Saturday, March 07, 2009

Apparently, I don't know my shoulder from my knee!

Oh, the crazy things parents do for their kids...
Like post silly videos of themselves like this one!

Only because Dot Facebooked me and asked me to post more videos of Little One. Facebooked! Ha! Don't you just love how nouns that were never used as verbs have made their way into a new way of English usage? Take the word "fax" for example. Fax is a noun, but is now used as a verb too. "Can you fax me that proposal?" What about "text" as in "text message"? "Can you text me his phone number?"

Now Facebook! "Just Facebook me if you want to meet this weekend" or "I Facebooked you last night"!

Okay, maybe it's just me who finds these things interesting! :)


C. K. said...



C said...

LOL! I'm a goofball! The things I do for Little One! ;p

Diesel said...

Very cute. "Facebooking" still sounds a little violent to me, like something Rhianna's boyfriend would do to her... if he had any books.

japanmanpete said...

Blimey! I have to sing that bloody song to my Japanese kindergarten students!

I still have not found that Totoro musical figure for you. I have found others, but not that particular one. I will keep on looking.

Your word verification is coprol. Could that be "cop role" or "cop roll"?


C said...

I laughed so hard, I startled the baby when I read your comment.

Thanks for looking! I wonder if the one I have is a special edition or a rare one? I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE!

Barbara said...

Love your video! You have a great soothing voice. Little one is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Uncivil said...

Oh my gosh gotta take away my "man card"! You and bambino just melted my crusty ol' heart with that precious video clip! I'm a certified wuss now!
She's adorable and your voice is so pretty! Glad you can't hear my country redneck drawl!!!!LOL

merinz said...

I love the video Chrissy! Little One has grown so much, she looks so much older too.

Dina said...


Love it :)

C said...

Thank you so much :) You just made my day!

C said...

Awwww! LOL! You are tooooo funny :) Thanks for that! You always make me laugh :)

BTW, word ver: RECKS. As in, she 'recks' the car ev'ry time she drives it. LOL! Get it? Wrecks/recks? Okay, I have wayyyyy too much fun with these word verifications!

C said...

Hello, my lovely! I have been thinking of you! I've been meaning to pop on over to catch up!

Little One is now 7 lbs and more than twice her birth length. She still looks tiny, but is so much bigger than before. It's so weird seeing someone the size of a newborn trying to roll herself over or do push ups!

C said...

Hey! I was just thinking of calling you! How are you and the kiddies? Miss you! Not sure when we'll be in TO next, but we'll have to arrange a play date for the wee ones and a catching up session for their moms! :)

hotmommy said...

chris you're so cute! "daddy, can you take a video of her, but not me, ok?" so funny! love how you interact, sing, talk and play with her. such a great mommy chris

J at said...

You have such a soothing voice! And I love that song in French. :)

She's a CUTIE! So glad you posted this.

Word verification: deflur. Sounds like Tatoo from Fantasy Island, trying to speak French...HA!

VE said...

You can't make me facebook. You can't make me.

But I'll come visit and comment from time to time!

Jeanna said...

I've got it, Little Mama's baby work out video. She is getting big. Glad you blogged her as well as Facebooked her. You know I rarely Facebook, IM, or text.
How 'bout dressing LO up like an 80s Jane Fonda, wouldn't that be fun?

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Thanks, girlfriend! :) Sometimes I don't think I am! You know, like when I'm exhausted and cranky and she picks that moment to get cranky too. *sigh*

LOL!!! You had me laughing (REALLY laughing!) when I read what you wrote about the word verification. I could almost hear and see Tattoo from Fantasy Island saying that!

C said...

:) I promise I won't! I tried to get Jimmy (Uncivil) to Facebook, but he wouldn't! ;p He RESISTED!

C said...

Is it warped that I actually CONSIDERED dressing her up like an 80s Jane Fonda with the leg warmers?! Actually, I think it's even more warped that you and I both thought the same thing. LOL!

I'm still shocked to see you on FB (even though you're rarely on)!

Jeanna said...

Just on that one time cuz of the WI bloggers invite, C. I think you and Heidi wrote on my bathroom wall or something, I don't know from Facebook.
YES, DO it. Dress her UP! And send me photos! I wouldn't mind photos anyway, but you MUST dress her up like she's got her own Fonda work out video.
You may not believe this, but the word ver is "corkplum."

C said...

LOL! Yes, Ms.Mamma and I wrote on your BATHROOM WALL! I actually wrote your phone number on the bathroom wall. Hope you don't mind. Good times.

Okay, photos of LO as Jane Fonda coming up.

Gotta get back to cleaning the house. I've got the kitchen done! Hoorah! Now I need to get the master bedroom, LO's room and the guest room done. *sigh* I know, enough blogging and get crackin'! Blogging's just so much more fun than cleaning up after renovations! *sigh*

Jeanna said...

I hear ya, I only came back inside because there are forms I absolutely need to fill out and copy. And here I am.
See ya, C. Kisses to little Jane. (Jimbo would cringe at that one.)

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