white chocolate dipped licorice (black AND red) and thought of you. I know you like black licorice too, but since you're a Purist, I thought you'd balk at the idea of dipping licorice in chocolate! If not, then I shall send you some when the heat isn't so bad! ;)

It was definitely an eventful, fun, and EXHAUSTING week! :) Lots of fun though!

C said...

I try not to mention the exact location of where I live for privacy matters, but if you Google "Manitoulin Island", you can show your Hubs where we are. You can also check out for more info.

I just popped by your place! Thank you soooooooo much! You are so sweet! Love ya and can't wait to see you again! You and Little G are so much fun (even though she pretty much entertained herself while we were visiting)!

Hola amiga! I can only imagine how hot it is where you are! It's ALWAYS hotter there than here! I melt when it's in the 80s here, so I think I would absolutely die of heat if it were anything higher! LOL! It's weird. I LOVE going to hot countries for vacation, but when it gets overly hot, I can't bare it! I'm the worst when it comes to whining about the heat. I get irritable and grouchy too! LOL! I remember going to Bali and Singapore with a male friend of mine and totally didn't want to be touched (even if it was just an accidental brushing of shoulders or arms by someone in it happens in busy, packed places) and I went absolutely nuts! LOL!

Rosie : ) said...

Every year, we have a girls' weekend, to get away from the kids and rejuventate. {I have 7 kids, my friend has 3, the others just come for the fun}

We went to Manitoulin this year. We caught Carter Bay's sunset, went hiking in Kagawong {I love Bridal Veil falls!} and spent the afternoon in Gore Bay. We might go again next year, and visit another part of the island.

I have always loved all the history of the island (biggest island on fresh water in the *world*! yeah!} and meeting amazing people.

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