Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jane Fonda Ain't Got Nuthin' On Her

Remember this?

Little One looked like she came straight out of a 1980s Jane Fonda workout video the other day. Jeanna, thought you might think this was funny :)

This is what happens when Hubby dresses the baby. Just because she had a striped onesie on didn't mean it would match her striped Wee Warmers! I love the onesie and I love the Wee Warmers...just not together! ;p

It's a good thing she's cute.

**In case you haven't noticed by now, I love
Wee Warmers on Little One! Thanks, Lee-Anne, for the awesome warmers. Little One alternates between both sets of warmers (navy set and the navy and pink striped set) that you sent her. I think it's so cool how they were the first "preemie" sets you made! She lounges around the house in them, she uses them instead of tights, they make diaper changes easier, AND they fit perfectly!**


Anonymous said...

very cuuuuuuuuute! much cuter than jane fonda!

this word ver is 'astest'.

Karen MEG said...

Those are the cutest little legs... the warmers are such a great idea. My nieces have them, and I wish I had when the kiddies were little. Those legs are always so busy, and we forget when they're exposed.

Okay, so this is how old I am...I ACTUALLY USED JANE'S TAPES around the time I got engaged, to work out with my mom to keep trim for my wedding. Oy.

t said...

HA! That is hillarious! Chris I remember doing the Jane Fonda workout videos when I was in highschool!

Look at those sweet little feet! She is a precious little one.

Called your cellphone but you didnt' answer! Gimme a shout when you get a moment. Just wanted to touch base and hope thatt things are going great with you..

jan said...

Some of the world's great clothing designers are men.

Not, however, your husband.

louann said...

Oh look at those chubby feet!!! So cute!!!!

Jeanna said...

That is hilarious, and so cute. I think she looks GREAT; when are you making that video?

C said...

Thank you very much! :) I think she's kinda cute too!

Word verification: rumpr

C said...

:) They are such a neat idea, eh? Love them!!!

WOW! I remember doing the Jane Fonda TAPES too! I did them when I was in high school though! ;p

C said...

Yeah, sorry about that! It's been kind of crazy here. I will call you tonight!

Yep! I remember Jane Fonda VIDEO TAPES!!! No DVDs back then! LOL!

C said...

Tee hee! :) Good thing he is skilled at many other things!

Hi!! How are YOU!? How's your little one doing?

C said...

Hmmmmmm...We'll see! LOL! It'll be funny! Too bad we don't have any sweatbands and wrist guards for Little One's workout video. Wouldn't that be even funnier?

Jeanna said...

You don't, I thought for sure you did, if I see any they're headed up north.

Palm Springs Savant said...

how cute! much sweeter than Jane for sure.

Starshine said...

Little one is such a fashion icon! So cute!

C said...

Well, I the 80s!!! Haven't found any anywhere!!!

C said...

Awww! Thanks! :) She is kinda cute, isn't she? I think we'll have to keep her! :)

Oh, and she is much cuter than Jane in Monster-In-Law!!

C said...

:) We just have to work on Hubby with the "not all stripes go together" bit!

Shiny Green Penny said...

Love the wee warmers....I have BabyLegs, which I used on my daughter and now on my son...hubby gets a bit freaked about legwarmers on a boy, but he doesn't compain about the easy diaper changes ( I just go with a shirt, a cloth diaper and the leg warmers. Congrats on 900 posts, by the way!

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