Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Funnies

Okay, you know you spend too much time with kids when...

You find jokes like these really funny!!! I went over to my mother-in-law's this afternoon and she had my two nieces over for the day. While I was in the kitchen with my MIL, the two girls were playing a very serious game of Monopoly. Really "having to mortgage all of your properties so you can pay for rent when you've landed on a piece of land with a hotel on it" kind of serious! Anyway, my MIL and I were in talking in the kitchen when all of a sudden there was some crazy, uncontrollable laughter bellowing from the front porch where the girls were playing their game! I went out to see what all the commotion was.

In between gasps for air (because she was laughing so hard), my youngest niece began to tell this joke.

There once was this woman who bought a house.
She didn't know what to name her house, so she went to the police office
and asked them what she should name her house.
The police told her to go to the enchanted forest and she should name her house after whatever she sees first once she gets there.
She saw a hairy butt, so she named her house "Hairy Butt".
A year later, she got a cat.
She didn't know what to name her cat, so she went back to the police office and asked them what she should name her cat.
"Go to the enchanted forest and name your cat after the first thing you see."
She saw a crack, so she named her cat "Crack".
One day, she lost her cat and called the police so that they could help her find it.
She said, "I looked all over the hairy butt, but I couldn't find the crack!!!"

Yes, my friends, this is what my adorable, sweet, mild mannered youngest niece told me in between laughing fits. Meanwhile, my older niece was also laughing uncontrollably! They were laughing so hard, I thought they were going to stop breathing! It seemed soooooo much funnier when my niece told the joke!

Now, in keeping with this "bum" theme, here's a song Jimmy suggested that I check out. This was in response to a recent post of mine.
Canine Cologne
also mentioned a Saturday Night Live skit, but I looked on YouTube and haven't been able to find it there. Canine, is this the video you were talking about?
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Profuse apologies to anyone who thought this post was in poor taste. Just thought it was funny (and shocking) that my little niece told us a joke like the one she told us this afternoon. Kids say the funniest (least expected) things sometimes!


caninecologne said...

hi c - yesss, that is the classic 'colon blow' snl skit with the late great phil hartman.

t said...

Hah hah hah! Chris that is SO bad and SO wrong! The gestures in the song were SO bad! Too funnny!

Where did your niece hear that joke? Sometimes you gotta think of where they get these things! That was funny

C said...

Phil Hartman cracks me up! I used to watch SNL a lot when I was in high school. They've got some really funny skits on there. I used to always be curious who the musical guests would be too.

Yes, pretty bad! Oh, and the niece heard the joke from one of her friends!!

Funny what kind of things kids pick up from other kids. Well, sometimes not so funny! I remember when I was a kid, we were NOT to say any bad words. I never even learned a bad word until I was 10 years old. One of the kids on the bus said the word "$h!t" and I repeated it at home. Boy, did I ever get my mouth washed out with soap! I learned the "F-Word" at the bus stop too. I think I posted about that ages ago.

hotmommy said...

hey chris; as a mom of 3 i can tell you that i am no stranger to jokes that involve the words "bum" or "butt" or involve the subject of poop. kids; at least my kids, are facinated by poop and bums and find so much humor in talking about it!

have a great next few days with pj and his girlfriend! you must be so excited to have your little brother up there with you for a few days !

jan said...

I love the jokes little kids tell, especially when they are laughing so hard they can barely talk.

baby~amore' said...

very funny C... I have heard that joke before.

the fibre is it helping you with your issues ???

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Oh, I can imagine what good jokes your kids come up with! LOL! :) Never a dull moment at your dinner table! That's for sure!

Thanks! Baby Bro and his gf haven't arrived yet. We're still waiting for them! Can't wait! I miss that kid!

Yeah, it's really cute when they laugh that hard and have to gasp for breath in between. That didn't quite sound right, but you know what I mean!

Thank you for asking! You are the first person who has asked! LOL! I'm actually doing great. Haven't had any "issues" at all this week!! I think the bran muffin and Metamucil and an orange for breakfast seem to be working! LOL! Oh, and I went 3 entire suppers without being sick! 3 out of 7 is not bad!!! I've found that in order for me to not feel nauseous, I have to graze a bit instead of eat actual meals. Hopefully soon I will be able to enjoy a nice dinner!!

Karen MEG said...

I use that term "colon blow" all the time.

Aren't I so classy? I loved Phil... gone too soon...

manpower said...

Hi C, Nice looking blog you have. I appreciate you coming over to ours. Hope to here from you soon. It's good to hear that other people are fighting the gas too. We need to spread the word. Thank you.

Shannon said...

Too funny! Phil Hartman was awesome- what a loss!
My favorite kid joke(s)-
What are you if you run in front of a car?
What are you if you run behind a car?

lisaschaos said...

Goofy kids! Love the colon blow too. I wonder what kinda hairy butt she saw in the enchanted forest. I know I'm weird, but that's what I wonder.

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