Friday, March 06, 2009

Because You Asked...

Okay. Maybe you didn't ask, but Cherry did! :)

This is what our house looked like before the renovations. I didn't get a chance to post photos of the master bedroom, baby room, guest room, dining room, bathroom or basement.
Our greenhouse helps us warm our house during the winter months. We try to maximize the daylight hours and use up all that wonderful heat from the sun. It's lovely! The greenhouse is a disaster right now. I won't be posting new photos until we are done cleaning up.

I've been working away at cleaning little by little. I've spent two full days trying to clean the kitchen. Since EVERY single window in the house was replaced, there's sawdust everywhere. The house looks like it EXPLODED! Seriously, every room in the house looks like it threw up! All of the books, furniture, clothing, dishes, and pretty much everything needs to be washed and returned to its proper place. It is unbelievable how much work needs to get done AFTER having renovations. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!There is a reason I am not posting any photos of the house NOW. Too depressing! Luckily for me, my Mom and Dad have been coming over every day (okay, Dad only came over once this week) to help me out. Mom totally did a clean sweep in the bathroom. She is pretty OCD when it comes to stuff like that, which in this case I am thankful of! She scrubbed the walls, the ceiling...everything! Oh, and the chrome in the bathtub has never been that shiny and spotless before!!!

Little One has been very cooperative too. She sleeps while I clean. She has also started taking to her Baby Bjorn. I tried her in the Peanut Shell sling and she tolerated it...for all of a few minutes! Now that she is a bit bigger, I have her facing away from me in the Baby Bjorn while I wash every single thing in the kitchen or while I vacuum. She seems curious about the world around her.

Well, break time is over! Will post photos when we are completely done...which will most likely be four months from now! ;p


VE said...


Wow, babies and rennovations. That's a lot! Looks great though.

J at said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the after photos some day. :)

Our baby bjorn wasn't really a bjorn, and only went one direction. They didn't have options at the store where we got it, way back when. I wasn't sure if she would rather look and see the world around her, or be able to look at our faces. We opted for faces, which was good, because you could have her in it, and still give her a bottle. :)

Verification: prercle

doesn't that sound like 'prayer circle'?

C. K. said...

HONEY! YOUR PLACE LOOKS GREAT!!! I like those sofas and where you placed them. I also love the plants by the winter. So warm and natural. A touch of city in a country home! Very nice!

C said...

Those were the before pics! The current state of the house right now reminds me of a picture you posted a while ago! You know, the one with all that mess in the garage? Yup. That's what our house looks like now.

Word ver: pings!

C said...

I had Little One facing me in the Baby Bjorn a few weeks ago and she liked it that way. I think she likes being able to see my face and feel my warmth. She can also hear my heartbeat that way too. For some reason, she wants to face the other way now. She goes back and forth depending on her mood. Today she won't even go in it! LOL!

C said...

I was just thinking that the place looked much different from when you were here last. Miss you! I was thinking of that carrot soup you made that weekend. I've been in the soup mood these days! XO

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