Monday, July 21, 2008

It's not a quiche...It's not a souflee...It's a WIFE-SAVER!!!

I love to cook, but I don't really like spending a long time in the kitchen. I simply don't have the time to be spending hours cooking and prepping in the kitchen. I try to make dishes that don't take longer than 30 min to an hour from prep to finish.

A while ago, Middle Bro made the observation that I blog about food, recipes and restaurants a lot. Actually, his exact words were: "Why do you blog about food all the time?"

I guess one of the reasons I blog about food and recipes is because 1) I love good food...especially if it's good, wholesome, fresh, good for you food! 2) Like many women, I don't have time to slave in the kitchen, so I want to share recipes with others that have proven to be crowd pleasers and that are quick and easy to make. When I have ESL students, they not only study with me, but they also live with us! I've got to juggle teaching, field trips, curriculum building, correcting assignments, cooking, cleaning, gardening, helping Hubby on the farm, and everything else. The students don't usually like entertaining themselves while I am cooking, so I either have to be really fast or I have to find ways for them to help me cook our meals. Homemade pizza is a favourite, because the students love dressing their own pizzas and making their own dough.

Poor Hubby has been suffering from my lack of desire to cook these past two months. Honestly, the nausea has been keeping me away from the kitchen. Everything smells so gross to me. Because I haven't really been able to eat, the doctor prescribed Diclectin to help with the nausea and vomiting. I want to try as much as I can to go all natural with this pregnancy and not take any drugs. I've been holding off on the Diclectin for now and luckily, this week things have been getting better. Hooray! This week, I have been able to cook for my husband without getting sick!

For supper today, I made something super quick and easy. Yesterday, I made some baked salmon with some broccoli and a salad sprinkled with sunflower seeds, sweet dried cranberries and my balsamic vinaigrette. Hubby got a baked potato with his dish. I didn't have one because I was so full from the salmon and veggies. We had some leftover broccoli from last night and I just hate not using up leftovers. I guess growing up with my parents drilling "just think of all those poor children in [insert name of any third world country here] that have no food to eat" kind of left an imprint in my brain! I decided to incorporate the broccoli into a new dish for tonight. Tonight's meal is a slight variation of the Wife Saver recipe Baby Bro's girlfriend's mom served us at their ranch for brunch last year. My "Wife Saver" is a slight adaptation a cutting of edges of the original version. INGREDIENTS
-four slices of cracked wheat bread (cut off the crusts)
-leftover broccoli (chopped)
-one small onion (chopped)
-eight mushrooms (sliced)
-four eggs (beaten)
-a splash of milk to add to the egg mixture (like how accurate I am with measurements?)
-salt & black pepper to taste
-a bit of grated cheese (whatever kind you like and however much you like)
-a few slices of bacon (chopped) or a few dashes of bacon bits (optional). You don't have to add any meat if you don't want to.

In a 9 x9 casserole/baking dish, spray bottom with cooking spray. Place the four pieces of bread in the dish. Pour broccoli, onion & mushrooms over the slices of bread. In a bowl, whisk together eggs and milk. Add salt & black pepper to the egg mixture. Pour egg mixture over bread and veggies (when it cooks, it will puff up like a souffle). Add chopped bacon or bacon bits. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.

Serve with salad. I was lazy and just made a cucumber salad.


hotmommy said...

shit chris; that is way too healthy! my kids and husband would never eat those dishes if i seved them!

hey; i called you this afternoon but there was no answer! call me back !

Jeanna said...

Very healthy stuff. I may make that last one tomorrow.

Starshine said...

Your dishes look yummy!

t said...

I'm coming over for supper.

jane - mom generations said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm! I love that you blog about food because it gives me great recipe ideas! Yummy, yummy, your dishes always look so good.


BlondeLittleShit said...

Your WifeSaver dish looks so good. I think I'll be making it soon. I hope it works for girlfriends too and not just wives! Ha ha

jan said...

I love your recipes and your enthusiasm about making them. It's a great bonus that they are also healthy.

Autumn's Mom said...

Sounds easy to me!!! I would eat it..not sure about my family. They make funny faces about vegies :D

C said...

Hot Mommy:
LOL! I knew you were going to say that! ;)
I was getting some blood work done when you called yesterday. I'll try to call you today. Maybe this afternoon. Catch up with you then!

The second recipe is super easy. It's such a "fake out" because people always think it took ages to make, but in reality, it only took a few minutes!

C said...

Thank you :) Hubby thinks so...Then again, Hubby loves food in general! LOL! ;)

Sure! Just let me know when! ;) Give me some warning time. I know it'll take you at least 6 hrs by car to get here!

C said...

Awwwww! Thanks! :) You're so sweet! I was watching the Food Network at my parents' last week, and there was this segment on where to eat in New England! OH MY GOODNESS! You are sooooooooooo lucky! There are LOTS of amazing eateries where you live!! I am sooooo coming to visit you one of these days! LOL!

Hehehe! Yeah, I think we can call it a "Girlfriend Saver" too! It's soooo easy to make and saves so much time! The time saved on cooking and prepping = more time to spend with your sweetie!

C said...

Thank you! :) That was the greatest comment I've had all day! xo

LOL! Just like my friend Hot Mommy's family! Her hubby and kids run away from anything and everything veggie! Oh, except for corn and potatoes! Right, Hot Mommy? :) Then again, who doesn't love corn and potatoes?!?

Karen MEG said...

C, I love all your recipes... and that wifesaver looks just like its name LOL!

I stayed away from all forms of drugs when I was carrying the kids too.

Now my challenge is to get the girlie to eat veggies or fruit, not in puree form. Grrrrr!!!

Sandy C. said...

Mmmm, we love every single ingredient in that recipe here in our house :) That looks divine, and I think the cucumber salad goes well!

BeachMama said...

Mmmmm, may have to try that one :).

I took Diclectin for Apple, it is one of the safest drugs (apparently), I just couldn't function for J while feeling naseated all the live long day. But, if you do take it beware not to stay on it too long, eventually it can make you kinda depressed and not want to get out of bed (trust me on this one), but as soon as you stop you are right as rain.

I do hope you let me know when you will be in town, I do want to meet up!

Judy Martin said...

Wow. Congratulations on being pregnant. I'm very happy for you.

Diesel said...

"You don't have to add any meat if you don't want to."

Oh, C. You're such a joker. No meat! Ha!

Jeanna said...

Chrissy, I left a message for you to check out that Ched of the Week cupcake blog on my sidebar. When I read the entry I wondered who else would be able to do that recipe justice, then I thought of you.

louann said...

Oh C, I would love to have you with me in my kitchen =) But I will try your waldorf salad recipe =)

Anonymous said...

when i was sick.. i couldn't cook at all! most cooking smells made me 'wet in the mouth'. I think my hubby lost weight during my first trimester.

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