Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!!!

Why am I so excited? I'll tell you why! Hubby and I met with my OB-GYN yesterday and everything is looking really good with regard to the baby. We are 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant today.

What's even better is that for the past few days, I have been feeling amazing! A little bit of nausea occasionally, but no more vomiting!!! My energy level seems to have gotten a boost and I'm feeling really, really good! I guess hearing the baby's heartbeat was also an added bonus!

The weather has been absolutely wonderful. It's beautiful out! It's sunny and hot...and perfect weather for taking the pooch for a run on the beach! I'm also very excited because I finally got Chance groomed! It took me four days to brush him out and get all the matted hair and burrs out of his coat. FOUR days!!! If you have ever met Chance, you would know that he is one very hairy doggy! I was able to give him a bit of a trim, but was a bit miffed when he wouldn't let me cut the hair near his bum! Yeah, I know that sounds really gross, but if you have a dog with long hair, you'd understand why I want to groom his posterior! He looks like a brand new doggy!

Lotus, you will be very impressed with me! Though I didn't do as amazing a job as the professional dog groomers do, but with saving $100 on a groomer's visit, I think I did okay. I did MUCH better than last year! Remember how pitiful Chance looked when I practically made him naked from that last haircut? Poor doggy! Surprisingly, he still loves me.

Yet another reason for my excitement? I received a package in the mail from my wonderful, amazing, very cool friend Canine!I was really surprised when I opened up the package! Upon picking it up at the post office, I could smell the aroma of mango and other tropical fruits. What smelled so good were the creams and lotions she sent me. She even packed some amazing candles that smell like strawberry-rhubarb! Remember a while ago, I posted about strawberry-rhubarb desserts? The candles totally made me think of that post! I've been craving strawberries my entire first trimester. In fact, strawberries are among the few things I could eat without getting sick. I've eaten so many strawberries in the past three months!

Canine and I once chatted about things that almost every Filipino family has in their household. Among these items are giant wooden forks and spoons and the Barrel Man. My parents had one at their house but since they moved, they have no idea where it is. Canine so thoughtfully sent one over. We've got to get my husband educated in the Filipino culture!
Canine also sent me some lovely Japanese Engrish stationery. When I taught in Japan, I used to collect all kinds of stationery. I just loved the Engrish written all over everything. Time also takes a break wonderful time.
A while ago, I was admiring Canine's super cute Chococat compact. I was shocked to find my very own Chococat compact in the box of goodies from Canine.
Thank you sooooooo much for always thinking of me, Canine. You are so thoughtful. I love the card and the earrings you made for me too. XOXO

One last reason for my excitement? I don't have to cook tonight! On my way home from running errands and getting other stuff done, I swung by my parents' place. Dad wanted to show me some of the new Day Lilies he cross-pollinated and said that I could have some for my garden. While I was there, Dad invited us over for supper tonight. He's making General Tao Chicken! Woo hoo!
Photo from Google Images
General Tao Chicken is also known as "General Tso Chicken" or "General Tsao Chicken".


caninecologne said...

i'm so happy that you are feeling so much better this trimester!

glad you got the package we sent you. enjoy!

ChristineEula said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! It's tough to be sick. Even if it's for something good :)

Karen MEG said...

Okay, that barrel man.. ummm, interesting LOL!

And yay, that you're feeling better in your 2nd trimester... this is the time when you should feel the most energetic, hope this sticks with you!!!

Big hugs, big hugs !!!

Jeanna said...

And you can eat that? Amazing and good for you. Chance is looking quite sharp.
And congrats on everything being okay.
The lilies sound pretty.
Barrel man must be very popular.

J at said...

Yay, you're past the first trimester! Most (not all) women feel so much better now, so yay you! And it looks like you can eat meat now, so that's good too. Protein for baby!

we used to get General Tso's chicken in was my FAVORITE. But it was made with broccoli, and near the end of my pregnancy, I couldn't eat broccoli (or much garlic) because they made Maya CRAZY inside me. Must have been some kind of indigestion. So eat it while you can! :)

Oh, I thought barrel man was a morter and pestel. Don't want to use THAT to grind your spices, do you? HA!

C said...

Thank you again soooooooo much for the care package you sent over! You are too sweet! Really, you shouldn't have! I think I mentioned getting a care package ready for you too. I'm waiting until I get enough things in there to send off. I want to send you some chocolate from the Manitoulin Chocolate Works, but am worried with the hot weather that it may arrive all mushy and melted!

Thank you :) I keep telling myself not to complain because this is a GOOD thing! It's kind of hard to be cheerful all the time when you really feel like crap though! ;) Thankfully, I'm feeling much better this week! Hope this good feeling lasts!

C said...

LOL! I love the reaction my non-filipino friends (which would be 99% of my friends, since the only filipinos I know are mostly my family!) get when they see the Barrel Man! Too funny!

