Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've seen it in nature before. Mother cats search for a comfortable, safe, secluded place to have their young. Birds gather material to build a nest for their young. Father Betta fish blow bubbles to make their "nest" for the fish eggs after spawning.

Many parents in the animal kingdom go through rituals in preparation for delivering their young. For many, something innate in us kicks in and lets us know that it's time to get our lives ready for our new arrival. Sometimes these changes are obvious, and other times less obvious. We all prepare in our own ways. This is what my friend, K said that I'm going through right now.

Before K arrived on the Island to spend the week with us, I was in the process of moving all the furniture around, and completely changing the look of our house. I wanted to paint the baby's room, but K told me that she would do it when she got here. I've also been bitten by the "creativity bug" :) K made me a beautiful scrapbook for our wedding and now she has made a scrapbook for our baby. She did a couple of pages and gave me all the supplies. For the past two days, I've been going scrapbook crazy! I've completed eight pages of the scrapbook (to my surprise, since I have never done any scrapbooking before).Now that my nausea has tapered off a bit, I've been wanting to create wonderful, healthy, delicious meals for my husband again. In other news, we went for another ultrasound today. Everything is great! So far, so good! Our little one is really active. I was shocked to see all the arm and leg movements! It looks like we've got a swimmer here! There were flips and somersaults, hand waves and high fives. At one point, our baby even attempted to stick his/her thumb in his/her mouth! Too funny!

According to the baby's head measurements and crown to rump measurements, our baby's due date has changed again. This time, the EDD is February 3, 2009.


Uncivil said...

You are gonna be the best mom ever! I can tell a big difference in that second ultrasound!!!!
Nest on!!!!!!!

caninecologne said...

how exciting!

i smiled when you mentioned all the movement, hand waving, etc...tc was sucking her thumb in one of our ultrasounds

mrinz said...

oh wow that is so neat to see your baby's photos!

FancyPantsy said...

I don't next, I shop!

Great picture, glad the U/S went well!

kim said...

i am so completely out of it. YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!!! As the gals from The Hills would say, "o-m-g."

A hearty congratulations, Chrissy. I suppose we'll wait till 2020 for us to meet here in the Philippines, huh? :-)

A high-five to your hubby, too. Bubblies all around, dude.

louann said...

Oh C I can just feel your excitement! =)
I think the scrapbooks look really cute and cool and it will be so nice to show that to your little one when he/she is older =)

C said...

Awww! Thanks :) I hope so!
Isn't it amazing how much has changed since the last ultrasound??? In the first one, Junior looked like a little jellybean! You couldn't really see much at all. Now you can see the nose, the lips, the chin, the ears, the hands, fingers, legs, toes and belly really clearly!

:) You should have seen Hubby's face when he saw all the movement! He was shocked to see how active the little one is.
Awww! TC was sucking her thumb in one of the u/s! So cute!!!

C said...

:) I keep saying that if I were allowed to have an ultrasound every week, I would love that! LOL! It is so neat to see all the changes and all the movement in there!!

Ohhhh! Shopping! Fun!!! I looooooove shopping too! Hmmm...I guess that can be considered as a type of "nesting"! LOL! I mean, if you're shopping for things to make your home nice and more comfortable to live in or shopping for things for your family or for the new baby, that would be sort of like "hunting and gathering", wouldn't it? ;)

C said...

KIMMIEEEEEEE!!! You're back! Ummmmm...yeah. It's been WAY too long since you've been by! ;) A lot has happened since your last visit! We're 3 months pregnant! :)
Hope to catch up soon. Oh, and you're right. That trip to the Phils may take a while now. Soon, though! I promise! I promised my grandmother I'd take Hubby to San Jose, so it will happen one of these days! :)

I'm now onto 18 pages of the scrapbook. I just can't stop! LOL! I've been really in the creative mode this week. My energy level is up and I'm ready to go. The only thing is that by 3PM I usually crash. I get so tired in the afternoons and prior to getting pregnant, I NEVER took naps. Now I need a good 30 min in the afternoons!

Starshine said...

Congratulations! How fun to see your baby moving inside!

mrinz said...

Ahh takes me back a year or two! Very strong that nesting urge! It struck me four times!

Karen MEG said...

Oh that scrapbooking is precious!!!

I've never been good at any of that; kept all the stuff in boxes which is a real shame. I love that you're capturing all of this in something so tangible that will be a lovely memory of this wonderful experience. Great friend you have there!

Glad that you're experiencing the "momma can't stop" symptoms of the 2nd trimester LOL!

And happy, happy on your recent baby pix... so cute!!

BeachMama said...

Nesting is awesome! Do it all now, trust me, you will not want to be apart from your little baby to decorate after he/she arrives.

I loved feeling the movements of the kids, makes it all a little more real that there is somebody in there :).

Enjoy all this preparation time and good to hear the nausea has waned a bit. And your dishes always look so appealing.

