Friday, July 25, 2008

The Marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Perfect Together

Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Together are just that...Perfect together! They are such a bright, friendly, youthful, fun, enthusiastic, energetic, amazing couple. There's no doubt in the world that these two wonderful people belong together.

As many of you know, Hubby and I got married two years ago. We had a lovely beach wedding with our loved ones there to celebrate with us. Well, Ms. Perfect (she really is perfect!!! I love this girl!) Google searched "Manitoulin Island, beach weddings" and she found my blog. Thus began the start of our friendship.The happy couple had gotten engaged and were in the process of planning their wedding. Ms. Perfect stumbled upon my blog and found photos of our wedding. She said that is what she wanted for her wedding and she contacted me via the blog.

The two of us exchanged e-mail back and forth for a long time. It was really fun! I absolutely loved helping her out with where to find florists, hairdressers, party rental supplies on the Island, etc. It was easy for me since I had done it before. I had my beach wedding and I already had all the info for where to go for most of the things and I kept all the contact numbers.

We ended up going from e-mailing to phone calls and eventually, we met in person. We developed a friendship thanks to the internet! At first, I was a bit nervous about meeting the happy couple in person, because I had never met (in person) someone I met from the blog before. We all got to know each other over the year and I felt comfortable meeting them. The day we met, they came to our house and we were showing them wedding photos so they could get ideas and we were just giving them info and more phone numbers and contacts. We all hit it off so well, that Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Together, Hubby and I ended up chatting for HOURS!!! I think they were at our house for three or four hours! They are such a great couple. We really love them.

We have a lot of IRL (in real life) friends that we've met from childhood, elementary school, high school, college, university, my TESL program, family friends, mutual acquaintances, friends from work, friends from my travels, friends from working overseas, former ESL students who have become our friends, friends from around here, and through different organizations and groups that we are involved in. This was my first time meeting a blog friend. That was more than a year ago.

I actually think it is so amazing how the internet can bring together people who would not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Before, I was a bit spooked by people saying that they met someone from their blog and that they are now friends. Before, I thought it was a bit weird. Now, I think it is truly wonderful. I have made some really great connections with some really fantastic people...whom I consider friends.

Tonight (the night before Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Together's wedding), Hubby and I popped by to check in on how they were doing and to see if we could help in any way. The couple is borrowing our wedding arch, so I wanted to see if they needed help with the assembly. Mr. Perfect's mom came over this afternoon to pick up our wedding arch and asked us if we would pop by to make sure they were setting up the arch properly. We (okay, more like Hubby) put it together for them so it would be ready for the wedding the ceremony tomorrow. I bet Hubby just loves being "voluntold" to do things! What are wives for? :)

Ms. Perfect said she was glad we stopped by, because the couple had a present for us!To our surprise (because they really didn't have to!), they got us our baby's very first onesies!!! They are absolutely ADORABLE!!! The funny thing is that they are outfits that I would have picked myself! They are totally what I had in mind if I were going to get some myself! LOVE THEM!!! Baby clothes are sooooooo cute!!!The colours are what I would have chosen too! Those are the colours we're doing the baby's room in!

To the happy couple, congrats on your special day tomorrow! We wish you lots of love and happiness in the years to come. We're so happy (and touched) that you wanted us to be there as you celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Can't wait for the wedding tomorrow!

To everyone else:
What do you think about Blog Buddies? What do you think of meeting your blog pals in person? Have you ever met anyone in person that you met on your blog? If not, would you ever meet a bloggy pal in person? Do you consider your blog friends to be 'real' friends? Are blog friends different from IRL friends?


louann said...

those onesies are just sooo cute!

I have never met my blogger friends in person although I would love to. And I do hope we do get to meet someday.

D'Rae said...

to me, blog friends are better. You have already gotten to know them through email and their blog and they don't really judge you like IRL friends do. (at least this is what I think) I would love to meet my blog friends in real life. That would just be awesome!

japanmanpete said...

Hulloo mate! I don't have a blog, but met you on this blog. Does this still earn me the title of "blog friend"?

I would like to meet you and Miss Moneypenny someday.


caninecologne said...

Hey! You ARE my first blog buddy! Since our trip to your place fell through, our families will have to meet in person in the future!