Hubby's reaction to the Barrel Man when he saw him for the first time yesterday = "Ohhh...Okay. That's interesting." LOL! He was probably wondering about the fixation certain cultures have with wooden phallic symbols. Fertility, maybe? I don't know.

C said...

I was surprised too! I don't know why, but this week I have been craving spicy food. Not tooooooo spicy, but with just a little bit of a kick. I have to do some research to see if spicy food is okay or not though. I did eat the General Tso Chicken last night and was sooooo happy!!! However, I woke up this morning feeling a bit icky again. Energy level is still up, so that's a good thing! :)

C said...

LOL! Actually, now that you mention it, the Barrel Man really does look like a mortar and pestle at first glance! Too funny!'re right! I don't think one would want to grind their spices with THAT! LOL! :)

Oh, wow! No broccoli and garlic at the end of your pregnancy? I love General Tso with broccoli too...and I put garlic in almost EVERYTHING I cook!

As for food aversions, I have noticed that some of my favourite things are things that have become triggers for my nausea now :( I love salads, but now sometimes lettuce makes me gag. I also love cucumber, but even that makes me feel like gagging. So sad :(

Still laughing at the mortar and pestle thing! J, you are too funny!

Autumn's Mom said...

GAH! Love General Tsao's Chicken. I'm so glad you are feeling better. What a fun package you got. I love the chococat compact! Autumn has a pink hello kitty one. Now I want one! haha

Starshine said...

So glad your morning sickness is going away!

japanmanpete said...

Hisashiburi, Kuri-chan! Have you been to Himeji? I just returned from a short trip and now it is back to work for me.

Good to hear you are able to eat without feeling ill. I am so happy I do not have to experience that. I am such a bloke aren't I? That was such a bloke thing to say.

Cheers, love and beer!


Rayrena said...

$100 grooming visit?!!! Yikes! I say just shave the dogs down again and be down with it! I'm planning on shaving Khyber again soon...

Glad you're feeling better. Yay! Heartbeats, so sweet :)

CoNnE said...


CONGRATULATIONS!! we're so happy for you!!!! LOL! you have no idea what my reaction was when PJ mentioned to me one morning that finally you're expecting! i was barely awake when he told me the good news, but when i realized he was talking about you, i was so excited that almost fell from the bed!

Pj and I are so happy for you and hubby. What more can i say, but take care and enjoy your pregnancy.

Have you thought of the name? You can start a survey... =)



Uncivil said...

Hey C
I escaped long enough to come see ya my dear.
I thought the barrel man was a mortar and pestle also.
Great gag gift huh?
I can just picture someone like the preacher's wife comin' over and pulling him out of the barrel!!!te he he!!
Love the picture of Chance! He looks so inquisitive in that shot!

C said...

Ooooh! A pink Hello Kitty compact!?! When I was teaching in Japan (1998-2000), ALL the Japanese girls had Hello Kitty everything!!! Even 30 yr old women who worked in the office had Hello Kitty wallets, purses, accessories, chopsticks, bento boxes, umbrellas, compacts...EVERYTHING! I thought it was a bit weird that grown women would fancy such girlie, childlike things, but *gasp* soon enough, even I started collecting Hello Kitty, Miffy-chan and Doraemon things! LOL!

Thank you! :) I have gone 3 complete days now with no nausea and no vomiting! I've got massive headaches now though (only yesterday and today). Hopefully those too will go away soon!

C said...

No. Sadly, I've never been to Himeji. Although, I have been to other really nice spots. Some of my favourite places to visit in Japan are Kyoto, Nagano (more specifically, Matsumoto), Kurashiki, Tomonoura, and Miyajima.

"Cheers, love and beer"! Ha! You are too funny.

I still think you should start a blog. Even if you have nothing but "bloke" things to write about, I'm sure it will be really entertaining!

C said...

Yes! A whopping $100 to groom my little Chance! Okay, he's not so little! The groomers say that he is high maintenance in that he has A LOT of hair and it's hard to get rid of that undercoat. It takes a longer time for them to groom him because of the type of coat he has AND because of another thing. When he was a puppy his paw got stuck in the elevator thingy where the door slides open and closed. "The ex" just dragged him (I guess he just thought Chance was being stubborn and not that he was actually stuck there"). All through the hallway, Chance was whimpering and the ex noticed lots of blood all down the middle of the hallway. Turns out when he yanked Chance, one of his nails got stuck in the elevator door thingy and got pulled out :(

To this day, Chance hates having his left rear paw touched. The groomers have a hard time when they touch his paw because he won't cooperate with them. He'll just wiggle around and try to avoid them. Poor baby :(

Whenever I groom him myself, I have to keep talking to him and distracting him so that he doesn't realize I'm touching his back paw. It doesn't work all the time because he catches on really quickly!

Fruitful Vine said...

Hi C
Oh my it really has been a while since I popped in to say hi as well. Life has been wonderfully tiring and busy. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I pray everything goes well. Have a great day!

Deb said...

yummm, general tao chicken! I am so glad you are feeling better!

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