Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Introducing...Mom Generations!!!

Mom Generations

If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably already know these wonderful ladies. Formerly the Pinks and Blues Girls, this mother-daughter-daughter trio has just become Mom Generations.

I talk about "the girls" often on this blog, because they've become really great friends. Not only are they full of helpful information about family, parenting, pregnancy, and even pets...these three remarkable women really know what's new, cool, fashionable, and functional to help readers with their every day crazy, hectic lives. They are constantly showcasing new products and I've actually went ahead and purchased some of the products that they have promoted on their site.

I can't remember when, but it seems like ages ago that Jane and I first crossed paths. I just remember Jane leaving a comment on my blog and ever since then, we've been buddies. She has been through many ups and downs with me and I have a lot to be thankful for in Jane.

One of the most exciting gifts I have ever received was from one of the many contests that the girls host. This particular contest was for an OV-Watch. Here's a photo of yours truly, sporting my handy dandy OV-Watch 5 months ago. Hubby and I were thinking about starting a family last year and I actually had no idea of what time of the month I was ovulating. How could I not know? Well, my periods were not always regular and I never knew when or if I'd be getting my period sometimes. Sorry to all the men who are reading this. I don't usually talk about really personal or girly things!

Anyway, the OV-Watch was instrumental in helping me predict when I was ovulating and when my most fertile and even non-fertile days were. I have to admit that I only used it for a few months because I forgot to buy more sensors, but at that time I was beginning to be able to predict my fertile days by taking note of patterns from previous months.

I didn't blog about the OV-Watch when I won the contest, because I don't really like divulging too much personal information on this blog and I also didn't want anyone to know that Hubby and I were even talking about having babies at the time.

I used to think that life was so easy. I had my whole life mapped out for me. Finish university at 22-23, begin my career, meet someone special, fall in love, get married at 24, buy a house, and have babies at 26 and be done having babies way before I turned 30.

Well, life is never how one expects it. I did finish university at 22, started teaching ESL at 23, fell in and out of love a few times in between (at least I thought it was love at the time, but now I don't think it was!), got married at 29 and only two years later did we discover that we are expecting! Mmmkay...Hubby just informed me that I was 30 when we got married!! Who would have thought that timing, circumstance, and many other factors played such a big role in creating a little miracle?

Here we are, months later and with our very own little miracle in the making.
Sharon, Audrey and Jane, thank you so much for your friendship. Your comments on my blog and your sweet e-mail messages just to check in on me have been something I always look forward to reading.

Keep up the great work and may your Mom Generations years be filled with lots of success and excitement! I'm always so amazed at how your business has grown boomed since you first started Pinks and Blues! I even remember when you were just launching the Pinks and Blues site for the first time! You've come a long way, ladies!!


Check them out! You know you wanna!


jane - mom generations said...

C, this post should have come with a disclaimer: be prepared to use tissues! You are such an incredibly amazing friend and person, and I am just honored to even know you. I love you so much and am over the moon for you, John and that amazing miracle you are carrying inside of you!


C said...

Gah! You just made me cry and now I have to wipe off the keyboard! LOL! Hubby must think I have truly lost it with me sitting in front of the computer screen, bawling my eyes out!

Love you too!!! Love ya thiiiiiiiis much!!! Can you see me stretching my arms out??? ;)


Feathers said...

That ultrasound is amazing...I love it! Maybe we all get to see the baby grow? I smiled when I saw this..:)

Audrey - Mom Generations said...

Oh C...
I am sitting here with a huge smile and tears coming down my cheeks as I stare at that gorgeous sonogram photo. I am so happy for you... words cannot do justice. THANK YOU for always being such an amazing blogging friend... you will be a friend for life!

Diesel said...

That's a cool watch. If I get one, will I start ovulating?

Starshine said...


I'm so happy for you and your hubby! Congrats on the expected arrival!


baby~amore' said...

how sweet that widdle picture is ...what a miracle indeed.xo Trish

Zoe said...

omg!!!! i thought it was a joke that you were pregers!!...omg i am so happy for you!..i feel privledged and excited to be part of your little baby's life...congrats darlin...

C said...

Thank you :) You might be sorry that you just said that, because I will be posting more photos of the bebe throughout the pregnancy. You might get sick of seeing all the photos! LOL!

Big hugs!!! You, Jane and your Mom are so very special to me. I i I've got even half the energy as you do with your FOUR boys under four!!! You truly amaze me! xoxo

C said...

LOL! You know, Hubby asked me the very same question! ;p

Thank you so much :) You are so sweet!
BTW, your last post made me want to go to Disney World! LOL! The funny thing was that I was talking about that with Hubby right before I checked out your recent post! My family and I used to go every year when I was a kid. Disney is one of my favourite places to be! It's so magical!!

C said...

Hi!!! I think it is so amazing how much the wee one is changing by the week! When you really think of it, having a baby really is a miracle!

Tee hee! Thank you! :) No, Jeanna and Uncivil were not joking! I really am pregnant! :)

I was just thinking about how cool it is that I can document the pregnancy on my blog so I can look back on it in years to come. I wish blogging was popular and easily accessible when I taught overseas. It would have been neat to document that too!

hotmommy said...

your going to be a great mom chris! your great with kids, kids love you and it shows how much you love your neices and your nephew. that ov watch is neat !

Sandy C. said...

WOW! Okay, you rock for posting about this :) That is such a coincidence that I also have no idea when I'm ovulating, and my cycles are all over the place too.

I will have to look into this :) Thanks so much for the link!

Autumn's Mom said...

Modern technology is amazing isn't it?? So is the friendships we form here :) Smooches

Uncivil said...

Tehehe....I like the baby widget!

louann said...

I totally love Jane, Audrey and Sharon too!

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Thank you :) I hope we'll be good parents. We'll certainly do the best we can...and make a billion mistakes along the way! ;)

Yes! I thought it was funny that you and I both posted about TTC! If you click on the link, you can read up on how the OV-Watch works. It's pretty interesting.

C said...

Autumn's Mom:
I TOTALLY agree with you!! ;) xoxo

It's pretty neat, isn't it? I've been watching the widget since I found out I was pregnant. I've seen the little one go from something that looked a lot like an shrimp to something that looked like an alien! LOL! It's really interesting to watch!

C said...

Yes, they are wonderful...but so are you!! xo ;)

Karen MEG said...

Your first life plan sounded a lot like mine! Funny how life is, but things happen for a reason, I always say. I am uber-thrilled for you during this very exciting time.

I'm glad that I found Jane, Audrey and Sharon through your site too... they are really fabulous women.

Shelliza said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! A baby is such a blessing, not to mention the joy and love they bring into your life.

C said...

Life doesn't always go as planned...but often times, it turns out even better! :)

Thank you :) You are so right. I can't wait until we get to meet our little bundle of joy! Gah! 6 more months feels like forever! LOL!

Thanks for popping by and commenting. I'm off to check out your blog now :)

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