Autumn's Mom said...

This is such a wonderful time for you. I'm glad you are able to enjoy more things now, including eating!! Scrapbooking is so fun, but time consuming!! Have a great day mama.

C said...

:) Hubby got to see more of the action than I did! I was on my back and at the angle the technician had me at, the monitor wasn't very visible. I felt a little left out when Hubby and the technician were "Ooooh"-ing and "Ahhhh"-ing about the baby's crazy movements! She was shocked to see that much movement! LOL!

I only wish I knew how to knit! Too bad you're too far away to teach me! ;)

Diesel said...

Is it going to have those labels on it when it comes out too? Because it would be really helpful to know which end was the face.

baby~amore' said...

ultrasounds are amazing - I am so pleased your baby is doing so well C

mrinz said...

Do any of your family knit? By the way - look on my blog for an award.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

That is the most beautiful scrapbook ever! I'll confess to a bit of envy...

Thanks for the update. :) Wait until it gets more crowded in there, and baby still wants to do those things. Then it gets interesting!

Chasing Daylight* said...

I can never decipher what is what, but with your ultrasound photo I actually can!! What is it that makes the due date change?

Ms. Mamma said...

Precious! You may have a little thumb sucker! You're ALREADY a wonderful mommy! XOXO

Jeanna said...

All good news, although scrapbooking can get expensive. Yours looks great as does the Ultrasound.
And you're eating again.

Audrey said...

OH!! I am sitting here with a HUGE smile!! Look at that beautiful sonogram photo!! And that scrapbook is beautiful. WHat a fantastic and special gift!! Definitely keep the updates coming... how are you feeling!? Do you have a feeling on the sex!? I'm thinking GIRL!
- Audrey

C said...

For the first two days, I was scrapbook crazy! I did 18 pages in two days. I decided to leave the rest for a later date...in case I need something to do later on!

It's amazing how much energy I seem to have gotten, but it seems to go in spurts. I get this mad rush of energy and need to do things, and then all of a sudden I crash at around 3PM! I need to sit down or have a 30 min snooze! Crazy!

I'm getting really excited about that! I can't wait to finally be able to feel the baby move! A couple more weeks, hopefully!

I can totally see what you mean about not wanting to do anything except look at the baby all day and not be apart from him or her!

C said...

Thank you! You're so sweet! Hope your big move went well this week :) What a busy and exciting time this is for you and your family!!

That would really be helpful, wouldn't it? :) Especially when it comes time to feeding and diaper changing time!

Thank you so much :) That really means a lot to me! I must apologize for being such a delinquent bloggy friend to everyone. I just haven't had much time at the computer this week. I promise next week I shall do some serious catching up and visit all my favourite blogs :) Hugs xoxo

C said...

Unfortunately, no one in my family knits. Well, my MIL and SIL both knit, but finding time to get together with them for some knitting lessons is really a challenge. My mom and I both crochet, but that's a bit different. I've always wanted to learn how to knit. I suppose I could get my act together and find some resources on the internet. A girlfriend of mine tried to teach me to knit last winter. It went really well, but when she left, I totally messed up and couldn't seem to get things right without her help! LOL!

I was just telling my husband that I wonder if the baby's movement from the ultrasound is any indication of what it will be like later on! I'm looking forward to feeling the baby kick and move. Exciting!

Scrapbook envy? Well, since I'm in the scrapbooking mood, as soon as I get this one done, let me see what I can dream up for Maya :) That would be a neat project!

C said...

I totally agree with you. Usually they're so difficult to figure out! The technician was great and labeled everything for us! LOL!
I think the size/measurements may have something to do with the change in EDD (estimated due date). From my last menstrual period, the due date was supposed to be Jan. 30. From the first ultrasound's measurements it was Feb. 7. From the latest ultrasound measurements, it's Feb. 3, but I think Baby will come when he/she is good and ready! LOL!

Too cute!!!
Awww...thank you! You are the sweetest!

C said...

That is so true. My friend bought me all the supplies and gadgets for scrapbooking, but when I went to the store to check out some paper and other things, I was in shock at how expensive everything is!!!

Hooray! I can eat now! No nausea, vomiting or all day sickness in a week and a half!! I am verrrrry happy! LOL!

Awww! Thanks! :) I actually have nooooooooo clue whether it's a boy or a girl. Not even a gut feeling yet. Sometimes I'm sure it's a boy and other times I get the feeling it's a girl! LOL! I'm excited and anxious to find out! Unfortunately, we've agreed to keep the suspense going and wait until the baby is born! GAH! 6 more months of not knowing! LOL!

Calfkeeper said...

Oh, OK! I am so happy you are feeling much better. And it's great to know baby is doing well. My daughter was born Feb 27th 07. She was due the 19th. Ha. Hope you aren't overdue.

Wonderful to know you are enjoying yourself with baby preparations. It's fun, isn't it?

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