Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

to all my Canadian friends out there :)

We had our Canada Day celebrations on the weekend, but there are fireworks tonight. We'll most likely end up going to see the fireworks since Hubby usually drives the fire truck for the Canada Day fireworks display.

All I can think about is...
Am I going to miss Hell's Kitchen tonight?
There's another TV show that airs tonight that I kind of want to watch. You know how I love all things Japanese, right? There's a show called I Survived A Japanese Game Show and it is hilarious. It's not as funny as real Japanese game shows though. When I was in Japan, I used to watch Japanese game shows because they were the only shows I could watch without having to really follow conversations. Japanese game shows are the craziest, most out of this world TV shows ever.
I Survived A Japanese Game Show reminds me a lot of MXC (aka Most Extreme Elimination Challenge). Two teams of contestants must compete against each other and try to avoid elimination through some pretty crazy and challenging games. I have a warped sense of humour and thoroughly enjoy watching the contestants get rolled over by giant boulders, fall off high moving objects, get hit in the face by flying objects, and land face first in mud while trying to eat food that dangles before them while they are wearing straight jackets.

I know, I know. The entire premise of people participating in stupid games and jumping through hoops like circus animals is really stupid and cruel. I am embarrassed to say this, but I still cannot help but watch the show! I think the commentary is probably just as funny as (or even funnier than) the actual challenges that the contestants have to participate in.

Fūun! Takeshi-jō (Takeshi's Castle) is the original MXC.


jane - mom generations said...

Happy Canada Day to one of my FAVORITE Canadians!!

Stupid question that I could probably just Google, but I'm too lazy: is Canada Day the same date every year, like our Independence Day (4th of July) or does it change?

Oh, and I am IN LOVE with Ninja Warrior. I know it's not a Japanese game show per se, but it's still super fun to watch!


t said...

Happy Canada Day Chris! Hope you guys have a great time celebrating.

mrinz said...

Love your post Chrissy - interesting as always!

I loved to sing Oh Canada when I lived there, in fact we sang it every day at school. However it is strange singing another country's national anthem - took me a while to get used to it - sometimes I would cross my fingers behind my back while singing.

Starshine said...

I didn't know you spent time in Japan! Cool!

Happy Canada Day!

A Watkins Man! said...

I'm a big fan of both those shows but my all time favorite is Iron Chef Japanese. I really miss those guys... and who wouldn’t want to know the best way to cook sea urchin!!! No, I haven't tried it yet, but weren't you recommending chicken feet not too long ago? :-):-)

Jeanna said...

Happy Belated Canada Day. I sang O Canada off key along with one of the White Sox color men yesterday for you.

Don Mills Diva said...

Happy belated Canada Day!

Pavel said...

Happy Canada Day to you!!! (I actually remember Canada Day because it falls on my birthday.)

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! You are so sweet!
Yes, Canada Day is always on July 1st :) This year it fell on a Tuesday, which wasn't the greatest since some people had to work on the Monday and then have the Tuesday off when they could have had a long weekend. Oh well! It's just nice to have a day off! LOL!

Thanks! Oh and thank you for calling! It was fun chatting with you. Hope you guys enjoyed the fireworks over there!

C said...

Thank you! :)
LOL @ the crossing your fingers behind your back :) That is cute!
Hubby was surprised that I don't actually know all of the words to our national anthem in English! I learned it in French since I grew up in Quebec. I can sing the entire anthem in French, but I only know snippets of it in English! Crazy! The English version we did sing always switched into French half way through the song...I guess to for us to keep it "bilingual"? LOL!

Thank you! I think it's kind of neat that our Canada Day falls so close to the American 4th of July. It was always something easy to remember as a kid. Canada=July 1st and the US= July 4th. Two easy dates to remember :)

Yes, I spent two years teaching and living in Japan. I was stationed in the outskirts of Hiroshima in a little (by Japanese standards but not little by our standards) place called Fukuyama. It was a great experience.

C said...

A Watkins' Man:
LOL! Oh my gosh! Chicken feet! LOL! I have never eaten it and I was surprised that Hubby actually did. Ick! I don't think I could ever it it! The sea urchin though...I did try! Uhhhhh...not my favourite. I think it's an acquired taste. A girlfriend of mine loves it and always orders it when we go out for Japanese. My first experience with sea urchin was when my Japanese Housewives Class took me to a traditional Japanese restaurant. It was really old school and really neat. The students were all housewives in their 40s, 50s and 60s and wanted to study English in their free time. They loved to take me out and teach me about Japanese culture and customs. Well, they ordered a bunch of food I had NEVER seen before and also told me that it is impolite to not eat something that is offered to you. Out of courtesy and politeness, one must accept whatever is offered.

I tried to valiantly choke that sea urchin down, but the texture was just so icky to me. I was gagging and ended up excusing myself so I could spit it out into a napkin and throw it away. To me, THAT is more embarrassing and impolite than refusing! Don't you think? ;p

:) Tee hee! Off key or not, that is impressive! I don't even know all the words of our national anthem in English since I learned them in French!

C said...

Don Mills Diva:
Happy Belated Canada Day to you too! Did you guys enjoy the festivities?

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Hope you had a great day! XO

Shannon said...

Happy late Canada Day!
I survived a Japanese game show reminds me of a Japanese show that I am totally addicted to- BANZUKE. It is a crazy obstacle course that people try to navigate while on a unicycle, peg legs, a pogo stick... Cracks me up! and impresses me all at the same time :)

Uncivil said...

Happy Belated Canada Day C! It's the 4th here and I'm finally catchin' up on my favorite bloggy buddies!!!!

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