In regards to meeting a blog pal in person, I'd be careful about that. I haven't met anyone (yet) that I met on my blog. Although, I do plan to meet with several San Diego food bloggers in the next few weeks. We only know each other from our food blogs and I have spoken with just one only. They seem cool and have similar interests.

Are blog friends 'real' friends? I guess that would depend on the individual's perception of what friendship is.

Are blog friends different from IRL friends? Yes, they are because you don't see them in person. They don't really get to see the real you, just the "you" that you portray on your blog and vice versa. I agree with D'rae in that blog friends don't "judge" like an IRL friend. Those would be the main differences for me, but nonetheless, a blog friend is still a 'friend'.

Thanks for being my blog friend!!!! : )

C said...

I also hope we get to meet one day! My grandmother has been bugging me to take Hubby to the Philippines so he can see what our culture is really like. Hubby's just so busy with the farm and when I have ESL students, we can't get away either.

Hopefully sometime soon though. My grandmother really loves her "home country". How far is San Jose, Batangas from you?

C said...

Good point! Blog friends do seem very supportive and understanding. It sounds weird, but I have chatted with some of my blog friends (like yourself) about things I don't really talk about with my IRL friends. It sounds silly, but it's true. I think there's something 'safe' about confiding in people who are distanced from what is going on. Does that make any sense?

Of course, my best friends (IRL), I tell everything to and feel comfortable sharing with them. What else are best friends for? :)

C said...

Yes, I still consider you a blog friend even though you don't have a blog! LOL! We 'met' on this blog, so we're blog friends :)

I still think you need to start your own blog! You've got so many funny stories and interesting adventures from your travels and life in Japan. Think about it...


C said...

YAY! I'm your first!>!?!?!?! Your first blog friend, that is! :)

Yes, too bad plans for your visit this summer fell through, but at least now it gives us something to look forward to in the future!

Oooooooooh! Going out for a bite to eat with the other San Diego food bloggers sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear/read about it.

I agree with your thoughts on blog friends. I don't want to get all cheesy and sappy here, but I am so glad we became blog friends. I really enjoy our phone conversations, e-mail, care packages back and forth with little notes to accompany them, etc.

I can't wait for you, Bert and TC to come visit us. One of these days, we'll have to head over that way too. I've got family in California and we've never visited them! LOL! They always come here!!

jan said...

The internet has opened up so many possibilities for human relationships!! This is the story of one of them. Well told. As the world grows smaller the internet will make it friendlier.

Starshine said...

I have met three of my blog buddies in person:

Cherry, Jelly Jules and Buttercup!

They are all just as awesome in real life as they are on their blogs, and I count them all as friends!

Jeanna said...

I haven't met anyone in person from blogging, but it seems as if I've met you and James and MM before, weird, huh? Olga the Traveling Bra may visit this fall.
Very cute onesies and I love that gift bag.

C said...

That is so true! I couldn't agree with you more!
BTW, I finally caught an episode of America's Greatest Dog last week! I saw the one where Elvis had to leave. I still don't know how I feel about the show.

Awwww! You're so lucky! Cherry and J are two of my favourite bloggers! I would love to meet all of the bloggers who comment regularly on this blog. It feels like we've all become a little family or something, sharing exciting news, not so good news and just cheering each other on when things get rough :)

C said...

It feels like I've known you, Jimbo and Ms.M forever. It already feels like we've met. Maybe someday it'll happen :) I need to get myself to WI because that Baraboo Candy Company keeps calling my name!! LOL! Cow Pies!

Karen MEG said...

Well, isn't this one of the sweetest posts ever!!! Those onesies are absolutely adorable, and wedding celebrations are one of the highlight of life, aren't they? So glad that Mr & Mrs. perfect together found you...

And meeting blogfriends, you know how I feel about THAT don't you? Meeting you was in a bit of a safer environment, but honestly, it was so cool that I somehow infiltrated your little circle of IRL friends through the internet (I like to crash, what can i say?)

I'm open to meeting bloggers IRL (can you say BlogHer '09)?! Already trying to set up some more meetings (a couple have fell thru)... but it is neat to make friends as you get older. It's harder to, so why not put yourself out there a bit and mingle...

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